4 Clash Royale Tips to Improve your Gameplay

Hello guys, I have received a lot of questions about improving Clash Royale decks or people getting stuck in some certain Arenas lately. You know what? Sometimes It’s not because of your decks or your King’s Tower level or your card levels, it’s because of you. This guide is going to be a little too serious for players who don’t really want to improve and climb. Thanks simplyinsomniac for sharing these tips for us!

4 Clash Royale Tips to Improve your Gameplay

Clash Royale Tips to Improve your Gameplay

Yourself is the only thing in your control: This is definitely the most important thing you must engrave in your mind If you want to improve your gameplay. Why? Because you just can’t control who you are going to be matched against, what decks they will use, how many money they have spent,…. You can only control your decks and your playstyle so keep watching your replays, learn from your mistakes, figure out what you did wrong and avoid doing those mistakes in the next matches.


Adapt in Clash Royale: I see people get stick in cycles most of the time and those cycles always result in the same outcomes. If it didn’t work for you last time, don’t try again the next time. Always try to take advantage of this guys! If you place your P.E.K.K.A down and your opponent immediately counters your play with Minion Horde, 80% he is going to do that the next time. I usually play pre-Arrow and that would be one of the most satisfied moves in game! Even If you lose that game because of the missed-Arrows, I guarantee you can make the most of it most of the time. If you know your opponent is going to place his 7 Elixir P.E.K.K.A behind his King’s Tower and you don’t have one, just rush the other side and use your cheap troops to lure his P.E.K.K.A to the middle.

Adapt to the meta: This is a bit self-explanatory but seems like a lot of players trouble with this. In each Arena, there are some decks that are played significantly (for example, Hut Decks are played a lot in Arena 3-4). If you can figure out the weakness of those decks, you can easily build a counter deck and push much faster. You just can’t push from Arena 1 to Arena 8 with just 1 deck!

Know your deck inside out: This is very important If you want to climb higher with decks shared on Clash Royale Arena. You will know your deck better If you build it from scratch, but If you want to use a deck I shared, this is extremely important. It’s very essential for you to understand your win condition and the limitations of your decks so you can play wisely for a draw whenever you think you are not going to win.

Okay guys that’s all I want to say today. Hope you really enjoyed this post! Don’t hesitate to leave your opinion here and discuss about Clash Royale!

  • D-Mate19

    Hey will, did you see the new update news? Buying legends in legendary arena and all that?

    • Will Potter

      No I didn’t. Where did you get that from mate? xD

  • Septic Venom9

    Dear Will,

    will you please make a post on how to share your deck on this site, because i have this amazing new deck i want to share with you. i have gone from 2000 trophies to 2500 trophies from this one deck ive been using ever since i got to royale arena as a level 8. i think that if you show us how to post our own deck, you will have more decks to post to this site every day and that this site will be the #1 site to find custom decks for clash royale.

    it would also be great if you add a button on this site that allows us to add our own decks with pictures and everything. and if you want to fix our typos or if you want to change something in our post that would be fine.

    this is just a suggestion and you dont have to do any of this if you dont want because this is your site not mine. have a great day mate. 😀

  • loloxde

    Hello Will!

    I recently got to Arena 6 and I’m just opening free chests for the moment. I opened about 20 in total, and all the Arena 6 cards that I have are from the shop.

    Is it normal that I don’t get new cards in free chests?


    • Swapnil

      i dont think so. I mean you should have at least Arena 6 cards if your in arena 6. Im in arena 3 but when i was in Arena 4 the first free chest i opened gave me minion horde and tesla

      • loloxde

        Then I just might be unlucky

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      This is pretty normal. Just keep opening chests and you can get the new cards soon!

      • loloxde

        Ok, thanks for your help!

  • Kirtash

    Hi will! I tried to send you a mail but allways get rejected.

    I have a question that really would like to know and I think it could be a nice post to your great website: Why does high level players use CANON instead of TESLA? The last one costs +1 elixir but can deal perfectly with almost every air unit…

    Maybe to make a post it would be better a further comparison bettween canon tower, bomber, inferno and tesla but I think it would be nice and help many people!

    Thank you very much!!

    • Will Potter

      Just answered your question on Facebook man xD

    • Trev

      See, your question is pretty good. Choosing between either a Tesla or Cannon
      Now most importantly the most distinct feature we know been the two is that Cannon costs 3 and Tesla costs 4. The Cannon is, what I believe the cheapestate defense you can use to distract troops that target buildings. The Tesla however being slithgly more expensive seems to have several more possibilities. The Tesla unlike the Cannon has the abilityl to, most importantly stay underground, therefore spells that inflict direct damage remain ineffective. It also has more hit points and can target air targets. This means that if someone uses a Lava Hound or a Balloon or any air troop, I not only distract the air unit but damage it as well. But there is a reason why some people use the Cannon over the Tesla – Most importantly it is because the Cannon has a cheaper cost. This means that you can distract a Hog easily with an elixir advantage of +1.
      I personally prefer the Tesla, because it has more hit points after the May update and that it has the ability to fend of air troops
      But most importantly it comes down to how your deck is and your playstyle.

  • Amrit Pal Singh

    Hey Will,
    Could you please suggest a counter against a giant-balloon push ( I’m in A2 ). Such push is really giving me a hard time and I’d really appreciate if you help me out.

    • Mr.Frank

      What cards do you have ?

    • Will Potter

      Do you have any building in your deck mate?

  • Ed

    Hi, I got 6 accounts in my device. With level 4, 5 and 6. Will this improve my gamrstyle? I did this cos I always get oponents 3x higher level troops than mine. So, I always get countered when I counter. Cos theyre troops eay too high level.

    • Will Potter

      Yes of course! Playing a lot will definitely increase your skill!

  • cocraze

    hi will, i hv all been stuck at arena 5 for a few months now. i hv not yet gone up a single arena before. i hv tried different decks, but none works to help me get higher. is there any paricular decks that u think i should use. i normally use hogs in all my decks.

    • Will Potter

      If you are using Hog for months and just can’t push, why don’t just use other decks?
      Please take a look at this mate: http://clashroyalearena.com/guides/pushing-guide

    • Baobao Liu

      I have a deck that I used when I was stuck in arena 5 that helped me push up to arena 6.

      Hog, Goblins, Spear Goblins, Minnion Horde/Minnion, Valkyrie, Zap, Fireball, and Cannon/Tesla. Don’t worry if your cards are low leveled. I played with all level 7 commons, and 2 level 5 rares, and the rest level 4. All my cards are really under leveled.

      • Will Potter

        Nice! Thanks for sharing this mate 😀

  • Thomas Bondra

    The only good players get free gems from supercell to host YouTube videos. They in turn, promote you to go ‘try out this deck’. When you do, and your cards aren’t the same level, their hope is that you start buying gems. That’s where they make their money. The whole ‘more legendaries, more chances’ is the same thing. They don’t want you to have fun in the end. If you do, whatever, they want your 19.99.

    • Thomas Bondra

      Just use the cards you like and don’t care about winning. And never give them a red cent.

  • Joshua Tellez

    Unfortunately, I don’t seem to be looking at my replays at all. Which makes the game nearly, if not impossible to play for me. Therefore, I would still struggle with the same, or similar errors. That can be an issue if I don’t fix my fears of looking at replays. It definitely is less embarrassing when you’re the only one watching your replays. I don’t know if anyone shares this issue, but I have the tendency to over-share replays as opposed to reviewing it myself. Also, how do I check for mistakes for replays? It would be important to see which won’t work if your next opponent has that card. Oh, wait, I just provided myself with a tip.