Create Elixir Advantage and Pain with Goblin Hut

Goblin Hut is one of the most underused cards in Clash Royale as most players put it in Spawner deck. I am not saying that Spawner Decks are all bad. I faced some great Hut Decks in Arena 9 but truly the current meta game is not for them. Also, you don’t have to always put the Goblin Hut in Spawner Decks. This card is absolutely viable in other decks.


How to create Pain and Elixir Advantage with Goblin Hut

Want to see your opponents groan as they are using the Prince on a lane where your Spear Goblins running down every 2 seconds? Want to deal with Lava Hound much easier? Want to make the opposing Sparky going off all the time? Want to make your opponent panic and dealing with the annoying sounds the entire game? Give the Goblin Hut a chance!

Why you should use the Goblin Hut:

  • To chip down your opponent’s Tower and his soul.
  • To stop Princes and Sparky.
  • To deal with air threats passively.
  • To add extra power to the counterpush.
  • To build the passive Elixir advantage.
  • To control the pace of the game.
  • To soak damage in emergency defense.

But my Goblin Hut is underlevel!

No worries! I believe that the Goblin Hut is one of the least level-dependent cards in the game. Spear Goblin always gets 1 hit to the Tower.

If it’s so good, what do I take out for it?

Use the Goblin Hut as the win condition’s support.

I switch the XXX for the Goblin Hut, how do I use it?

In this regard, it is very similar to the pre-nerf Elixir Collector. Place it in front of your King’s Tower and towards the lane you want to push. The best way to defend a lane with your Goblin Hut is to already have the Hut ready there in the first place. Spear Goblins aren’t magical so make sure to defend as normal.

On offense, Goblin Hut works very well with control decks. Spear Goblins are neat on defense. They can build up an annoying horde in seconds for the counterpush. In addition, you don’t need to spend any Elixir for the Zap bait.

But I don’t like the Spear Goblin’s annoying sounds

Neither your opponent. So deal with it, or mute the game!


Shared by kliu0105

  • Asdfire

    Goblin hut was my fav when i wasn’t in Legendary arena

  • Jurre Numan

    I think you mean that you have to make sure that the opponent’s tower CAN’T one hit your tower. 🙂

    • Jurre Numan

      Because a speargob always can get 1 hit to a tower.

    • Will Potter

      My bad. Fixed it!

  • TRV0R

    So a level 1 spear goblin can always get 1 shot off, even on a level 13 tower? they are that fast? wow. impressive.

    • Yea they’re insane

    • DaSlime

      they are so much better than stabby goblins

    • Will Potter

      Yes, their attack speed is so nice!

  • Zigge

    I used to love Goblin Hut. And now I hate when my opponents use it.

  • Blaze Stone

    I actually reached legendary arena around 2 months ago with goblin hut and miner. I even submitted the deck but sadly Will said that my guide wasn’t gud.

    • Will Potter

      Yea, sorry about that buddy!

  • Francuac

    Nice! i included in a hog deck and won 3 times in a row!:D

    • DaSlime

      its op

    • Will Potter


  • Lightning King

    furnace is soooooo much better

    • DaSlime

      no, if you have a level 6 furnace and ur facing a level 8 opponent the fire spirits dont hit the tower

      • Ishmam

        Yeah they should fix that tho lvl 7 furnace does reach lvl 9 towers…..

    • DaSlime

      but overall i agree 🙂 its cheaper

    • Ahmad Zaki Akmal

      it needs higher level to reach the enemy tower without tankers

  • kliu0105
    • DaSlime


    • DaSlime

      nice! its for ppl who dont have CRA!

      • Will Potter


  • Kai

    Nice guide. It’s great seeing the goblin hut getting attention.

  • TRV0R

    Holy crap. I just made a deck with this in it, and am doing alright with it, I am like 6-1 with it. The deck is:
    Hog Rider
    Goblin Hut
    Ice Spirit
    Mega Minion
    Inferno Tower
    All Commons in this for me are level 8, rates level 5, and the log is level 2. I am at 2450 with it right now. I will continue to use it for a bit to see how i like it.

    • Zigge

      Hog Rider, Goblin Hut, Ice Spirit, Cannon, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Princess, Goblins and Zap.

      • TRV0R

        Don’t have princess :/

        • Zigge

          Replace with Bomber or Musketeer.

          • TRV0R

            Thanks. I will try it out.

  • Felix Ma

    I hate this card! So goddamn annoying
    I liked it more before the poison nerf

  • XXX

    Wow there’s my CRA name…and btw is ice golem lumberjack + spawner good?

  • Alpha_Mark717

    “Why you should use the Goblin Hut: To shop Princes and Sparky.” goblins from hut say: can I purchase this prince and this sparky?

    Ok very good guide XD

    • TheAsianKid

      C’mon Will fix this!! Fix it Will, Fix it Will.. I swear this will be the next comment meme

    • Will Potter


  • Ahmad Zaki Akmal

    That’s right! Goblin Huts are good. My Royal Giant + Goblin Hut deck brings me to Legendary Arena

  • Blaxeturner

    The reason why goblin hut is not used as much is because it is overshadowed by the furnace.

    At tournament standards, it can deal 700 damage to a tower alone while furnace can do 800.

    Both spawners can stop prince charges.
    Both are effective against air (furnace can take out pups easily)
    Furnace is much cheaper.
    Both are rares so it is easier to level up.
    Fire spirits do splash damage which can take out hordes of troops with ease.
    Fire spirits are a better support in pushes than spear goblins.

    In my opinion, goblin hut will need an elixir decrease to 4, possibly spawn 2 goblins at a time (with decreased spawn rates) or have like the same spawn rate as the tombstone.

    • kliu0105

      In my opinion, the hut is just fine as it is, it is only undiscovered!

    • Will Potter

      Totally agree with you!

    • OmegaPyxis

      But you can build up spear goblins behind a tank (like a giant) but if you use a furnace the fire spirits would just die…

  • KekTheTurtle

    hi will, you wrote “To shop Princes and Sparky.” Did you mean “To stop Princes and Sparky.”?

    • Will Potter

      Yea haha. My bad 🙁

    • Will Potter

      Thanks a lot buddy!