Troubleshooting – Can’t Connect Clash Royale with Facebook

I have seen loads of questions about “can’t connect Clash Royale with Facebook” on CRA lately. In fact this is the most common problem in mobile games! I am going to give you some easy solutions to fix this annoying problem!

Clash Royale Facebook

Can’t connect Clash Royale to Facebook? Don’t worry!

There are loads of reasons for why you can’t connect your Clash Royale game to Facebook and there are tons of ways to fix this problem. In this troubleshooting page, I am going to show you some easy solutions I have found lately.

Before following my steps, please make sure that you have successfully saved your account!


If you are using iOS devices

  1. Open Facebook App on your device. If you haven’t installed it yet, you can download it at here then sign in with your account. Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right, scroll down then choose Log Out.
  2. Open Safari, go to and log out from your account if you are using Facebook it in Safari.
  3. Go to Settings on your device, tap on Facebook application -> Your account name -> Delete your account (Don’t worry, this will not delete your Facebook account! It just deletes your Facebook data on the current device) -> Remove Facebook Info -> Log In back with your Facebook ID and password.
  4. Open Clash Royale, open the Settings in game and tap on the Facebook red button!

If you are using Android devices

Make sure that you are using the official Clash Royale game, which can be downloaded from Google Play. If you can’t visit Google Play, you can download the official Clash Royale APK file at here.

  1. Open your Facebook application. If you are not using it, please download it at here then Sign In with your account.
  2. Tap on the 3 horizontal lines icon, scroll down then choose Log Out.
  3. Go to the Settings menu on your device, in the Accounts tab, remove your Facebook account.
  4. Sill in the Settings menu, go to Application Manager -> Facebook -> Clear Data.
  5. Sill in the Application Manager menu, go to Clash Royale then choose Clear Data. Make sure that you have saved your account!
  6. Restart your device by holding the Power button for a few seconds then choose Restart.
  7. Login to Facebook application with your Facebook account.
  8. Open game and try to connect with Facebook again. Everything should be okay now.

Some other solutions which work for both iOS and Android

Using Facebook Games

  1. On your device, Log In to the Facebook application with your account.
  2. On your PC, go to
  3. Click to the Sen to Mobile button:
  4. Facebook will be automatically connected with Clash Royale!

Using Puffin Web Browser:

  1. Force-close all running applications on your device.
  2. Remove Facebook application and install Puffin Web Browser (Android HereiOS Here)
  3. After installing, open Puffin Browser, go to then Log In with your account.
  4. Open game and try to connect it with Facebook again.
  5. Everything should be okay now!

Okay so that’s everything I want to share with you today! Hopefully you have found these tips helpful guys! Good luck!

  • Rishi G.

    Why would you want to connect Clash Royale to Facebook?

    • Will Potter

      To see your friends in game :D.

    • Baoren Lee Wishgoodluck

      So u can see your fb friend ranking in game plus their max trophy count and what decks they used and what clan they are in …

  • Charlestone

    And I say why……..why you do this?

  • Abdullah Aqeel

    It says that your facebook account is already linked to a clash royale account, do you want to link it to the current account? If i do this. All my previous data would be lost i guess

    • Will Potter

      Nah, Facebook do nothing about your game data man!

  • Luv

    It keeps on loading pls help me

  • Aleksander

    press the big red “NO” button below
    where is the button =? plz help