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12 win Balloon Freeze deck for Rage Challenge


12 win Balloon Freeze deck for Rage Challenge

Hello, guys, this is Godzilla here. I used this deck in the challenge and went 12-1.

Today, I bring to you the challenge winning Balloon Freeze deck: Balloon, Freeze, Valkyrie, Mini PEKKA, Zap, Ice Spirit, Wizard, and last but not least the cute, little Bats.

Balloon – This your main win condition. The balloon is surprisingly hard to stop due to the rage, and borderline impossible with a tank in front and spell support. Do NOT rush with a balloon at the very beginning without knowing your opponent’s cards. It also is not a good idea to use it if you don’t have the Freeze in hand. A balloon is best used in a counter push. If the balloon is at the tower and you manage to freeze all the defense, you are guaranteed a tower. This is actually how I won most of the time.

balloon freeze deck

Freeze – Arguably the MVP of this deck since the balloon can’t do nearly as much damage without it. Save the freeze as a surprise card, but don’t hesitate to use it on defense if needed. This card is OP in this challenge because you are able to pause the opponent’s rage, while your troops are raged. Remember, a single mistake with this card can leave you down 4 elixirs, which can cost you the game.

Valkyrie – The main defense/tank of the deck. Valkyrie, when combined with freeze can destroy every ground push in the game. Best used to kill support cards (Mainly the witch). Use in defense and counter-push by adding balloon.

Mini PEKKA – This card is better than lumberjack in this challenge since it gets a bigger boost from the rage (35% of 1.8 is greater than 35% of .7). Used to kill win conditions and other Valkyries.

Zap – No explanation needed, use to kill swarms and support balloon.

Ice Spirit – Use in defense to freeze or use to cycle. Combo with Zap can kill minions in a pinch.

Wizard – Can be substituted with witch or executioner. I prefer wizard in this deck for the extra splash and better DPS against air troops, such as other balloons. Can also counter swarms better than witch due to better splash radius.

Bats – They provide a whopping 412 DPS when under rage for only 2 elixirs. Great on both offense and defense, and combos well with freeze due to its DPS.

Strategy – It is better to wait for your opponent to make the first move. Play passively for the first two minutes and counter push, try not to rush. Once it is a double elixir, you can start playing much more aggressively. The chances are that you end up with at least one tower by the first two minutes (happened 11 out of 13 matches).

The worst match up is actually another balloon freeze deck, since your units are useless under the freeze. Don’t use all units at once, or spread them out, so you still have some left if your opponent does freeze. My one loss was actually another balloon freeze deck too. I made the mistake of spamming my defense down, so he was able to freeze and take my tower.

Three Musketeers may seem like a horrible matchup due to the lack of a spell, but they are not that bad. On offense, it is ok to freeze them. You have Mini Pekka and Valkyrie to defend each side (Valkyrie for the side with swarms and mini Pekka for the side without swarms). You also have a wizard and Ice Spirit + Zap for Minion Horde.

Anyways that’s it for today. Hope you get 12 wins and enjoy the deck!!!


  1. i will get a miner balloon deck (my ladder deck) guide heated up pretty soon, stay tuned

  2. That deck in the image just isn’t the deck in the guide. Pretty poor guide too. If you want to keep the site alive, don’t post stuff like this. Post good quality stuff that people will get something out of.

  3. will, if you read this i plead: hand the editing rights over to someone else. this community would be happy to see fresh guides every day, and i gaurentee we would rather have guides than the 20 dollars every so often. this cite was a lot more than just a cite, it was a place were the community could share ideas, get inspiration, and have fun. pls dont kill the site

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