Why Can’t I find Clash Royale to download?

I have reveiced hundreds questions about downloading Clash Royale since last night.

Currently, only players from these countries can download Clash Royale from the iOS App Store: Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and New Zealand. However, there is still a way to bypass this limit.

By changing the country of your iTunes Store account to one of those mentioned countries above, you can easily find and download this game. For more details of the step-by-steps tutorial, please take a look at here.

Enjoy the game!

  • FeRdz

    We are from Philippines and I already downloaded clash royale on Google play using my android device. Our problem is my brother cant see the app on Google play store. Please help.
    On every update he needs to see me just to get the new version of the game. I send the game using ShareIt.

    • Will Potter

      I think he should update his Google Play to the latest version!