Important Card Level Breakpoints That Give You Easy Trophies!

Undoubtedly Supercell has made lots excellent match-ups between some special cards in Clash Royale, which can totally the results of our battles. Have you ever noticed that your Zap can’t always 1 hit Goblins, or something like that? Yea, that’s right, today, let’s talk about this guys!


By taking the advantage of this, you can deal with players with high level cards easier. Not only that, upgrading some important cards for the edge will help you get tons of advantages in the battle. Like the example I said at the start, If your opponent Zap can’t kill your Goblins while you are sending with your Hog Rider, they can even solo kill the Tower.

  • Zap can 1 hit Minions If it is 2 level higher.
  • Zap can 1 hit Goblins If they are at the same level.
  • Fireball can 1 hit Wizard and Musketeer If it is 1 level higher.
  • Minions can soak 3 hits from the Arena Towers If they are at the same level with the Towers.
  • Goblins can soak 3 hits from the Tower If they are 1 level higher.
  • Arrows can 1 hit Minions even when Minions are 2 levels higher.
  • Arrows can 1 hit Princess If Arrows is 7 levels higher.
  • Cannon can take up to 5 shots from the Royal Giant If they have the same level.
  • Bomber can 2-shots Barbarians even when Barbarians are 2 levels higher.
  • Rocket can 1 hit Elixir Collectors even when Collectors are 2 levels higher.
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Take the advantage of this and upgrade cards in your deck which can change the whole battle, especially If you are at low Arenas, when there are lots of matchups like level 6 Vs. level 4. Every single small interaction like this can determine the result of the whole battle so pay attention to them!

My top priorities are Goblins, Zap and Fireball because:

  • Level 6 Fireball can punch through most Arena 6 players since most of them only have level Rares. Level 6 Fireball also can deal loads of damage to high level Barbarians.
  • High level Goblins can’t be killed by Zap, when coupled with Hog Rider, we have a deadly combo.
  • Zap is necessity to counter Goblins. You will want to upgrade it to level 9 as soon as possible!

Okay guys do you have any other interaction! Feel free to share them here!

Shared by jp3885

  • -anime4theiwn-

    I think most peope know this already through experience, i dk if you really need a page and also i usually have the problem of my opponents cards being 1-2 levs higher (my: commons 9 rares:6 (one 7) epics: i use none in deck but othereise 2-3 and ledgenderies (sparky 1)
    my opponents: commons 10-11 rares 7 (sometimes 8) epics 4 (thats usually fine) legenderies 1-2 (how can you get multiple legenderies let alone 1 lev 2……… so perhaps a page with how to deal with being of the recieving end of this problems is better ……

    • Hendrick

      Speak english please.. I can’t understand you



    • Will Potter

      Yes, but I am pretty sure that this page is still very helpful for lots of players :D.

      • ConnersofCapeTown

        hells yeah! this is amazing! keep it up!

  • Hendrick

    zap can only break guards shield if zap is 6 level higher.. so in tournament rules ( zap level 9 and guards level 4) zap WILL NOT break guards shield

    princess can only one shot goblins 6 level higher… princess level 2 one shoots goblins level 8, but not level 9

    • Will Potter

      Nice share. Thank you a lot man!

  • dps

    Bomber isn’t just too op against barbs but he takes down so much other cards by himself

    He really makes people mad that some of them fireball him :p

    • Will Potter

      lmao this is very true!

  • Ist AviX

    Zap lvl 12 can one shot a lvl 1 princess, and zap lvl 13 one shot a lvl 2 princess!
    At tournament levels, you need 3 fire spirits to kill guards. You lose elixir for this trade, but that can save your minions for killing that royal giant 😉

    • Will Potter

      Very useful. Thanks a lot my friend!

  • Agnik Banerjee

    Can you please share a strategy that could help stop giant and witch pushes at arena 5-6

    • Happy Batman

      Use a building to pull the giant towards the middle, then take out the witch with a wiz, Mini Pekka, Knight, or Valkyrie.

    • NemNem

      When the witch crosses the bridge, put the valkyrie and put the mini pekka on giant. This trick is almost always worked on every giant pushes.


    Valk lv 6 or 7 can take one hit of a lv 1 Sparky.

    • NemNem

      Valk lvl 7 can take one hit from a lvl 2 sparky