How to Save and Load Clash Royale

Because Clash Royale is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO), saving the game progress is extremely important If you don’t want to play from level 1.

Currently there is only 1 way to save your progress in this game, that is connecting it to Game Center.




How to save and load your Clash Royale game

  1. On your iOS device, go to Settings ~> Game Center then Sign In with your Apple ID If you haven’t Signed In.
    If you don’t have any Apple ID, you can register for free at here.
  2. Go back to the Home Screen then open the Game Center app. Make sure that you can see Clash Royale in the tab Games.
    Clash Royale in Game Center
  3. Everything should be Okay now.

Please note that 1 game account just can be linked to 1 Game Center (Apple ID). If you want to play more than 2 accounts on your device, definitely you need to use more than 2 Game Center IDs.

  • Дмитрий

    Hello! If I have my account in game on my phone, but in my Geme Center I have another progress. I want to import progress from my phone to Game Center. Or maybe delete game from Game Center, then my phone progress will import to Game Center. Please help!

    • Will Potter

      Did you try to do that?

  • Am on the same shit. If I use Game Center then it asks me to load fro. Lvl 1, no way to force the game to push my progress to Game Center.,deleting the game from my other iOS device or game Center itself makes no difference.

    • Will Potter

      Did you create your account with another Apple ID?

      • It’s not Apple ID the problem but Game Center. When I started playing on my iPad I was not logged it to Game Center! When I tried to play on my iPhone it was connected to Game Center and saved my profile as lvl 1 and now there is no way to delete or overwrite that from either device!

        On iPad I am lvl 4

      • Rodney Laing Oswald

        I have the same problem. Since i change my iphone to new one. But i use the same Apple ID. Help me

        • Will Potter

          I think you didn’t connect your account with your Apple ID before. Do you have the old phone there right now?

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  • Rodney Laing Oswald

    I have the same problem. The clash royale force me to get back to level 1 since i change my phone last few days. Help

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  • DanAviation

    can anyone help me? my brother just used this iPhone and the he gave it to me,when i tried to play CR its loaded with my brother’s acc even I change the apple id

    • Will Potter

      Hello Dan,
      Please try to remove game and reinstall it!

  • Connor Demastes

    I am trying to put my clash royal on my other ios device!!! how do I do it?

    • Lion Strike

      Go to the settings in Clash royale, and you will see a button that says link device

  • Connor Demastes

    Can u help?

  • Connor Demastes

    Like the same game could you help do that?

  • Connor Demastes

    nothing is working

  • Connor Demastes

    Anyone one