How to get Clash Royale Gold faster – Get 5 Epics Every Week

Undoubtedly Gold is the most important thing in Clash of Royale since you can do everything with Gold. Unfortunately, Because of the upgrade costs in game, we are usually out of Gold and always have to wait a few more days until we have enough Gold. Today, I am  gonna show you how to earn lots of Gold in game with ease!

Clash Royale Gold

In Clash Royale, you can earn Gold for free by:

  • Opening Chests.
  • Donating Cards.

Assuming that you are a casual player in Arena 9…

Firstly, the easiest way to earn Gold in game is opening Chests (all chests, including the Tournament Chest). Attempt to open them whenever you can by playing a few battles in game every day to take all that easy and sweet money. You can get about 80 Gold from every free chest, meaning you can get about 320 Gold every day from opening Free Chest (2 in the morning and 2 before sleeping).

Donating is the other way to earn Gold in game. Find an active Clan at here to request and donate cards easier.

Some players think it’s stupid to give the hard-earned cards away. Yes, it’s pretty hard to get them but you can get XP and 5 Gold for every donated common card and 50 Gold for every Rare. Also, you can get those donated cards back whenever you want. The Gold is not taken from the player getting cards from you. It’s  just like you are selling cards but the buyers don’t have to pay.

Assuming that every day you donate 8 rares, which takes 80 spaces in total of the daily donation limit. The rest should be 160 commons (You can donate 240 card slots every day). Which means, you can get up to 8×50 + 160×5 = 1,200 Gold every day by donating card.

By donating, you can buy up to 4 Epic Card from the Store every week! That’s very crazy If you don’t want to get those free Epics since It’s much harder to get those cards than the donated ones.

To sum up, you can get up to 1,200×30 + 320×30 = 45,600 Gold every month = 1 Legendary Card.

Remember that I haven’t mentioned unlocking Silver, Gold, Giant, Magical, Super Magical and Tournament Chests yet.

Also, as long as you keep requesting cards, you can always take your cards back, so why not give them away, right? You can request 40 Commons or 4 Rares every day in Legendary Arena.

Good luck!

  • Ultimit☆Cuest

    If you have two accounts, could you keep donating cards to each other? That really sounds like free gold to me.

    • Will Potter

      Yes, that’s right. Smart idea Cuest! But I always can quickly get Cards from my Clan mates so I don’t really need the 2nd account at this time :D.

      • Ultimit☆Cuest

        No, not that you need the second account, but like in Clash, lots of people have alternate accounts (to play more, I’m speculating? Not just for donating)

        lol Also I just realized the background for the image for this article is the same image you used for the Treasury article on XD

        • Will Potter

          Yea they are the same xD.
          Nice to meet you here mate!

          • Ultimit☆Cuest

            Yeah, im studying up on royale so when it gets released on andriod i know how to win! And im looking forward to more articles, so keep it up!

          • Chloen Kee

            Its is available now on android in certain countries,fyi.

          • Will Potter
          • Adam

            Will I know that you can generate a fake identity but do you know when Clash Royale will be officially released in all countries?

          • Will Potter

            It’s March xD :D. You can take a look at here mate:

          • isabella

            If you use Android devices, you can consider download apkpure app and then install the game. No region limit.

          • isabella

            If you use Android devices, you can download apkpure app and then install the game. No region limit.

          • Adam

            I use iOS.

    • Andhika Rayhan

      I want a 2nd account.But i sometimes read having more than 1 account in 1 device can lead our account be banned.Is that true?

      • Will Potter

        You can do that mate. Don’t worry. Nobody gets banned because of the 2nd account.

      • Ero

        Nope.. Its not true. I too have two account and i play them in one device.

    • ЯЎаи к

      i do that sometimes

  • FlashBang

    could we play 2 accounts in one device? like the clash of clans? i tried to switch but nothing happens, i just want to ask if there is tricks or something to become it possible?

    • Will Potter

      Yes, you can do that, no problem at alal.
      Are you using Android?

      • FlashBang

        Yes Sir. I’m using android, is there any tricks? i already tried but it doesn’t switch to other account.

        • Procaliber!

          I have two accounts on android.. to switch just go to settings and clear the data..And now open the game again and login with the account!!

          • FlashBang

            Its done Sir. I just need to uninstall then login/save it to another email/account. Thank you.

          • Will Potter

            Nice. Thanks for the update mate!

          • Max

            You dont have to unistall everytime to switch just disconnect google play games and sign in with the new accout
            P.S dont sign out before you want to switch

        • Will Potter

          What did I say when you try to switch your account mate?

        • Apollo Escarcha

          just want to share, i found this trick that you can install the same app twice… thus you can paly two account on one device..

          • Aidan McFarland

            Could you play 2 accounts on 2 devices with the same apple ID?

    • thomas marion

      hey you can do 2 or more if you wish on the same device. I had the same problem id try to load up a different Google account and nothing would happen just make sure you have google backup on same as coc then uninstall then reinstall app. then it will allow you to switch accounts freely.

    • Apollo Escarcha

      I found out about this trick that enables you to install a certain app twice… which if used in CoR you could play 2 accounts in one device

      • ginger_evil

        What tool you used?

        • Apollo Escarcha

          I used the APK Editor Pro up… by changing the name and package name… your phone will see it as a different app so you can install it again 🙂

          • ginger_evil

            I do it, but Google Play Service(connect button) don’t work.
            I’m trying apps that makes clones. Same problem with connect.
            Only work with Parallel app.

          • Yassir Boulaâmane

            That’s a known bug, try to use an older version!

      • Nida

        I don’t see the app_name option to change the name of the app when I select Full Resource Editing for Clash Royale using APK Editor. How were you able to change the name of the app?

    • Ero

      Yes! You can play in one device but one at a time and you need two accounts for that..

    • Ero

      Well, not only two but you can also have multiple accounts..!

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  • 장보현

    Will, I found a great trick to earn gold and XP. The trick is me and my friend donating same card to each other to earn gold and XP without losing any card! I hope you like it 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Yea this is a pretty common method :D.
      Anyway thank you very much for sharing this buddy!

    • TheMad

      So you get… Hmmm… 50gold and 10xp every 8h?
      I don’t understand why you need a friend to do this btw…. Just find an active clan

    • IWillViolateYou

      You bloody idiot… Well done mate, in a few years you will have enough gold to get 5 WHOLE EPICS

  • Ultimit☆Cuest

    Well, yeah, I meant that, but it still would help with the gold problem

    • Will Potter

      Yea we are all facing the same problem with Gold my friend!

  • Fox

    Can you just sell card? I have many that I don’t even use. And I need money to buy epics…

    • allen zheng

      This is Supercell we are talking about, i wish we could trade gold for gems still

  • CRwithzws

    But epics in this current meta is pretty much useless. I don’t even recommand poison.

    • dps

      Bruh poison is better than 90% of clash royale cards…it does everything!

      • Arathix

        its scrub

      • CRwithzws

        seriously?! It does everything? Poison is just another version of fireball. I perfer fireball because it deals damage instantly. The reason I quit using poison is that once, a group of barbarians reached my tower, and I just saved up 4 elixir. I use poison. But by the time the poison is gone, my tower is gone. If I use fireball in that match, that could save my tower.

        • dps

          choose whatever u want bro
          I used to use fireball
          I just didn’t feel comfortable with it
          I switched to poison and it was great :p
          And about barbs any splash damage thing in the game can take them down
          The 3 elixir bomber can 2 shot them…

        • Tom bradshaw

          Dude, this is a game of milliseconds. Poison slows down hordes. Also you are forcing your opponent to drop outside the area. Also people for some dam reason drop into the poisoned area and get the tail end of the spell. I use poison all the time with my mortar. It’s pushed me from 2500 to 3000.

    • Will Potter

      Who said you can only buy Epics, right?

  • I think it would be better not only in every victory only the players get the gold . But I think every game the players get the gold.

  • Witcher

    royal giant, spear goblin, babarians, princess, zap, ice wizard, miner,minions is the deck good?

  • Blaxeturner

    The epics in the store are honestly a ripoff unless you are a gemmer. There is no real trick to earning gold other than grinding everyday.

  • Adam

    The problem is that my clan is full of really good donators so although you can donate 240 cards a day you can’t request that many.

    • Arathix

      being in a top 200 local clan is like that most of the time

    • Will Potter

      Just keep donating :D.

  • dps

    Donating is so cool but don’t focus on upgrading epics cuz you’ll end up like me I’m lvl 9 8000/1000 xp (almost lvl 10) and I don’t have any lvl 7 rares and most of my common cards are lvl 8…
    I can’t go pass 2100 trophy range cuz of that…

    • Will Potter

      It’s up to you buddy.
      Don’t donate the cards you are focusing on a lot!

  • jitse verstraete

    did you mention the gold you het from every battle you win? thats a lot per day

    • Will Potter

      Oh yes I forgot this! Thank you man 😀

  • JMD1

    Well i am arena 7 player so i can donate 1 rare/ 6 common, can you please, by reply, sum the gold i can get from opening free chests and donating cards (180 cards limit, i never go above 140)

  • Ryan Wong

    I read this post about 2 months ago when I was in arena 5, I had multiple accounts in the same clan so what I would do is request the cards I don’t use and then donate on my main account. I was donating up to the limit almost every day. but two problems soon arose: I was donating cards faster than I was getting them and it made it very hard for me to switch strategies because my other cards were ridiculously underleveled. Now I am level 8 in arena 8 and my fireball doesn’t have enough cards to upgrade to level 5

    • Will Potter

      LOL. I feel you man!

  • Why are donating commons or rares stupid?
    Commons: -.- They’re common! Sheesh
    Rares: Okay, a little less rare, but you can still spare 1 or two

    Plus, you can always req more than what you give. For eg, at Arena 7
    Req – 30 commons
    Donate – 6
    Profit x5!

    Req – 3 rares
    Donate – 1
    Profit – 3x!

    Speaking of that, I have all level 8 commons in my deck and wanna focus on getting my rares to 6. I have a level 5 giant, level 4 elixir collector and level 4 hog. Which one should I start requesting and working on now?

    • Will Potter

      Don’t think about that. Just donate to help people 🙂

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  • oussamalion

    thank you for thats i dont know i can get 1.200 GOLD!! by donating only??

    • Will Potter

      You can get infinite gold by donating!

  • DavidThePro21

    I literally get gold alot because I’m a global fighter robot, I donate no matter WHAT, and currently I have 3000 gold 🙂 I’ma go for the epic chest threshold 🙂

    • Will Potter

      xD good luck with it buddy!

      • DavidThePro21