9 Tips for Getting Better Rank in Clash Royale Tournaments

Hello guys, do you really enjoy the new Tournaments Feature in Clash Royale? Here are some more special tips for getting better results in Tourneys!

Tournament Tips

Clash Royale Tournament Tips and Observations

Shared by Sneek88.

Undoubtedly, Pick a good deck before joining Tournaments. Play warm-up games with your friends or via the matchmaking system. Also, it’s better to stick with only one during the Tourney. It is much easier to win If you have a great rhythm built up with the deck you are playing.

If you lose, take a short break to relax and cool off. Searching for battle immediately after a frustrating loss will make your Tourney performance collapse quickly. Take a minute to relax after a close win. If you continuously play the game during several hours, you will find it very tired. The most mentally demanding games are those close ones.

Try to remember the amount of damage your Spells does to Towers. If you can’t remember, hold your finger on the spell for a few seconds and its damage will show up. Lots of players try to play defensively at the end in order to finish off the decisive Tower. This is very important.

Because of the incredibly extended overtime, Tower HP is much more value than in normal battles. Think twice before giving up your Tower HP.


Keep the mental note of your opponent’s played cards as well as the cards your opponent is still hiding. Try to find out his deck. If your opponent tries to hide something before the x2 Elixir time, it should be either Golem, Lava Hound, P.E.K.K.A, 3 Musketeers or Balloon.

Tourney screenshot

Keep an eye on the timer. By doing this, sometimes you can play double pressure when it’s the right time, and still have enough Elixir to defend!

Once your opponent’s first Tower is destroyed, try to play defensively. Defending is not really hard at all since you control 3/5 the map now.
If your opponent has a weakened Tower which can be destroyed by your spells, start pushing on the other lane! Don’t finish it off too soon otherwise the opponent King’s Tower will join the game. Take the advantage of this!

Your first games will be usually the easiest ones, especially If you have Tournament level cards (Commons lvl 9, Rares lvl 7,…) and the battles will be very hard once you have 2-3 wins. The environment of Tourney is extremely competitive, so, prepare yourself!

Tournament games have lots of pressures, much more than the normal ones. Your opponents are more likely to make mistakes they wouldn’t many while playing ladder games. That’s great If you can use this pressure to your advantages, do everything to make your opponent uncomfortable (no, don’t use Taunts). Play the mind game by hiding your key card, not playing card in a certain order and mixing your playstyle.


Okay guys hopefully you have found these tips helpful! Good luck with the next Tournament!

  • winsin

    Nice tips

    • Will Potter

      Thank you a lot man!

  • Tnt Zaii

    tis is a fucking game and still havnt give u even 1 legendary or supermagicalchest in lv9,do u knew tat feels when u encounter other guys who had all 3 and 4 legendarys everytimes u fight,even a lv6 got 2 ,and those guys r arrogant and proud of themselves wif their legendary,Last[FUCK o0o SUPERCELL]ban me mate

    • Carl Tenzler

      The majority of the guys who are not in legendary arena who have multiple legendaries are buying lots of super magical chests. Dont feel bad

    • John Cena

      You don’t need legendaries to win I beat at least 6 people a day that have princess sparky or ice wizard.

      • Jakerules68

        That is true, but you are at a HUGE disadvantage against legendaries. Even though you go against skillless swine that pay to win the pure levels of their cards beat you ( in some cases, i find 10s with lvl3 legendaries and lvl11-12 commons and stand zero chance. But at the same time I beat plenty with legendaries) . And then in other cases you will auto loose to legendaries if you find somebody of equal skill. You can hardly ever get a good trade if they have legendaries mainly ice wizzard and princess. They ARE the best cards in the game hands down.

        • John Cena

          I can honestly say the only legendary card I think is good is ice wizard, don’t understand all the hype about sparky miner or princess.

          • Jakerules68

            The reason why the princess is so good is because you have to deal with it or take free damage. It can catch you off guard and force you to take damage or waste elixir ( unless you happen to have spear gobs or something simmilar in hand). When you in a tournament and preserving hp is crucial the princess takes free shots unless dealt with. You could arrow it, but then they use that to their advantage with a surprise goblin barrel or minion horde. Or even mirror princess.

            I agree with the sparky and miner their good, but not overpowered. The only with with the miner is it kills pumps and allows mini pekkas and other units to safely attack.

          • Jakerules68

            Thing with the miner*

    • Terry Bert

      I beat someone who had 4 legendaries in their deck, Princess,Miner,Ice wizard, Lumberjack, elixir pump,fire spirits, goblins, zap.
      I use Hog rider, Mini pekka, Valkyrie, poison, zap, minions, fire spirits and rocket

      • Terry Bert

        I rocket Once some one drops a pump, I also rocket for winning

  • Aditya m

    Hey I’ve been in arena 6 1750 trophies for over 3 months. All my friends and clanmates are in arena 7 though I started before theM. Is there any deck which can take me there with no skilled play style . Btw I’m blooming in the game only today I reached my highest 1770 today with

    Fire spirits
    Inferno tower
    Avg is 4.3


    • Aditya m

      I badly want to reach arena 7. I’m getting dreams during the night. I want the royal giant. Hope this will not stay as dreams . Pls help me . I feel like giving my game centre Id and password to a legendary player

      • Diabolic

        Use cheapear decks like:
        Elexier pump
        Fire Ball

        Just learn to rotate your cards quickly and you will win, need to perfect hit fireball for multiple troops like wizard and barbarians but its a really fast deck have fun.

      • Anonymous

        You need skill to reach arena 7 and higher, mainly just stick with one deck. Also, try using zap instead of arrows and cannon instead of inferno, now that inferno is reset by zap and freeze.

      • Ultimit☆Cuest

        You can do it bro! Come on! It took me a solid month, but I did it! And you don’t even need a legend! I’ve been bumping around a lot. A7 for a day or two, then drop to 1700-1900. Slowly but surely, I’ll make my way back, in a week or so, only to get demoted again. Been happening for a while – then I got the MINER!!! But I’m still stuck in the same cycle -.- the legend doesn’t help all that much, granted. You can do it without one. Do research and get a heck lot of skills. I started researching when I found out it even existed, before I even downloaded the game (complications) I started researching, and even found a clan.


        Doesn’t help all that much, but a good website to go to every now and then.

        Also, where were the tips in this post? Lol you should number them

    • Ultimit☆Cuest

      A. Boo Arrows virtually pointless. Use zap
      B. Get rid of fireball. Spear gob will do. Since you have the prince, archers are too slow, so do spear gob.
      C. Inferno is now trash. Besides, I personally like cards I can also use on the offensive. Barbs, will do well, considering barb plus Prince is effective, while Prince + minion horde is quite vurnurable
      D. Witch too slow for a prince deck. I love it, great in a giant deck, but not in a speed Prince deck. Valk is PERFECT. You could make a valk-Prince push deck!

      I pretty much changed your entire deck. Sorry. If you feel you are doing better with what you have here, go for it. Just take what I said into consideration. Especially zap very useful.

  • Qaisar

    I’ve hated on the PEKKA for a long time but after the balance updates I’ve used PEKKA Double Prince with a lot of success! Lots of 3 crowns, too!

    • Will Potter

      xD Thank you a lot for sharing this buddy!

    • Will Potter

      Hope you can push a lot further with this deck!

  • WontPayToWin

    Card levels aren’t limited by tournament rules in these turnaments. I fight plenty of level 10 and 11 barbarians, etc, and many level 8 rares. Tourney’s are even more pay to win than ladders.

    • Cheezy Pizza

      Are you mental.

      • Jakerules68

        I agree with you pizza he is completely wrong

    • John Cena

      You obviously have no clue what you are talking about.

    • ExtraCheese

      Yes definitely. Although in tourney they do have a level cap to try and level the playing field a little bit, but if your cards are below the cap, and ur enemys are higher, he has a much bigger chance of winning. That’s not to say u can’t win, though.

  • CRwithzws

    LOL I haven’t even join one yet. Any tournament I try to join will be full! There is seriously a problem on joining tournaments. But I knew that there are also people hiding royal giants, sparky, x-bow, mortar, freeze (just always get ready for a freeze if your enemy are hidding something. I even seen royal giant freeze gameplay before).

  • Cheezy Pizza

    I honestly love how tournaments are based on skill unlike normal battles, where card levels make a big part of the game. I’ve played in 2 50p tourneys and I’ve been completely undefeated in both of them

  • M Faiz

    anyone have the details about every tournament chests? if someone have it i would like to know.
    The details is how many guaranteed epics and rares in one chest.

    • Will Potter

      I will post a page for these new chests soon!

  • Muguet

    Actually it depends on the tourney.
    I was one of the top dogs of my first tourney, and I won 14 games undefeated then I was pitted against the strongest player in the tourney. He had level 7 rares while mine were only 6 and along with Miner and Princess, I couldn’t win, but it was the only time I got defeated. I ranked fifth though, because I thought I could take a break of 20 mins after becoming second by a wide margin but I just got passed ahead too fast.
    When you play a 2 hours tournament make sure you have the time to be competitive during the whole two hours. 3 days tourneys are a lot more forgiving imho.

    • TUSHAR – Clash Royale

      You are right there i was at the first place at 387 trohpies and the tournament had over 35 mins left. The second position was at 187 . I thought i could take a 20 min Break and play the last 5 mins . I took a break too long only to find myself at the third position and the top guy had 450 trophies.

      My Blog :http://clashroyaletacts.blogspot.in/

  • Kenny Irawan

    i couldnt even join a tournament lol

    • Will Potter

      After a week? 🙁
      I am so sorry about that buddy!

  • Kenny Irawan

    will can u make a deck for golem ice spirit? im stuck in arena 8 plz will

  • TUSHAR – Clash Royale

    just one thing why does your posts have a Updating…. in between paragraphs?

    • Will Potter

      Because I am updating it :D.

  • ExtraCheese

    I SHALL ALWAYS USE TAUNTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ExtraCheese


    • Will Potter

      LOL seriously?

  • K L

    I use tourneys for practicing with new decks as they dont make me lose anything

    • Will Potter

      Yup! Good way to test new decks xD