Can’t Sign In with Google Play In Clash Royale

Hello guys I have received a lot of questions about this problem lately, that players can’t Sign In with Google Play in order to load Clash Royale account. A lot of players have been facing this popular problem because of the last Google Services update. Just don’t worry guys! I am going to show you how to fix this problem in seconds!

Google Play Clash Royale

Troubleshooting: Can’t sign in via Google ID in Clash Royale

Normally when you face this problem:

  • Can’t Sign In with Google ID.
  • Can’t load Clash Royale accounts.
  • Load wrong account.

Players on Clash Royale Arena have given me dozens of methods and I have tried them all but just only some of them were able to successfully fixed this problem. I am going to give you all of those methods. If a method doesn’t work for you, just try the next one. If you don’t understand any step in this tutorial, don’t hesitate to comment and I will help you out!

At first, please check these things:

  • If you are from China, try to change the DNS of your Internet Connection to and
  • Are you using the latest Google Services version? If not, please update them via Google Play.
  • Try to clear Cache of your Google Services by going to Settings > Application Manager > Google Play Services > Clear Cache.
  • Try to remove all of your current Google accounts then re-add them. This can fix the problem most of the time.
  • Go to Google Settings Application > Connected Apps then Disconnect Clash Royale.
  • In Clash Royale, try to double tap on the red Disconnected button. Many players mentioned that this solution worked.

If the solutions above still don’t work for you, please try this:

  1. Open Google Settings App -> Choose Play Games -> Delete Play Games Profile.
  2. Open Clash Royale.
  3. In the Game Settings menu, try to connect with your Google ID again.
  4. Everything should be okay now.

And this is the last solution which was shared by Dario Neves

  1. On your device, Open Google Play Store.
  2. Open My Apps & Games menu and open the tab “All”.
  3. Enable “Google Play Games”.
  4. Done.

That’s all solutions I have tested. If you have any other way which helps us Sign In with Google Play Account in Clash Royale, please share here guys! Thank you very much!

  • Marcos Danillo

    I can not log in to Game Center and every time I get in the Clash Royale appears “Game Center alert, to load an old save” … but I do not joined with any other Game Center ID !!! It is possible to solve this problem?

    • Will Potter

      Hello Marcos,
      Can you try to load your account on another iOS device?

      • Marcos Danillo

        yes already I tried, but still appears to load the old save.

        • Will Potter

          You mean when you load your account on a new device, it still asks you to load the old save? Really? After it loads your current game?

          • Marcos Danillo

            it happens that when installed Clash Royale on another iOS device, Iphone in the case, but game currently on the iPad, asked to load the save level 3, but my current save is level 6!

            If the Iphone I accept charge my old save, then I lose my save of level 6 Ipad!

          • Will Potter

            Just accept it to see what really happens. You can take your account back anytime for sure.

          • Marcos Danillo

            thanks for the help … I will load the old “save” in the Iphone and see what happens in the Ipad…English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes

          • Will Potter

            That’s okay buddy. Good luck!

  • Seiichio

    all above not working. any solutions? please help

    • Will Potter

      Did you try to use VPN mate?

  • Clash .Boss

    Hey guys this problem is realy anoying ..If fatory reseted my phone..And it work for 0ne day now it if iam on clash roayle and conect to google play games it loads my profile at the top of the screen and thats it ..nothing happends and it would sign you in

    • Will Potter

      Please try to reset your device and try again mate (reset, not factory-reset).

  • Bulland Jyot Singh Brar

    Anyone who use clash royale and clash of clans on same google account do not try to delete their play games profile

    I tried this

    it worked for clash royale, my account loaded but i lost my clash of clans village


  • Bulland Jyot Singh Brar

    Will Potter can u help me to recover my clash of clans account

  • Dvash

    I’ve tried all method but i still can’t connect my account, please help :'(

    • Will Potter

      Then I think you should reinstall your device’s OS buddy. I am so sorry!

    • Laurence Dhonau

      What problem are you having? Reinstalling the OS may not be the best option