How to Lure Troops Properly – Basic + Advanced Tips

Hello guys, especially new players! Today I am going to give you some useful tips for luring (or pulling) troops in Clash Royale. Luring troops is definitely the most effective way to defend your Towers and gain Elixir advantages.

Clash Royale Lure

How to Lure Troops Properly

If you want to lure troops in Clash Royale properly, first, you need to know how exactly the AI system in game works!
Also, a big thanks to Orange Juice for sharing these great tips!

  • When you are going to drop your card near the opponent’s units, you will easily notice there is an exclamation mark that pops up, which means the enemy units will be distracted by your troops.
  • If a X-Bow or Mortar is hitting your tower, you can easily resets its target with a Zap. Simply drop Zap onto X-Bow (or Mortar), it will immediately re-target your troops (If they are on the ground).
  • It is important to have a general understanding of troop movement speed. If your melee units are significantly faster than the opponent’s units, they won’t pull. Otherwise, they will immediately go to hit the target.
  • When defending with a pull, you want to spend less Elxir than the opponent’s push. You should only spend more Elixir If you are going to launch a counter attack.
  • When doing a chain pull, your initial units should cost no more than 3 Elixir.
  • Skeletons, Goblins, Archers and Spear Goblins are my favorite cards to use for the intial pull.
  • Troops you want to lure should be… most of the troops which have high HP, high damage and high Elixir cost.
  • Wizard, Bomber, Witch, Three Musketeers, Royal Giant,.. are not worth pulling. It’s better to attack them with strong melee troops.
  • There are 3 types of luring in Clash Royale:
    • Standard Lure: Simply lure the enemy troops to the middle of your arena.
    • Chain Lure: Luring troops to the other side with 2-3 low-Elixir-cost cards. A chain lure can accomplish 3 things: It can pull troop within shooting range of both Towers; It can pull the enemy units into the next lane; It can divide the army between both Towers.
    • Kiting Lure: Kiting is the act of grabbing a troop’s attention and running away from it. Basicially If your troops have better movement speed than the enemy troops and they can’t target the enemies, they will go towards the enemy Towers as well as pull the enemy troops far away from yours.

For decent examples, take a look at the Orange Juice’s video:

Okay thanks for reading guys! I hope you have found this one helpful! Please do me a huge favor and share this with your friends, I will really appreciate it! You guys rock!

  • Sadegh Abedi

    Please teach a deck with mini PEKKA in arena 7 to reach +2500 trophies

    • SEPEHR

      are you iranian? 😀

    • Arnav. W

      Yeaa tell me too


    wow,i havent seen it before!great!

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome mate. I am very glad to hear that you found this helpful!

      • Palladin Warior

        Hi Will,. it’s seems that you get more hard work by carrying 2 blogs

        • Will Potter

          Yea, a lot of work but it’s pretty fun truly :D.

  • Lync

    I generally like to counter attack as the people in my arena have high elixir cost so find it hard to counter my counter attack

  • Felipe Miguel

    Great content. Keep the good work, mate.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much buddy! I am very glad when I know you found this helpful!

  • Ultimit☆Cuest

    Nice, I saw it somewhere else, but nice to see it here too! I really like how whenever there’s even a hint of someting new, this website has it within 24 hr! I remember seeing another guide website on clash royale, but it posted one article, then another a week later. I unbookmarked the website.


    • Will Potter

      You should make my blogs as your hompages mate. LOL

      • Ultimit☆Cuest

        How do I do that? I totally will. No joke. (well, maybe some joke. My parents might not be happy with me doing this). But seriously, how do I do that on chrome? I know at school whenever I log in with my student login it brings me to the district’s website, but I never knew I could personally do it. So seriously, how do I do it?

        Also, I’m thinking of writing about this deck that got me to arena 5, 1500 trophies — hog, drag, barb, archers, arrows, bomber, gob hut (wildcard, use this only if you don’t have one of the following: rage, freeze, lava hound, mirror, poison, or ice wizard, or any other awesome troop from higher arena), minion horde. I like to play very aggresively, forming king tower charge-ups, and after succesfully defending an attack. I’m working on another deck to get to arena 6. Got all cards from arena 5 besides ice wizard, (other cards missing – skeleton army, freeze, witch, I think that’s it ) if you could recomend a deck that be great!

        • Will Potter

          You can easily set any website as your homepage in the Settings of Chrome.
          Really? Nice! I really want to read your guide for that Deck :D. I will tell you If I get any great new Arena 6 Deck. Seems like you have read them all LOL.

          • Ultimit☆Cuest

            Yeah, the highest I was today was 1692 (I was almost crying when I loss to a lv lower than me) with a giant skeleton balloon deck. It’s not quite getting me to where I want to be. I’m not sure what to do now. But I will see that arena 1 deck to ge to 1700

  • Rómulo Escobar

    I wonder why Wizard and Bomber always change target when they aren’t focus on arena tower… For example they are attacking a Giant so you try to kill it with a couple goblins from the back, but he sudenly change the target (Giant still alive) and kill your gobs…

  • Raymund Alcobendas

    Please give credit to the person that actually made this guide. Every part of this article was taken from the video you mentioned at the very end, top to bottom. You referenced the video, but you didn’t mention that you got all the ideas from that video, and it makes it sounds like you came up with the ideas. Yarn made this guide and it’s very helpful and full of valuable information. Give credit where credit is due.

  • Bhaala Natarajen

    Will do I have to drag and place the troops to see the exclamation mark on top of enemy troop’s head?

    • Will Potter

      Yes but You don’t need to drop your troop buddy 😀

  • Marin Culea

    So, I created a strong deck, for arena 3. Some cards are rare and epic, but they have replacements . Giant Skeleton—Barbs—Spear Gobs / Archers—Witch /Bomber—Baby Dragon / Valkyrie—Fireball (AoE spell, good against Barbs, and can destroy a low HP tower)/Rocket (I use the Fireball, cause it’s cheaper, )—Prince Mini P.E.K.K.A—A defensive card. I suggest the Tombstone or the Bomb Tower. This deck has a strong defense, as well as offense. Barbs will kill the Prince+Musketeer combo. Sometimes, l use Barbs against the Prince+Witch combo, cause they have high HP and will deal high DMG to the prince before they will die. Giant Skely can kill those huge pushes ( Prince+Witch+Mini P.E.K.K.A ) with his dead damage. Witch and Baby Dragon will kil those swarms that willl be a problem for your Skely Prince. Bomb tower will be a good defense against Barbs, or other pushes, and against Hut Spammers. Spear Gobs can be used in many ways ( offense, defense, distraction, etc. ) . This deck helped me a lot. I went from Arena 3 to 4 with it. But, it is a liittle bit hard to use it, so train with someone before usin it. 😀

    • Will Potter

      Hey Martin! Thank you very much for sharing this man! I really appreciate your work!

      • azwan G5 .0

        I know You are best player,Help me With The Splashy combo deck,Last time I battling I been lost 3-2!
        He use…
        tell me How OK,
        a dicecion for Arena 4 Player,
        your Friend
        Azwan G4
        clan is…….
        el-nino help me will……

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  • Trilok Gupta

    OmG! Xbow can change the target with ZAP lol.. thanx… sometimes it is too difficult to stop xbow n I use all 10 elixir on it.. Now I m going to place a giant OR brb then zap it hahaha

    • Will Potter

      xD And you can change the target of Inferno too with Zap!

      • Baobao Liu

        And reset the charge, if it has been burning away at your giant for a few seconds, you can zap it, and reset the charge before the giant is a crisp

        • Will Potter

          Yeap this is very true.

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  • Vincent Huang

    Are there any guides on building placement so that it still lures but the attacker gets aggro from both tower?

    • Will Potter

      Just place it in the very center of your side and 4 tiles away from your King’s Tower :D.

      • Vincent Huang

        The problem is that most buildings (everything except Tesla) are 3 by 3 so it can’t be perfectly put in the middle. If you put it over to the defending side, it will lure but the attacker won’t be damaged by both towers. If you put it over to the non-defending side, it only baits sometimes but will take aggro from both towers.

  • iSyad

    Really appreciate your work man. Thanks alot.

    • Will Potter

      It is my pleasure. You are very welcome man!

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  • azwan G5 .0

    very Help full Pages,other Page always show their ‘best card deck’