4 Most Important Tips for New Clash Royale Players

Hello guys! Today I am going to give you the most important tips for new players which help you play Clash Royale much better!

Clash Royale Tips

Always try to fight on your side of the map.

Most new players don’t really care about this. They usually drop their troops right on the bridge and try to make them hit the opponent’s tower as soon as possible. Why don’t fight on your side of the map so you can deal a lot of more additional damage with your Arena Towers and King’s Tower. Let’s assume the opponent drops 1 Baby Dragon, you should wait until it pass through the bridge and drop your troop (Baby Dragon for example) to deal with it. With additional damage from your Arena Tower nearby, you can take down the enemy Dragon quickly and also still have the half HP Baby Dragon. If he uses troops to deal with your survived Baby Dragon, you will have a few more Elixir than your opponent’s. Otherwise, your Baby Dragon still can deal hundreds damage to the opponent’s tower. As stated, If you follow this tip, you can save a lot of Elixir and will be able to launch a big push when your opponent won’t have enough Elixir to stop you. Sounds great right?

It’s okay to take some damage

No one wants to take damage for sure but sometimes it’s totally worth it to take some damage. For example, If your opponent drops Archers, your Arena Tower takes them down with 4 hits and takes only some damage, that’s better to let your Arena Tower deal with them itself. It isn’t worth dropping your Fireball, Arrows or other cards to deal with them especially when you are pushing on the other lane. By talking some damage, you can save some Elixir and it’s better to use those Elixir to reforce your push.
This is also pretty important at the start, when your opponent tries to see your cards and how you react.


Build Elixir Advantage

This is definitely the best strategy to win every battle in Clash Royale. The main idea of this tip is to use low Elixir cards to deal with high Elixir cards and make Elixir profit after defending.

For example:

  • Use Arrows (3 Elixir) to take down Minion Horde (5 Elixir) = 2 Elixir profit.
  • Use Skeletons (1 Elixir) to deal with Mini P.E.K.K.A (4 Elixir) = 3 Elixir profit.
  • Use Cannon (3 Elixir0 to deal with Hog Rider (4 Elixir) = 1 Elixir profit.

After some successful defends, you definitely have enough to launch a big push when your opponent doesn’t have enough Elixir in order to deal with it. Sounds great right? I posted a guide for this tip before, you can read more details at here.

Learn from your Mistakes

A lot of new players never watch their replays and keep losing a lot of times. If you lose when using a well balanced deck and you have decent card levels, It’s not because of the deck, it’s because of you. If you are at level 5 and you lose against a level 3 player, it’s not because of him, it’s because of you. If you can’t push to Arena 4 after weeks, It’s because of you.
Watching replays is the best way to improve your skill in game. Not only your replays! You should also watch your Clan mate replays. Don’t hesitate to share your replays with them and discuss about mistakes as well as the best way to fix them.

Okay thanks for reading my friends. Hopefully you have found this small post helpful. I’d love to hear your opinions!

  • Mr.Frank

    True, it’s more about skill than the deck itself. I’ve come across players using the most simple deck possible.

    The only exception to this rule are the card levels, as stopping a Level 3 giant is obviously harder than stopping a Level 1 giant, though both cost the same elixir.

    • Will Potter

      Yea, Card Level is very important but I want to discuss about the way we play Clash Royale.
      Anyways thank you very much Frank!

      • Troy Fitzsimmons

        Yea watch clanmates replays dont bother with tv royale . Also play against clanmates to practice without loosing ur trophies.dnt hav a clan? Join myne, Royale NZ look for me FitzGzus. Need more peeps for donating to make gold haha

  • Leyolm

    Nice tips, I started out playing three days ago and found most content on this site pretty useful. Luckily for me i also had a friend warning me for some mistakes if you don’t want to spend loads of money on the game. Mistakes like wasting gems by opening boxes early instead of saving them up to buy gold later and upgrading every card instead of upgrading the ones you actually play with.

    Watching replays and analyzing them helped loads as well. When to play certain cards and where to place them in what situation is key.

    Tnx to taking some time to learn the game mechanics and the tips on this site I am now winning as level 4 from level 6 players who have way higher level cards and already made it close to 1100 trophy’s within 3 days and less then a 100 games.

    I think my deck is pretty awesome by now ( Guess everybody thinks that of their own deck) after getting lucky on some cards and lucky on a magical chest. Especially the Lure and deckbuilding guide where awesome.

    Maybe it’s just because it are low level brackets but still.
    I play with:
    Goblin hut
    Speer goblins

    • Will Potter

      Hello Leyolm,
      Thank you very much for sharing this. I always love reading comment like this, that people found this website helpful!
      Good luck to you further!

    • Dylan Ennis

      thats pretty much my deck with normal gobs not spear and
      rage not hut

  • Yousef Abbas

    Guys , I made a new clan , its called bader warriors , if any1 is interested , Skype me :joemabbas

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  • Lol checking out the site, its helpful for new players, but I am lvl 7 and have all cards except legendaries, I need some advanced player tips.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the comment Charlie! I am working on an Arena 8 Guide. Gonna post it soon!

      • Hey i am lvl 9 wt. 3 legendaries; lava, princess, miner, im at 3010 trophies and NEED A DECK. My clan is called Ruin with purple background crescent moon logo, always 48-50 players. (28000 trophies area) plz join if u have any feedback! Name: The Overlord. Also have plenty of experience, i started before world release wt some kids canadian Apple id i got off of coc.


    eyy i wanna share a op deck… copyright to James
    -minion horde

    avrg 3.0 elixer xD

    use the hog n gob with zap trick
    other cards for defense
    if they hav wiz zap then place minion horde right after
    if they hav barbs place bomber (duh)
    be awesome
    copyright to James (in light blue)

    plz reply bb <3
    n since evry1 is sexist n thinks unicorn lovers r gurls well
    im not

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share my friend!

  • MaxCraftMaster ___

    Please Anyone Help Me!!! I’M Using My Balanced Decks And Still In Arena 6 And i’m Level 8 Please Help Me!!!My Highest Is 1908 Trophies….

    • Will Potter

      Can you post your deck here mate?

    • Dylan Ennis

      Im in royal arena by 9 trophy’s im lv 7 using
      mini pekka-LV5
      normal gobs-LV7
      barrel gobs -LV2
      elixir collector-LV4(i can upgrade i need gold because i used it on the shop