Elixir Still Continues to Regenerate After hitting 10

Do you know that the Elixir still continues to regenerate after you hit 10 Elixir? After reading a lot of comments on Clash Royale Arena, I have realized many players don’t understand how the Elixir Regeneration works once you hit 10 Elixir Statistics. Thanks  Jagermeister4 very much for sharing this tip!

Clash Royale Elixir

As we all know, in the battle, we get 1 Statistics every 2.9 seconds during the first 2 minutes and every 1.4 seconds during the rest of the match. When we reach 10 Statistics, the 2.8 seconds (or 1.4) countdown is still running. If we place a card down before that 2.8-second countdown is up, we still get the 11th Elixir on schedule.

For example, If I drop my Goblins exactly 1 second after I hit 10 Statistics, I will get +1 Statistics after exact 1.8 seconds instead of 2.8 seconds as you thought.

If you don’t drop any card once the 2.8 seconds countdown past, you will have wasted that 1 Elixir. Which means, you just can’t get that +1 Elixir immediately when you place down a card. Normally, both players in a battle always gain an Elixir at the same time but If Elixir regeneration gets paused for a player, this will be changed.

To take advantage of this, try to drop your card within 2.7 seconds after you hit 10 Elixir so you won’t waste any single Elixir.


Clash Royale players have the tendency to not want to attack first at the beginning. People usually wait to see what the opponent is going to do so they can react properly. At the start of the battle, just let your Elixir bar hits 10, wait for about 2.5 seconds before dropping your card down. If your opponent is waiting, obviously he can’t possibly react your play in just 0.3 seconds. Most of the time, my opponent needs to spend at least 1 second to think about how to react my play, he will lose that 1 Elixir, which you didn’t lose.

This is very useful especially when you play Elixir Collector, Tombstone,… or even when you drop your Spear Goblins at the bridge and deal a few hundred damage. If you love playing slow, drop your big tanker at the back of your base within 2.7 seconds after you hit 10 Elixir and you will be able to put an extra Elixir towards your push.

Sometimes, when you play defensively, If you see opponent’s troops slowly pushing on a lane but it takes seconds for them to cross the bridge and you are max Elixir, wait that 2.5 seconds!

Let’s imagine how many Elixir you can gain in the battle by following this trick? Hopefully you have found this page helpful guys! Please share this with your friends If you like Clash Royale Arena!

  • Muguet

    Wow thanks! I was wondering about it! 😀

    • Will Potter


  • Megane Lover

    This is very useful for those person who knows every number counts.

  • Andreas Lambropoulos

    I’ve always realized this. I also realized the opponents will have the same decimal elixir. Example: You have 7.5 elixir, then the opponent either has 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, etc elixir

    • Samuel

      Yeah of course they have the same decimal elixir – because there aren’t any cards that cost 2.3, 3.5, 5.1 etc. all cards have no d.p. so therefore, you and your opponent will always have the same decimal value elixir (by this I mean below 1).

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this Andreas. But what If I spend 1 Elixir when it is about 10.3 Elixir and my opponent spend 1 Elixir when he is about 10.9 Elixir?

  • SivHawk

    Thanks Will! This tip should come in handy 😀

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much SivHawk! Glad that you have found this helpful!

  • Milan

    I think this no longer works. After 10 elixir I waited a while then deployed goblins then I saw that one extra bar filing up, it was almost filled up, but as it reached to the bar’s end it reseted and started filling again. I tried it few more times and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. See the screenshot. I waited a while before I placed that cannon for 3 elixir. Then I saw the 8th bar almost filled up and then it jumped back to 7 bars:

    • Will Potter

      This is still working for sure. I use it every day :D.

      • Milan

        Maybe I waited too long and thats why I lost that one elixir

        • Will Potter

          Yea, place something down before that 2.5 second!

  • Why not just place it before it hits 10 like I do? Your opponent takes time to react and wastes his elixir sitting at 10 waiting for me lol. (Best with Giant in the back) You can get 2-3 elixir advantage if he has nothing to deploy (spell or something) cause we waiting for the giant to counter, happens to me sometimes. Best thing in this case is to do the same by placing a tank or building.

    • Will Potter

      Yes, of course it depends on your deck buddy! xD

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  • Will Potter

    Arena 8 mate :D.

  • Julio

    will i dont have a prince or a baby dragon and i am getting crushed in arena 2 do u have a ny good decks for this’

    • Will Potter

      I have posted lots of good Giant deck. Did you give them a try man?

    • Happy Batman

      Mini Pekka/Skeleton Army (Preferbally Skeleton Army)
      Bomb Tower
      Spear Goblins

      Main push is Giant/Witch. If you get the chance, drop of your balloon. Mini Pekka or Skeleton Army (Whichever you chose) is for defending against…. Anything. Giant Combos can be countered with bomb tower and one of the two cards. Bomber is great against barbarians and just other lab swarm. Arrows is also another potential swarm killer. Spear Goblins are cheap cards that can distract the prince and can even kill a baby dragon locked on to your tower.

      Anyways, that’s just my suggestion.

      • Will Potter

        Why Skeleton Army buddy?

  • loloxde

    Not working anymore 🙁

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