Elixir Collector Vs. Spells

Okay guys so as we all know, from the Clash Royale Update July Update, Elixir Collector generating speed can be effected by Spells. So how exactly those spells will affect the Elixir Collector? Let’s take a look! Thank Bellator_Gaius, SquisherX and Yarn very much for sharing this one with us!


Image shared by Yarn from Orange Juice.

Elixir Collector and Spells Interaction

I want to keep this page simple so I will go into the conclusion right now. Yon can read the explanation section below for more details!
I will use the Tournament Card Levels as the benchmarks in this post (Common lvl 9, Rare lvl 7 and Epic lvl 4)..

  • Zap Spell at two relative levels lower than the Elixir Collector will take 2 out of 7 Elixir from the Elixir Collector. Before the update, this only work If the Elixir Collector is 1 relative level above the Zap.
    For example, Level 9 Zap Vs. Level 7 Elixir Collector.
  • Poison Spell at the same relative level as the Collector can take 4 out of 7 Elixir from the Elixir Collector. This is exactly the same before the update.
    For example, Level 4 Poison Vs. Level 7 Elixir Collector.
  • Poison Spell 1 relative level higher than the Elixir Collector can deny 5 out of 7 Elixir from the Pump. This is also exactly the same before the update.
    For example, Level 5 Poison Vs. Level 7 Elixir Collector.
  • Freeze Spell always deny 1 out of 7 Elixir from the Collector.
  • Rage doesn’t give any extra Elixir for the Collector.


Clash Royale ZapClash Royale PoisonClash Royale FreezeClash Royale Rage

Elixir Collector Level 7

  • HP = 2020
  • Decay speed = 14.57 HP/s
  • Generating Speed = 9.8s/Elixir

Level 7 Zap:

  • HP reduction: 140
  • Effective amount of seconds removed: 9.6s
  • Stun period: 1 second
  • Total effective amount of seconds removed: 10.6 seconds
  • Seconds left on Collector: 69.4 seconds
  • Elixir left in Collector: 6

Level 9 Zap can still remove just only 2 Elixir from the Collector.

Poison Spell Level 4

  • HP reduction: 550
  • Effective amount of seconds removed through damage: 43.2s
  • Seconds left on Elixir Collector: 36.8
  • Elixir left in the Elixir Collector: 3

Freeze Spell Level 4

  • Freeze stops 4.9 seconds on the Elixir Collector.
  • Seconds left on the Elixir Collector = 75.1s = 7 Elixir.

Note: All levels of the Freeze Spells deny just 1 Elixir from the Collector.

Rage Spell Level 4

  • Duration: 9.5s
  • Speed increase: 40%
  • Effective extra seconds gained by the Elixir Collector: 3.8s
  • Effective total seconds on the Elixir Collector: 83.8s
  • Elixir in Collector: 8

Note: All levels of the Rage Spells can’t give a single Elixir Collector any extra Elixir.

Okay guys hopefully you have enjoyed this post. What do you think about the new update? Please share your opinions!

  • Adam

    In the example you used a lvl 9 Zap.

    • Will Potter

      Nah that is level 7 Zap. Here you go: http://clashroyalearena.com/cards/zap

      • Adam

        I mean yeah lvl 7 would work but in the example you said lvl 9 Zap vs lvl 7 elixir collector.

      • MrPokeKid1

        it says 2 lvls lower than collector but ex. says zap 9 vs 7 collector, theres a problem lol

  • jchen5012

    … Rage spell iz useless

    • MrPokeKid1

      speeds up elixer if needed

    • Pegasus Matt


  • RenonPlayz

    A new use to the rage! Awesome!

    • Will Potter

      Wait… The Rage Spell doesn’t give the Elixir Collector any extra Elixir man!

      • Vengar

        Yes it does, it said so in the update change log

      • MrPokeKid1

        yes it does they made a new update were the elixer collector is affected by all means of change of speed, slow or fast.

        • Alpha_Mark717

          …did u even read the article?


    how bout Ice wizard? the slow speed is 50% i found out thru testing

    • Will Potter

      The Elixir Collector can be affected by Spells only, not troop xD.

      • Emirhand Durur

        Yes it can be

      • MrPokeKid1

        the elixir collector is now affected by all means of slow and fast. which means rage, poison, freeze, zap, ice spirit, ice wiz, and 1 min mark.

    • Andrew Barnes

      It’s 35%. I found through rigorous testing of multiple troops using the tile speed of each one. With multiple trials.

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  • Pieter van Cort

    How about you fact check, zaps stun is only 0.5 seconds sadly. So this list may need correcting.

    • bud is wizer

      No it doesn’t, it means if you stun right when it is about to pump elixir.

    • KekTheTurtle

      i agree, timing need to be right.

  • KyWaters

    I just want to bring up for people using elixir collector, yes the total elixir gained is important. But, more important is burst elixir during a push and subsequent defense. It seems to me and almost even money trade all around for spells vs. collector. I haven’t analyzed it much after the new balance because it seems too much of a risk playing it. Previously, when the cost was 5 I often would take too much HOG dmg for it to have value. Now, with the cost at 6 if you don’t time your push around an opponents collector dropping your missing a major opportunity for almost guaranteed dmg. Therefore, in my mind this card is now obsolete. Please someone argue me here, maybe I just lost faith but I loved the card before :'(

    • Xx bismuth xX

      It’s a risk because yet it can’t defend but it gives u the extra essential elixir

    • Jon Q Slave

      Can’t argue against it. I feel the card had WAY too big of a nerf and is no longer worth it.

      The best case scenario is a 2 net gain for putting you 6 elixir behind. Supercell CLEARLY has no idea how to handle the EC and is just throwing darts at a board in the dark.

      As is usual, this update is all about increasing the relative strength of legendaries.

  • Blaze Stone

    Zap stun second is 0.5

    • allen zheng

      yeahh…. hated that nerf..

  • Damien Kim

    A few mistakes:
    – Level 4 Rage is 7.5 s not 9.5 s, speed increase is 30% not 40%
    – Zap stun duration is 0.5 s, not 1 s.

  • Andrew Barnes

    1 mistake I noticed. Elixir collector has 1020 health. Not 2020. Otherwise, pretty informative. Thanks amigo

  • Stuart Morris

    The most confusing chart ever lol
    Rewrite plz

  • allen zheng

    any decks for just getting into arena 8

  • Blaxeturner

    All of them say “denies X elixir out of 7 elixir.”

    Probably outdated info as the current elixir collector is now 8 elixir.