Clash Royale Mac OS X – How To Download and Play!

I have been receiving loads of request from visitors asking the easiest way to download and install Clash Royale Mac OS X. Today, I am going to show you some of the best ways to play this stunning video games on your Mac devices (Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac,…). At this time, this method support almost any version of Mac! Just ensure your device has more than 2GB of RAM and you will be fine!

Clash Royale Mac

In this tutorial, I am going to introduce to you an Android Emulator which is working extremely well on almost any Mac OS X version. It is called Bluestacks. This program is pretty popular so I think a lot of players have heard about it.

Why do I choose Bluestacks?

I know that there are couples of stunning Android emulators out there for Mac but they are either unstable or hard-to-use. I did use Genymotion in the past, before Bluestacks 2.0 supports Mac but it had loads of problem for casual users. It even didn’t support Google Play and I had to install Google Play manually.

Bluestacks is a super-easy-to-use Emulator as you just need to download and run it. There isn’t any hard step during the install progress. It just takes you up to a few minutes to finish every thing.


  1. A good Internet connection.
  2. Download Bluestacks for your Mac at here.
  3. A cup of coffee.

Okay, after finishing all 3 steps above, please follow my steps:

How to download and play Clash Royale Mac

The downloaded file is usually named BlueStacks-Installer_xxxx.dmg and you can easily find it in your Downloads folder. Simply double-click on it to open the Installer. It may take a few seconds to verify the file as you can see in the screenshot below so please be patient.


Please click Open If it asks you anything like this:


Tap on the blue “Continue” button:



Then click “Install”



After installing, open BlueStacks and you can easily see the Orange Search button. Simply search for “Clash Royale” and you can see the download page. Download and install the game on your Mac like on Android devices. Depending on your Internet connection, this progress may take up to few minutes.


As you can see, after installing, I successfully ran Clash Royale on my Mac without any problem:


Frequently Asked Questions About Clash Royale Mac

While using any program, there should be always some problems. Here are some frequently asked questions from users I have seen so far. I will try to collect all these questions and post them here as soon as possible!

What is the System Specs If I want to play Clash Royale on Mac?

Bluestacks requires 2GB of RAM and 4GB of Disk Space Available. Most Mac devices satisfy this requirements so you don’t need to care about this much.

There is a problem. I am not able to find Clash Royale on Google Play

It’s not because of Bluestacks. Google Play is just not available in some countries (China for example). Don’t worry! There are some other ways to download and play Clash Royale for you. You can either download game from other markets or download this apk file of Clash Royale and install it directly on your Bluestacks.

I can’t hear sounds

Make sure you didn’t turn off the sound in Bluestacks. If you didn’t do that, please try to re-install Bluestacks! This problem is usually fixed after re-installing.

Every time I install an application on Bluestacks, I get the RPC Error

If you get the problem like “Error retrieving information from server [RPC:S-7:AEC-0]” every time you try to install an application, this is because of corrupted data in the Google Play app. You should download this file, unzip then run it to fix this problem quickly.


If you have any question, please comment and I will do my best to help you out! Don’t hesitate to ask me anything! I will answer every single question about playing Clash Royale on Mac devices!

  • Jake Jake

    Hey, so ive been trying to link my ios game center clash royale data to bluestacks, but it will not work at all. The first problem are the stupid power keys, so when typing the code to transfer, i cant use the letters ‘q w e r’ on top of that, when i found a way around this, by holding the key then clicking off bluestacks, and got the code in, i would click the check mark and nothing would happen. the window in the game would just close and it wouldnt have my new account. ive tried connecting through facebook and nothin… someone please help…

  • GoCubsGo02

    Thanks now I can finally get my 2nd Account!!

    • Will Potter


  • IStrafePvp

    Thanks so much!! It works great!! A couple of minor errors and bugs in it but still perfect! And depending on how good your internet is, is how laggy it gets

    • Will Potter

      Yea! Definitely! Good luck with the game buddy!

  • David Mao

    It’s saying that I need an administrators account?

    • Will Potter

      Just enter the password of your Mac in order to install!

  • Carson

    When I open BlueStacks, it says that it can’t connect to the internet even though I’m connected to a decent wifi network. Can you help?

    • Will Potter

      Try to reinstall Bluestacks buddy. Good luck!

  • LOL

    Take A long Time but i think its legit

  • harambe

    I downloaded bluestacks three times and it keeps showing a black screen.

    • Will Potter

      What is your Mac version mate?

      • harambe

        OS X El Capitan Version 10.11.6 (Macbook Pro 13 inch Mid 2010)

        • Will Potter

          Try to remove it FULLY before installing it again buddy!