Clash Royale PC for Windows XP/7/8/10

Hello guys, are you looking for a decent way to play Clash Royale PC without using Bluestacks? Don’t worry! I’m here to help you out!

As I have been received a lot of requests about this lately, today, I am going to show you how to play Clash Royale on Windows PC with MEmu, a new stunning Android emulator!

Clash Royale PC

Now a lot of players would ask me why we don’t use Bluestacks, Genymotion and other popular Android emulators. If you have been using Bluestacks (and other ones) for a decent time, you can find that they have a lot of bugs and annoying problems.

I strongly recommend using this new problem to play Clash Royale PC because:

  • Perfect multi simultaneous instances.
  • Multi-touch support with mouse and mouse-pad.
  • Perfect CPU/RAM thresholds make this program runs more effectively than other ones.
  • You can root this device with just 1-click (sounds awesome right?).
  • Free-to-use.
  • Custom resolutions,…

Note: ClashRoyaleArena is not affiliated with MEmu at all. I post this software on this blog because it is much better than other ones. I will take this down and write a new post once I have found a better one.

How to play Clash Royale PC with MEmu

Step 1: Download MEmu for your Windows PC. Currently you can use it on most Window versions: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

If the link above doesn’t work for you, Click here to download it from Google Drive.

Step 2: Okay, after downloading, let’s start installing it! You can tap on the menu Language to choose the language you want to install. Currently MEmu supports these languages: English, Chinese, Croatian, French, German, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian and Spanish.

Install Clash Royale on PC

It may takes up to 1-2 minutes to install. After installing, press Launch in order to launch the emulator:

Clash Royale PC

Step 3: Start using MEmu!

Our homescreen will be like this:


There are a lot of options in the right sidebar which can be used to config this virtual device (Most of these options are only available in the Pro Version of other Android Emulators). You can take screenshots, shake screen, edit keymap, rotate screen, change screen resolution, name, IMEI number,…

Simply tap on the Play Store icon on the homescreen, search for Clash Royale or any other Android application you want to install, then press Install:


After downloading, you can press on the Open button and start playing Clash Royale!

Everything is working very well, as you can see in the screenshot below, I can easily connect my Google ID with the game, there isn’t any problem at all!


It is taking just 260MB of RAM while I am playing Clash Royale, sounds great, right?


How to use your keyboard to pick cards in the battle

Okay this is one of the most asked question and I would like to create a special section for it, instead of putting it into the FAQ section below.

Do you want to use your keyboard to pick your cards quickly in the battle, instead of using your mouse? By doing this, you can launch your combos and react everything in game quickly. This is much faster than using mouse to drag-and-drop cards.

  1. Open MEmu then launch Clash Royale.
  2. In game, go to the Training Camp section:
  3. Then click at this icon to open the Key Mapping menu.
  4. Tap on the first card slot, a green circle will shown up, press your “1” keyboard If you want to chose the first card slot by pressing “1”. Similarly, I use 2, 3 and 4 for the remaining slots:
  5. Okay that’s it! From now on, you can easily use 1, 2, 3, 4 to pick your cards in the battle. Some players like using Q W E R, it’s totally up to you!

Frequently Asked Question

My PC has just 2GB of RAM, can I use MEmu?

Yes of course, it should run smoothly on your PC!

How to change the resolution of the emulator?

You can simply tap on the Settings icon on the right sidebar, you can easily change the resolution and DPI of the emulator there. If you don’t have a lot RAM, I recommend using the emulator with 1280×720 while playing Clash of Clans.

What are CPU and RAM thresholds?

This is a pretty nice feature of this Android emulator. You can easily config the thresholds to make sure this program can’t use more than a certain resource of your computer. You can see more about this in the Settings Menu.

I am using an iOS device, can I play with my Clash Royale game on MEmu?

Of course, for sure. MEmu is running based on Android. In order to play your game on Android, you should read this tutorial.

Somehow, I can’t find or install this game via Google Play…

I haven’t faced this problem yet for months but If you do, you can download the APK file of Clash Royale instead.

Enjoy Clash Royale PC guys! Also, do not hesitate to ask If you need any help. I will always do my best to help you!

  • Yo Nik

    Is there an iOS emulator please!!!
    Thxs in Advance

    • Will Potter

      There isn’t any iOS Emulator. I am so sorry!

      • Yo Nik

        Oh Damn!!!

        • Sayrian

          There is something called iPadian, you can try it out for free or use the paid version, its up to you. I haven’t tried it myself, but I heard its not too bad

  • sepehr pirhayati

    is xmod run in memu?or not?

    • Will Potter

      You just can’t use Xmod on PC. I am so sorry!

  • i’m beastmode

    Clash royale for windowsphone please also clash of clans

    • Will Potter

      I will try to post them asap mate!

  • Harold Angelo Chua Bongbonga

    I’m playing Clash Royale in Bluestacks but it only eats 37.7MB.

    • Will Potter

      37.7? Wow! LOL. I have no idea about this man. Sounds great!

  • Gabriela Gama

    I can’t install clash royale because of the messege “your device is not compatible with this version”. How do I fix this?

    • Will Potter

      Hey Gabriela,
      You are using MEmu?
      If you are facing that problem, you can download the apk file of Clash Royale and then install it on MEmu.

      • ramayang

        i am using nox and the messege same “your device is not compatible with this version”

  • Ramiro Sosa Garrido

    Hey, i’m in arena 2 and i’ve never got Baby Dragon. How do i unlock it? Also, how do i do to save my current progress on Android? I played on another device and download it on a new device and started playing on the new device but i didnt load the “old device’s progress”, kept playing and now i’m more ahead on my new device than i was on my older one, but when i try to connect it keeps telling me that i have to load the progress from my account if i wanna go online and doesnt let me save my current device’s progress.

    Help! ! !

    • Felix Ma

      The Baby Dragon drops randomly from chests. I’m in arena 3 and still haven’t got the baby dragon, while half the people I get paired against (And all my friends) have it. But you can always buy it from the shop. I’m saving up for it, in fact. You can save progress via Google Play (That’s what I use to save my progress in CoC.) As for the connection problems, check out this post. Maybe it will help.

      If there are any other issues, maybe you should find someone to fix our phone.

      • Yea, even I want a baby dragon. The game decided to give me the Skeleton Army and some other epic, but not the baby dragon.

    • Baby Dragon comes with luck – it’s an epic card.
      Progress on Android is autosaved. If you want to transfer data between two Android devices, connect them both to your google account, if it’s two iOS devices then your game center account and if 1 android and 1 ioS then have them both with you, click link a device and follow the steps.

  • Bryan Wu

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  • david li

    you know wat i realized, clash royale is like gambling. Supercell is the casino. Whenever you play, you go up a bit. Then u get addicted. AT that point on, u can stop and take a break while your still ahead or you can continue like i did. When you continue, the casino or supercell then puts their plan into action, The casino ALWAYS wins no matter how much you earn, They rig your cards (matching system) they give you more experienced poker players or ppl that just plain bribe the dealer (gemmers and ppl that have higher lvl card) no matter what you do in the casino, what you play, how you play it, the casino always wins and makes a tonna money and they leave some lucky ppl satisfied. In other words, the rich ass ppl who spend thousands at the casino

    they make a facade, like they did for me. I was 20 away from arena 6. Then i got paired against the good ppl. The lvl 8s the gemmers, and the cheaters or hut spammers, You keep on playing. You need to earn your money or trophies back. But no, at your table, there’s always that one guy who bribes, cheats and is just plain dirty. You will never make the money or trophies back in that same day. It takes longer than the amount of time you supposedly earned your new windfall or trophies. You either are forced to spend even more until the casino decides you’ve spent enough that they can let you win a couple grand and be happy and come back. Then they take it from you again

    clash royale is like the slots, addicting, you always have a small chance of getting that windfall or huge amount of trophies

    but the ppl that know the slots, experienced it, and have played it so many times and spent so much money on it will win the jackpot in the end, clash royale is impossible to win or beat without spending tons of money. Just like a poker game at the casino. You can’t come out on top unless you spend more than you made. eg spends 50k on a game, is number 1. But will never always be number 1

  • Cali Cukka

    hi Will Potter

    i’ve a problem play Clash Royale on MEmu 2.5.0. the problem is i can typing on chat but when i hit the Enter, nothing happens.,

    • Will Potter

      Hello Cali,
      Can you use the V icon to post your texts? Also, You should try to re-map the keys of your virtual machine!

    • Vivek Sivaramakrishnan

      turn on virtual keyboard in opions and done.

  • Bryle

    I downloaded Clash Royale in MEmu, but I can’t play it.

    • Will Potter

      Which one mate?

  • Guest

    Hi, Will, this is a great article and I’d like to recommend you a even better Android emulator called Nox App Player for playing and testing games on PC. It’s based on Android 4.4.2 and have better compatibility with games and AMD computers.

  • Yubel

    My Memu just stop loading at 59%, what is wrong with this ?

    • Will Potter

      Can you try to run it as Administrator?

      • Yubel

        I have already try it but still the same

        • Ezequiel Albuquerque

          you fix that?

      • Yubel

        Still the same

  • Tan Kian Yew

    I success downloading and installing my MEmu 2.5.0,i also finish downloading my Clash Royale,but when i open Clash Royale,it just loading to 100% and just auto-off Clash Royale.
    What is this problem?

    • Will Potter

      Very weird problem. Did you try to reinstall MEmu mate?
      Also, try to change the resolution of your virtual machine :D.

  • Youssef

    everytime i open playstore i just get a white screen forever???

    • Will Potter

      Can you visit play store via the browser mate?
      Also, If you still can’t visit Google Play Store, you can download the apk file from somewhere else then install it on MEmu!

  • Keshav Reddy

    Will Potter pls make the further downloads much more easier by downloding MEmu in a WinRar software

    • Will Potter

      The link I posted above is the easiest one for sure, just download then press install??

  • Worminators

    Any good android emulator for linux?

    • Will Potter

      Genymotion is the best one for Linux dude!

  • Nick

    Should I just use Genymotion for Mac?

    • Will Potter

      Hey Nick! Bluestacks is working fine on Mac. You should give it a try!

  • Dev Sharma

    What is its Min Req of graphics card.

    • Will Potter

      There isn’t any min requirement actually. You can use this with your on-board card!

      • Dev Sharma

        Thnx William

        • Will Potter

          You are very welcome!

  • Eke Medar

    Can you please help me, my problem is my Clash Royal keeps getting stuck when it’s loading the game at percentages like 50% or 78%.

    • Will Potter

      Hello Eke,
      Did you try to reinstall it?

    • SivHawk

      Make sure you are connected to wifi. That happens to me (those exact numbers) when I’m not connected

  • Alex

    At half of the download it gets from 3.5 mb/s to 26 kb/s, I think the download is bugged…

    • Will Potter

      Everything is still okay from my end. Can you try to download it again mate?

  • Wiran

    My phone broke last week and i’ve been playing with Memu since then 😀 is awesome!

    • Will Potter

      I am very glad to hear this buddy xD

  • Emeralds

    People like you are the real MVPs

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much buddy xD

  • 1. U use firefox! 😀
    2. Can’t play on my phone all the time, so I’ve downloaded it on my computer buy my sibling is on the computer rigiht now so I can’t install and run it. Hopefully it works, because bluestacks and andy never work for me

  • Ghislain Demael


    i have downloaded memu and it works great

    but, does anyone of you know an emulator working with ios

    because i want to synchronise the game on my phone with my apple id

    please answer back quickly

  • Framaximo

    I had a problem, every time i open MeMu, windows (10) put blue screen and say Whea_Uncorrectable_error…
    someone knows about that?

    • Will Potter

      Did you try to fully remove then reinstall it man?

  • Fenixo

    got problem – after installing MEMu i click on PLAY STORE button and its white screen and nothing else doing….cant download game . ANY sugestion ??

    • Will Potter

      You can download the apk file of Clash Royale as I said in the tutorial above. Also, you can try to reinstall it buddy! I am so sorry about this!

      • Fenixo

        i made both things- already reinstall app and i download the apk file-still doesnt work….
        i dont know if its important think buy in MEMU apk WIFI shourtcout is all time “gray” , like it doesnt connect to my internet – is it possible?

        • Will Potter

          This is pretty weird. I will ask the MEmu support and let you know as soon as possible buddy!

  • Don Corleone

    hey! got problem my Ios screen broken i cant see anything but i got another android device i wanted to connect the game to android device, please help with this i’m higher level player. Thank you!

    • Vivek Sivaramakrishnan

      if your previously connected with your google account on ios,then you can connect to your account by logging in to the android google play games

      • Don Corleone

        thank you! mama 😀

    • Will Potter

      Hello Don,
      You need to borrow an iOS device from your friend in order to transfer your account to Android.

      • Don Corleone

        oh! i’m so dumb 😀 thank you! but if i sign out his account and login with my account, my game will be back i mean in iOS device i can login and transfer it right?

        • Will Potter

          Yes that’s right buddy xD

  • Will Potter

    Oh man I hate that face! LOL

  • One On

    its stuck on 50% i try to reconncet my intrent and reinstall and its still stuck pls help !

    • Will Potter

      Please try to run the installation as administrator buddy!

  • legend5165 “TOO GOOD FOR YOU”

    um in clash royale im stuck on 50%

    • Will Potter

      Did you try to reinstall MEmu mate?

      • Clash Royale Fan

        same happens to me

      • Clash Royale Fan

        keep on crashing on 50-100%

  • 987pisquared Pi

    Hello Author of this Wonderous article, um when I start playing Clash Royale on the first training match, I press “OK” to confirm my wooden chest and 5 coins, then I go to the start up picture and it gets stuck on 93%, everytime. Would this be an internet problem?

    • Will Potter

      Truly I have no idea about this. Did you try to reinstall MEmu buddy?

      • 987pisquared Pi

        Well, it was just an internet problem, but thanks Will “BUDDY”. (It works great now)

        • Will Potter


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  • shadow

    does it work in 1gb ram?

    • Will Potter

      Sure! No problem at all buddy!

  • Bryce Johns

    Can’t get it to run and the XDA forums are no help. it just causes a bluescreen after install

    • Will Potter

      Did you get any code of the bluescreen man?

  • MathBoffo

    I did everything but when i got to the app store part it just went gray and i tried to close and open again but the same error again, what could it be?

    • MathBoffo

      thx no problem, i just solved it by using the APK
      great tutorial thanks mate XD

      • MathBoffo

        oh no, the apk didnt work, i used the one in this link

        • Will Potter

          It didn’t run or what? Can you explain more please?

          • MathBoffo

            after I finally runned it by APK, firstly it said that the app crashed so I closed the memu and tried again, but now its just black screen. I did by APK because i dont know why my google play store do not open and stays like this:

            I always open as administrator, and my windows version is windows 7 ultimate

          • Will Potter

            I will ask the support team about this and answer you as soon as possible!

          • MathBoffo

            thank you will :))

          • Will Potter

            You are very welcome buddy!

    • Will Potter

      Please try to run it as administrator. Also, what is your Windows version?

  • Lingsiu Xin

    y cannot open once i shut down it

  • Thums

    Hey, any idea how to play CR with keyboard? I want to map keys like QWER for 1234 cards etc.

    • Will Potter

      I have no idea about this. I will take a look and let you know If we have some tool doing this!

      • Thums

        Thanks 🙂

        If I remember correctly, The Rum Ham talked about it on the stream.

        • Will Potter

          I didn’t watched it :(. That would be great If someone can share this!

  • afonso

    clash royale is not appearing on play store

    • Will Potter

      Where are you from buddy?
      You can try to download Clash Royale APK file, as I mentioned in the tutorial above!

  • Abhi Main

    can i run clash of clans using this software?

  • Abhi Main

    plzzzz sir reply fast

  • Dude

    Dude, I’m stuck at 59% in the “first page”
    What should I do?

    • Will Potter

      Please try to run it as Administrator.

  • Courier_6

    So many people are complaining about errors that should be so easy to fix… And you should not be trying to get answers from here..

  • ÑâlDî DóñáLd

    pff that’s same , can u make a ( .SWF File ) with this game ???

    • Will Potter

      No, we can’t do that buddy!

  • Electronite 2002

    Guy, u could use Bluestacks instead

    • Will Potter

      You can use either mate!

  • supeRayen

    does it work on windows 10?

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course! Without any problem buddy!

  • Thomas Smith

    this program is garbage i dont want to hit my number key then my mouse to hopfuly put down a card pure shit

    • Will Potter

      Did you follow my introduction above properly Thomas?

  • Orion Sarkar

    clash royal closed automatically after 100% loading!
    please help!

  • Orion Sarkar

    clash royal closed automatically after 100% loading!
    please help me.

  • SobTheFury

    cant open it, when i downloaded it, its just asking what i want to open it with, adobe acrobat, internet explorer and i tried all, none worls… some help… (using win 10)

    • SobTheFury

      none works*

  • sronoraa

    Clash Royale is totally fine for me on the LeapDroid emulator. LeapDroid’s new release can even run pokemon go, which is super cool.

  • Tandi Jembar


    • Will Potter

      Where are you from mate? Did you try to change your connection? Everything is working well for me!

  • DaSlime

    can you use your mouse? I don’t really feel comfortable using keyboard:(

    • Will Potter

      Of course you can use your mouse buddy!

  • FlashGamingYT

    Hey! I would try to run this with 1 GB of ram, and it would say I need 1 GB of ram. What do I do?

    • Will Potter

      I am so sorry but you can’t run MEmu with this computer :(.

      • Ammar Abdo

        Can I Found Any Emulator Else For : Windows XP With 1GB Ram?

        • Will Potter

          You can give Droid4x a try buddy! Good luck!

  • hellothere

    If MEmu doesn’t work for you guys give the LeapDroid emulator a shot. I’ve tried both and LeapDroid is my favorite out of the two. I’ve never had any issues with it and they claim compatibility with 98% of app store games!

  • Minecraft_wither

    My MEmu keeps lagging. What is the problem here?

    • Will Potter

      Try to reduce the screen resolution of Memu buddy.
      Also, can you show your PC specs?

  • tiffany

    Is it possible to connect my progress with the one in my phone?

    • Will Potter

      What is your phone OS? Android or iOS?

  • brandon cheng

    can you log in with game centre??

    • Will Potter

      No. You need to link your account from iOS to Android buddy!

  • Victor Su

    can i do it on pc

  • Aryan

    mine says eror not loading , restart the comp. or download the latest version
    i restarted the computer already

    • Will Potter

      Can you upload the screenshot here mate?

  • calin534354354

    Mate after i downloaded royale and opened it,it loads to 100% then closes what should i do?

    • Will Potter

      Did you download the game via Google Play?

  • Haze

    How about performance? I will try this because it’s sometimes unfair to restart my pc to android-x86 just to play games. I have an i5 CPU

    • Will Potter

      This is the best emulator as far as I know so no worries mate!

  • rokiu

    Is it safe to link my google account to the emulator or do i risk getting a ban on it?

    • Will Potter

      It’s totally fine. No worries man!

  • Khai Fiesta

    can im use mouse while battle?

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course!

  • Khooshal Manav Surnam

    It says authentication required when I am trying to download Clash royale from the play store, but I have already signed in. What do I do?