How to Level Up Fast and Get Epic Cards in Clash Royale

Hello my friends, in this post I’m going to give you guys some very great advice on how to start and the fastest way to progress in this game. I get asked questions such as, “How to level up quickly? How to get epic cards and How to move up in arenas quickly?” So I thought I would summarize answering all of them in one video and give you guys the best tips and advice I can to optimize your Clash Royale experience.

How to Level Up Fast and Get Epic Cards in Clash Royale

First question, how do I level up fast and unlock every card?

In order to level up, you obviously need experience points. There are three ways to obtain experience:

  1. Level up your cards. The higher you level them up, the more experience you gain. In order to level up your cards, you need Gold.
  2. Donate. Donating is extremely important. I know in Clash of Clans sometimes donating is optional for you and sometimes you avoid donating because you don’t want to ruin your army composition. But in Clash Royale, it’s a bad idea to not donate. It’s only a good thing to donate. By donating, you will earn Gold and Experience points. I recommend always donating, but do not donate the card you’re focusing on leveling up. For example, if you’re focusing on leveling up the Wizard, then donate everything except your Wizards.
  3. Complete the in game achievements. Completing achievements will not only gain your experience points, but will also give you gems.

You will not only earn gems from completing achievements, but also from Free Chests and Crown Chests. So make sure to open those chests every day. You can make anywhere from 14 to 26 gems every day from opening these chests.

How to get Epic Cards?

Save up your gems. Do not use your gems to buy an epic card from the shop, that is a poor mistake I see a lot of players make. You should instead save up your gems and once you’ve saved up 500 gems, use those gems to buy a Bucket of Gold, which will give you 10,000 gold. This is, in my opinion, the best use of gems in the game. The 10,000 gold will then allow you to buy a total of 5 Epic cards from the shop if you’re patient. Or, more importantly, you will need the gold to upgrade your cards. Cost of cards start increasing at a big rate per level, so save up your gold as well and use them to upgrade your most important cards. By upgrading your cards, you will level up quicker.

This guide was submitted by Ash, check his YouTube channel at here.
Okay thanks for reading guys. Don’t hesitate to comment If you need any help! And please help me do a big favor by sharing this page with your friends, I really appreciate it!

  • abhay

    I am Abhay
    level of experience 3
    and battle deck is
    Knight level 3
    Valkyrie level 1
    Bomber level 4
    Prince level 1
    Fireball level 3
    Giant level 2
    Lightning level 1
    Mini P.E.K.K.A level 3

    • aimos

      Whoa man, use some cards for air defence, take out valk and replace for muskeeter or baby drag

      • Mark

        hell no his deck is good but i would replace mini pekka as you do not need knight and mini pekka soo replace mini pekka with minions, leave valk,

    • Sufyan Nasr

      Hey abhay don’t worry mate if happens to everyone from time to time I’m sure u will win matches easily after wards and in my opinion i think u should replace the bomber and knight and keep the spear goblins and archers instead I hope it will help u

    • Ultimit☆Cuest

      barb or giant if u dont have it, mini pekka switch with hog once u get it, arrows, bomber, archers, lightning, minions switch with minion horde once u get it, and baby drag. If u don’t have minions, well, idk, spear gob? If you don’t have the drag, too bad.

    • MahmudKamal

      i think you should upgrade the cards that you oftenly used, instead of upgrading trash cards, althougt it slows your progress to level up, but you have a powerfull cards at such a low experience level, just imo

    • hey Abhay, First of all don’t give up for loosing, its part of the game , every best player will have his winning spree and loosing spree , well in your case i feel the elixir consumption is bit higher then opponents , use cards in stacks like giant with musketeer , here is the better lineup which helped me in that level a lot , arrows,giant,musketeer,prince,goblin its effective just 2 elixir ,spear goblins ,barbarians, minions , every time you win check the replay what mistake your opponents made and every time you lose check how your opponent won and what mistake you made , hope this will really help you, good luck and clash on 🙂

      • and wait for your elixir to load max when the match starts 🙂

        • abhay

          Yeah exactly doing that….

      • abhay

        Thanks for the Reply and I am on top among my friends

    • Mochi Brewster

      Hoi Abhay,
      If you are new to the game, then it is best to not use high elixer consuming spells like lightning.
      You shouldn’t use a knight if you have a Mini-P.E.K.K.A, so I would recommend switching it for a musketeer. Balance your ranged and melee fighters and you might want to switch your Valkyrie for something like a group of troops (minions preferably) or spawners like the Goblin-Hut. The Prince is also overrated – If someonne uses it, then distract it with a High defense troop with the musketeer or Mini-P.E.K.K.A to deal some damage. Melee troops cannot attack flying troops – remember that Giants don’t attack any thing but towers too.

      Hope I helped & good luck!

    • Raghav Mundhara

      Do u have giant skeleton

      try this deck then
      gaint skeleton
      spear goblins
      and knight

      deploy giant skeleton and musketeer or witch beside G.Skeleton
      then any troops

    • Elijah Williams

      Use each if the following
      Spear Goblins
      Skeleton Army
      If you have most of these good if not battle for them via crown chest or hope they are in the free chest low cost elixir decks are key strategy winners from A1- A4 I’ve made it to arena four with a record of 1198 with that deck

    • W33

      want help?EASY! use your brain dont be like a dumb dogsh*t. sorry but truth hurts bruh

    • Alexander Andary

      You have no pair trio or horde cards in your deck try adding goblins archers and arrows

    • David Lim

      1) DONT USE LIGHTNING (Use in later arenas like Pekka playhouse)
      2) Place troops behind main tower (Time to place other troops)
      3) Use Goblins (TRUST me) ;D

      • abhay

        Yes air defenses now I am doing with 5 months of pause of training I am top among my friends in Clash Royale and also in Clash of Clans

        • Dominic Freeman

          Yeah I use mini pekka knight arrows minions bomber spear goblins fire spirits and zap spell but instead of fire spirit use goblins and instead of zap use prince maybe with that deck it put me in arena 5 and I am doing very well

        • Mark

          what arena are you know?

    • Benjamin

      For starters, u need some lighter (less expensive) troops in your deck, like spear goblins and minions. Your bulky troops are great for attacking, but you dont have enough defensive troops. Second of all, dont buy any chests until you are in a arena above pekkas playhouse. Before then, its not worth the gems. Thirdly, i havent seen you attack, but im assuming (exscuse me if im wrong) that you arent too smart of a PLAYER. im not sayong you are stupid in real life. Im just simply saying that you might not be deploying the right troops in the right place at the right time. It helped me become a smart player by watching tv royale replays from my arena and looking at how good some cards do against others. Also, at least half of your deck should be able to attack air troops. You currently only have fireball and lightning. Also, i would not recommend using lightning. It is very expensive and only hits three things. while it does help in some instances, arrows might be a better replacement card. They can be used a lot more.

      These were some of my tips to you. Follow them as you wish, but i cant stress this enough: you need more troops that can hit air and more troops that are lighter. Basically, you need a better deck. Levels of troops do matter, but the kind of troop matters more. Good luck!

    • Michael Christopher Lucas

      Hi Abhay this deck is exspensive !

      You should add some LOWER cost troops, otherwise your going to be sitting watching players tear down your towers while you wait for 4 elixir !choose between valkyre or bomber they are basiclly the same unit, big splash damage to hurt barbarians. giant or knght ??? id loose the knight unless you can pair him with the dark knight. You need to balance out between your attacking cards, defence cards and 1-2 direct damage cards, Id loose the princeand bomber for minions and spear goblins, you have NO AIRDEFENCE !

      • Mark

        dont take out knight but mini pekka is useless when you have the knight upgraded so just replace mini pekka with minions also have both valk and bomber better to have 2 splash then 1 as he is lower, also just he needs a tower based unit like bomb tower/ cannon wabamn best deck ever, personally for me i use cannon,valk,minions,knight,giant,fireball,balloon,bomber and it got me to arena 5 as lvl 4 so i think its pretty good 😉

    • Mark

      ik this is very late responce, but i wasted my gems too at the beginning so ik the feeling but it is easy too get them back just collect your free chest and crown chest everyday getiing around 25 and 20 days wabamn 500 gems instantly. The deck your using is good for the simple fact of countering kind of except i would suggest this deck if you have these cards for you/ Valkyrie, bomber, giant, minions, knight, fireball, cannon, (balloon) optional if you dont just use prince. cannon if you werent in arena 3 you wont have so maybe if you have bomb tower replace cannon with that.

    • Selman Aydogdu

      Use this deck that got me to arena 6 with only 60 total wins in game. Giant, witch, mini pekka, musketeer, goblin, arrow, fireball, minion. I had very low level troops but it got me high up real easily. 🙂

  • Pearce

    Woah Nice idea, I will save gems from now. Instead of wasting it!

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome Pearce! Good luck further!

  • Kim Paolo Gutierrez

    wait your opponent to have poor connection…then once disconnected, you’ ll win:D

    • Will Potter


      • King Pow need to have great faith that your opponent will be DC haha

        • Will Potter

          Disconnection Hack will be released soon LOLOL

          • King Pow

            ill be waiting for it hahaha

    • Napakawaca

      This is epic.

      • Will Potter


      • King Pow


    • Marcel Aritonang

      freeze spell lags certain opponent area

  • Kuro Shiro

    may i ask? for sample, if i’m at arena 3 at level 4, do you think I still get a witch, or balloon cards at previous arena(arena 1,2)?

    • Will Potter

      Hello Kuro,
      Yes, of course, you always can get lower Arena cards! Don’t worry mate!

  • When I’m arena 6, will i get epic cards from higher arenas in bought chests? Or better wait to get higher arena then buy?

    • Will Potter

      Hello mate,
      The chest you buy contain only cards of your current Arena and below. Cheers!

  • Mason

    If you have the giant and musketeer, use the giant as the meat shield and have the musketeer do the damage, it’s very effective at low levels

  • What do I do now? Im in Arena 7 but dropping bc. spawner deck no skill players just push and win 1-0? I have all cards except legendaries.

    • Will Potter

      Hello dude!
      Did you try to use Rocket decks? They work pretty well against Hut Decks!

    • CaptainAwesomer

      Lol I had the same problem. I decided to just let the spawners have a side,and try to kill their other side before they destroy my main tower. It’s been pretty effective in arena 5.

      Or like the other guy said rockets! If they’re spamming huts then a single rocket can hit 2 huts or a hutanda tower.

      I’m in ShortBus Xpress if you want to see replays, or just help complain about these hut *****s!!!!!

      • Lol now this is me; Hey i am lvl 9 wt. 3 legendaries; lava, princess, miner, im at 3010 trophies and NEED A DECK. My clan is called Ruin with purple background crescent moon logo, always 48-50 players. (28000 trophies area) plz join if u have any feedback! Name: The Overlord. Also have plenty of experience, i started before world release wt some kids canadian Apple id i got off of coc.

  • Levi Casey

    How come the only epic card I can get more than 3 is the rage spell I have 8 rage spells lvl2 and all my other epics are one besides the drag which I paid over 4 thousand coins for?

  • Marcel Aritonang

    giant, prince, spear goblin, archer, arrow, goblin, bomber, and fireball i used this all the way to arena 3 then i changed my deck

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this Marcel!

  • Schu

    Umm guys…so i currently after a 1 month struggle finally went upto royal arena …sitting there at 2036 cups… I havent battled cuz ik i might lose..question is how long does it take for the arena cards to appear in free chests or in the shop…i did not get the commom royal Giant as well ….its been more than a week

    • Will Potter

      It’s just about lucky buddy! Good luck and don’t scare. Just play!

  • CoffeeMitel

    Hey guys! I just started Clash Royale and I think it is great! I got up till Arena 2 but here’s my deck-

    Mini P.E.K.K.A (Level 2)
    Arrows (Level 4)
    Prince (Level 2)
    Knight (Level 2)
    Archers (Level 3)
    Musketeer (Level 3)
    Bombers (Level 3)
    Goblins (Level 4)

    My strategy is to save up elixir in the start, put the prince and the mini pekka in 2 sides, then back them up with goblins. Is there any better ideas?



    • Will Potter

      You are new but your deck is great! Thank you man!

      • CoffeeMitel

        But now I am in Arena 4 so here is my deck-

        Mini P.E.K.K.A Level 5
        P.E.K.K.A Level 1
        Minion Horde Level 5
        Minions Level 7
        Prince level 2
        Goblin Hut level 5
        Witch Level 2
        Balloon Bomber Level 4

  • xhorxhi

    i love this game . i hope to get the hog rider soon . its a powerfull card .im using a low elixir deck and doing pretty good. i have found a way to get some extra gems and hope to get some great cards on these super magical chests 😀 if you want some look on my screen shoot

  • JLopehandia

    I have a total of 25 epics, and I’m on week 5 of playing. I only bought one from the store, and instead used the gems to get silver chests. Most of my epics come from chests. I believe I got more epics this way, than I would by purchasing.

  • KingOfGames

    Don’t use gems to buy epic unless you are one away from upgrading.

    • Will Potter

      Or, If it is so versatile xD. Buy one every time would be okay!

  • jianhao

    how do i go to arena fast i being trying hard but i keep droping plz help

  • Juan quinones

    Knight – level 5
    Archer – level 5
    Golblin – level 5
    Bomber – level 5
    Musketeer – level 3
    Spear goblin – level 5
    Goblin Hut – level 3
    Arrows – level 5
    Fireball – level 3
    Skeletons (not army) – level 5
    Bomb tower – level 3
    Tombstone – level 3
    Cannon-level 3
    Barbarian hut – level 1
    Peika – level 3
    Goblin barrel – level 1
    Barbarians – level 4
    Valkry – level 4
    Balloon – level 2
    Giant – level 4
    Minnions – level 6
    Prince – level 1

    These are all of my cards and I need help on which ones to battle with and the strategy on which ones to play first etc HELP

  • Mike Smith

    Let’s say I have XP of 1200/2000. Later on, I have XP of 1600/2000. Does this mean my army has become stronger a bit because of the added XP ? Thanks

    • Will Potter

      No, your XP doesn’t affect your army in anyway buddy!

  • Arka Das

    i am in arena 8 and didnt got a single legendary card its very annoying

    • Will Potter

      It’s pretty normal. You will get the Legendary chest soon. No worries man!

  • Arka Das

    pls provide me a solution so that i can get a legendary card as soon as possible

    • Will Potter

      Besides buying Gems, we can’t do anything about this :).