How to Change Clash Royale Name Again

Okay so I have received a lot of questions about “How to change Clash Royale name again?” lately. At this time, as far as I know, there is just only 1 way to change your account name the second time. I am going to show you how to do it in this post!

In general, you can change your account name when you reach level 4. Simply go to the Settings menu and you will see a Change Name button there. Make sure to enter your new Clash Royale name twice then type CONFIRM in order to change your name.

Normally, Supercell doesn’t allow you to change your name again. You just can do that one time! But If you did change your name before and want to do that the second time, you should follow my tutorial below properly. In summary, you should contact the support in game and tell them that you are using either an offensive name or your real name and you want to change it as you are feeling uncomfortable. After 2-3 days, they should reply your message and sometimes ask you some additional questions to verify the ownership of your account then they will change your name. I have used this method a few times and it always works!

How to change Clash Royale name again

  1. Open Clash Royale on your device.
  2. Open the Settings menu => Help and Support. Normally you will see a small Contact Us button at the top right on your screen. But somehow If you can’t see it, you can open any topic in this section then type on “No” in the “Was this helpful” section => Contact Us button will show up and you can contact them from there.
  3. Below are 2 messages I sent them before to change my account name. You can follow them!
  4. Your name will be changed after a few days.

Change Clash Royale name

Okay guys thank you very much for reading this! If you need any help, don’t hesitate to ask me anything!

  • jb cabacungan

    what if my name is not offensive?

    • aleander clash

      just lie…

      • Lucas BeAben


    • Will Potter

      So you just can’t change your name 🙁

  • Will Potter


    • Chained Chaos

      Hug me brother :’3
      Also, I keep getting this “Unfortunately Clash Royale has stopped working” message everytim i start a multiplayer battle.I cleared the cache,rebooted my phone several times,re-installed the game but no luck.I lost hundreds of trowpheez for this.So it’d be nice if you could find a fix.

      • Will Potter

        I think you should factory reset your device man. That’s the best way to fix this IMO, at this time.

        • Chained Chaos

          Thanks dude,i did just that and my game doesnt crash anymore

          • Will Potter

            Awesome! Glad to hear that buddy!

  • 3mirhan

    KitKat is your device version ?

  • Jakerules68

    Lol that second message though xD

    • Will Potter

      LOL Sorry but I couldn’t find any better one lol.

  • _NaturaLPlayz

    It doesn’t work for me because they ask me for my xp, my level, my clan, etc. and when I lie even further, the support team says that they can’t find me or something cool tutorial but doesnt work ;(

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      I have no idea why you didn’t tell them your real XP, name and Clan??

    • Will Potter

      Please don’t say that it doesn’t work when you didn’t follow my tips. Cheers!

  • ClashyDan

    i did it exzacly as it is in the screenshot it didnt work

    • Will Potter

      Hello ClashyDan!
      Did they reply you dude?

  • Muguet

    Will, this is blatant lying to the team. Why would you lie? to get another IGN? As if the name made a difference.. on my main I screwed up my name, so what? I’ll be fine.

    • Will Potter

      This is for people who just want to change their name. This is nor a lie buddy. Supercell supports read your claim and they accept it If it is acceptable.

  • Reidothetorpedo107

    Yo if I send them my name with the color code in it will it work for (e.g. Will)

    • Will Potter

      Yes, you can do that buddy!

  • Skanda bn

    i sent the second msg ,and how long it will take to change the name???

    • Will Potter

      Normally it takes from 5-7 days buddy!


    i guess i should try it

  • Zamborg

    What if my name is not offensive and neither it is my real name? Can I change my name for second time ?

    • Will Potter

      Just give it a try mate! You have nothing to lose, right?

  • Kevin Alquiros

    Hi will! I followed your steps recently and it was succesful. How to know their response to my message, in the email that I gave? And How many days will I wait?
    Thank you very much!

    • Will Potter

      Hello! They will reply your message directly in game. You will receive a message soon!

  • Aloysius Bin Mohammad

    i didnt receive any message after 1week

    • Will Potter

      You should try to contact them from another device! I think there was a problem while you was sending your last message!

  • Jevan

    Hy Will whats your name , when you send ( im using offensive name in game as a Nick name and people always didnt like me , i really want to change my name from dildo to barbarian king ) ?? Please reply i need your answer please….

    • Will Potter

      You need to use the exact name you are using in game.

      • Ryder Bob

        I asked them to change my name and said it was offensive and thay say its not offemsive
        What do I do. I need a name change

  • Bahri

    If my name Is [C]rypt-[A]byss how I write to Supercell?

    • Will Potter

      Just copy paste it 😀

  • Shivam

    is username and name is one….
    or where else we can find the username? reply guys…thanks

  • Antony Au

    Where will you be able to read the message sent by Supercell? In the inbox?

    • Will Potter

      You will get a notification right on your phone once they replied your message!

      • Antony Au

        They still didn’t reply. It has been 5 days already. Is there a problem?

        • Antony Au


        • Will Potter

          Seems like there was a problem when you trying to send the ticket. I think you should try to contact them again via another device. Good luck!


    Guys, I wanna change my clash royale name, does anyone have any ideas for a new name