Elixir Collector or Cycle Card

In Clash Royale, deciding what cards go into your deck is an extremely important part. A good deck shouldn’t be either too cheap or too expensive. Neither would be effective. The Elixir Collector really helps expensive decks as it provides one Elixir every 9.8s. It effectively allows you to save 6 Elixir and store them for the later uses. Cycle cards (very cheap cards) also help expensive decks and very cheap decks. It doesn’t give you extra Elixir when needed but it allows you to cycle through the deck and get the right cards faster. In this guide, I am going to help you decide which of these two fits your decks best.

Elixir Collector vs Cycle Card Clash Royale

First, let’s talk about Deck Archetype, one of the most important parts you need to take note when deciding between Pump and a Cycle card.

If you use Siege decks, they are pretty expensive, usually between 3.5 and 4.5 avg Elixir cost. They also really rely on attacking from your side of the battle. There are some main attackers of Siege decks I can name here: Princess, X-Bow and Mortar. Truly either a cycle card or an Elixir Collector would be effective in this deck. Please read further to analyze your deck better!

If you use Beatdown decks, which are usually more expensive than the others here (between 4.0 and 5.2 Elixir cost), they really rely on using high risk high reward cards. Some good examples for Beatdown cards I can name here are Golem, Three Musketeers, P.E.K.K.A and Prince. Once played them, If they can reach the Tower, they can deal massive damage. I strongly recommend you use the Elixir Collector in this deck instead of a cycle card.

Control decks are very cheap (usually between 2.3 and 3.9 avg Elixir). This kind of deck relies on getting Positive Elixir trades and then attacking the opponent with that Elixir advantage. For example, If your opponent plays the Three Musketeers right behind the Barbarians (14 Elixir combo) and then you use Fireball + Zap to take out them all (only 6 Elixir) and get +8 Elixir advantage. You can play Hog Rider right after that and your opponent will most likely not have enough Elixir to counter your push in time. If you use this kind of deck, either an Elixir Collector or a cycle card would be nice. You can also keep reading further to analyze your deck better.

Average Elixir Cost

If you use Beatdown deck, Elixir Collector is definitely the best choice.


If you use either Siege or Control deck, you might want to analyze your deck a bit further to see which fits it best. Now, let’s take a look at the avg Elixir cost.

4+ Statistics: If your avg Elixir is above 4, using Elixir Collector would help you play down the expensive cards faster.

3.5-3.9 Statistics: This depends on the cards you use. If most of your cards are under 7 Elixir, a cycle card is recommended as you can just place down cards to create an unstoppable push crushing your opponent. If you have one outlier like the Three Musketeers for example, It’s better to play Elixir Collector as it helps you gain Elixir to play the high Elixir cost card faster, as well as works as the backup plan providing you extra Elixir to defend against unexpected push.

3.5 Statistics and below: Unless there is an outlier like Three Musketeers or Golem, you can use a cycle card without worrying about anything! It helps you play defensive cards and offensive cards much faster!

Some other deck types:

Chip decks: Use cheap cards to slowing chip down the Tower. While using this kind of deck, you want to play your cards as fast as possible to do as much damage as possible, that’s why a cycle card is more effective than the Elixir Collector.

Spell bait deck: This kind of deck is rocking right now due to the new Skeleton Army change! It relies on using cards which are weak to spells (Goblin Barrel, Skeleton Army, Minion Horde…) and after your opponent uses the spell on the bait-card, you can place down the high risk high reward card as your opponent won’t be able to counter it. In this deck, cycle card works much stronger than the Elixir Collector as it allows you to out-cycle your opponent, making him never have the right spell in the right time to deal with your cards…

Shared by Bodanski

  • LIN/(88

    U wrote 3.9+ elixir but do u mean 2.9 or 4.9 because there is already 3.5-3.9 and 4+

    • LIN/(88

      ps first comment

    • Will Potter

      Done xD

    • KyWaters

      Or you mean 3.4 and Less

  • H2 Rothmann

    I use siege arrow bait deck:
    Mortar lvl 9
    Skarmy lvl 4
    gob barrel lvl 3
    minion horde lvl 9
    minions lvl 9
    ice golem lvl 6
    mega minion lvl 6
    zap lvl 9

    • H2 Rothmann

      and here’s my dual prince deck
      pekka lvl 3
      dark prince lvl 3
      prince lvl 2
      wizard lvl 6
      mini pekka lvl 6
      ice spirit lvl 9
      fire spirits lvl 9
      zap lvl 9

  • KyWaters

    Great article thank you. I’m still torn on collector and whether to use . I’m running a 3.9 avg, with;
    Mega Minion
    Inferno dragon
    Giant Skeleton

    I haven’t played is on ladder yet because I’m at 3200 trophies and my deck included and had major focus on poison and elixir collector. Any tips on my new deck? Also, is there something I could change out for collector? I have some ideas but I’d like some experienced opinions. I’ve been playing a version of this deck since I started August 3rd and now and feeling a bit lost post patch. Thank in advance!

    • kwugfighter

      Maybe switch out the GS for a Giant

      IMO the Miner doesn’t really fit that deck well, maybe switch it out for more Giant support troops (e.g. Musketeer)

      • Zigge

        Miner fits best into cheap decks that need to take out EC or in bait decks to take out Princess if you haven’t got The Log

      • Asdfire

        Miner is very useful in giant decks. It can take out annoying princesses or chip damage for the win. A miner can deal tons of damage if it isn’t locked on to.


      your deck isnt bad, and naturally everyone works best with different decks, but my advice would be to avoid the elixir collector if possible because the rocket is a really popular card right now. with the elixir pump now 6 elixir, its an even trade if they rocket your pump.. plus they could get another troop or the tower which would make it a negative elixir trade for you.


        the log is a very good card and currently one of the most popular ones on the leaderboard. i dont know what legendaries you have, but if you add princess and ice wiz with log and hog it makes an excellent cycle deck. i just got to legendary arena today with lvl 9/6/3/1 cards. i was using: log, hog, princess, ice wiz, rocket, skeleton army, ice spirit, and mega minion. i faced giant poison, air trifecta, hog trifecta, RG hog, giant hog, giant cycle and others and beat them all. the decks weakness would be inferno, but if you learn your opponents inferno placement then you can deploy hog and predict inferno once your in double elixir and your hog will do alot. my main push i use is hog megaminion log. then i add ice wiz and princess as much as possible for backup. the rocket isnt always used, but at lvl 7(one of my few lvl 7 rares) it can kill a pump or a lvl 1 sparky. this makes it very useful. i also use it to kill a push if the push is more than 6 elixir value. the skeleton army is for defense mostly, to kill giants and such. what i like to do when i see a giant is deploy my attack on the other lane. this forces them to defend and then skarmy (skeleton army) kills the lone giant quite easily. ice spirit is a very versatile card and i use it on both defense and offense.

  • RK9

    It’s entirely possible to use 3 musks without an elixer collector and use a cycle card instead……..I use a 3 musks deck of avg elixer of 4.4……….and I use an ice spirit in it…………I am at 3400s………….

    • logan

      however what are the levels of your cards and what are the cards you are using since level could easily be a factor.

      • RK9

        Actually the lvl of my cards are pretty low for this lvl…….I use lvl 10 commons lvl 7 rares and lvl 4 epic……..Bt most of the ppl i face have atleast lvl 11 commons and lvl 8 rares……..

  • kwugfighter

    Can someone please explain what a beatdown deck is?


    • Francuac

      A deck that relies on building up strong (and ussualy expensive) pushes

      • kwugfighter


        What kind of deck would Giant Loon be?

        • Francuac


          • kwugfighter

            Ok thx

          • kwugfighter

            Also, Will, will the number of trophies I have affect the chances of my deck being posted?

          • Zigge

            Probably, but not if the guide is really good.

          • Will Potter

            ah, as long as it’s good, I will post it.
            You can even submit Arena 1 Deck If you want 🙂

  • Francuac

    I am using a golem control deck and and i dont use cycle cards or collector.
    Here is my deck:

    Golem lvl4
    Ice wizard lvl1
    Musketeer lvl7
    Mini P.E.K.K.A. lvl7
    Skeleton army lvl3
    Inferno tower lvl7
    Ice spirit lvl9
    Zap lvl10

    It has 3.8 average elixir cost and i am currently at 2931 trophies, very close to legendary arena!
    I may even post a guide about this deck when i reach legendary arena!


      ice spirit and zap are both cycle cards. Ice wizard and skeleton army are also pretty cheap and could be cycle cards.

  • Darren2726

    How this current deck? I’m at 3700 with
    Lavahound 1
    Inferno drag 1
    Mega minion 6
    Poison 4
    Zap 11 🙂
    Miner 1
    Ice spirit 10
    Tombstone 7

    To me inferno dragon is trash so im thinking of replacing it with minions 10, log 1, or lightning 3. Thoughts?

    • Asdfire

      If you had to I would replace it with the minions but it looks pretty good as it is.

    • Springa15

      That’s the skyfecta. I use it too

    • Zigge

      You could replace Poison with Lightning if you want to. If you don’t want/need IDrag try replace it with something defensive or Minions. Good luck!

    • logan

      all air skarmy with spells isgood depending on baby dragon level

  • Jacob Knudson

    Can anyone give me a good miner deck? I just got it out of a legendary chest today

    • Zigge

      Hog Rider, Miner, Ice Spirit or Fire Spirits, Inferno Tower or Cannon, Valkyrie, Musketeer or Mega Minion, Skeletons or Goblins and Zap

    • Phil the Deadly

      Use LH miner if you have LH, or a miner chip cycle deck with things like minions, furnace, goblins etc. But seriously, just make your own.

    • A Wohl

      Miner, freeze, Knight, mp, arrows, Musketeer, hog rider, and bomber

    • Will Potter

      I posted a few great Miners deck before. Have you seen them yet?

  • PoisonKnight

    any replacements for trifecta (now its dead) i was thinking about switching poison for freeze and EC for skarmy

    • Will Potter

      That would be great! Otherwise you can use Fireball instead of Poison and Ice Spirit instead of Elixir Collector.

  • EthanSavage

    I’m using a lava hound deck that’s gotten me to the last round of challenges:
    Lava hound
    Minion horde
    Mega minion
    Spear goblins
    Lightning/Rocket (lightning’s better)

  • Ryan Wong

    Will, a 2.3 elixir control deck is unusable. even the cheapest deck on CRA is only 2.9 average elixir!

    • Ryan Wong

      but if there is a 2.3 deck out there I would like to know about it

      • Dreemurr

        Molt has a 1.7 deck.

    • James Sable

      I have been using a low cost deck
      -Mini Pekka (I wish I had LumberJack)
      -Mega Minion (use to be Minions)
      -Ice Spirit
      -Fire Spirits

      Cycles fast, and Mirror makes things fun when the opponent cannot counter the play again. Got many an Angry Emote with that card.

  • ace

    My deck averages at 3.3:

    Giant L8
    Minion Horde L10
    Fire Spirits L10
    Ice Wizard L1
    Arrows L10
    Spear Goblins L10
    Goblin Barrel L3
    Mega Minion L6

    Is it good?

    • Venice Bei

      Your deck is cheap . You need to play well in order to win .

      • Cheezy Pizza

        That’s a good deck. Try putting minion horde behind the giant to bait out spells and then go in with goblin barrel. (sry i couldnt reply to the OP, apparently his comment is awaiting moderation for whatever reason)

  • XXX

    Which is better..lvl 4 guards or lvl 3 skeleton army

    • logan

      if you have a defensive building as well id say army since it can preserve your defense from the double defense targeting decks

    • GGgamer101_Mobcrush

      lvl 3 skeleton army is better

    • Will Potter

      Level 4 Guards.

  • Anthony Nguyen

    Here’s my deck:

    Ice Wizard
    Mega Minion
    Ice Spirit
    Elixir Collector

    Should I use EC or a cycle card?

    • Dreemurr

      What would you be replacing it with? Right now you have both.

      • Anthony Nguyen

        Fire Spirits

  • Hermione Potter

    My deck has an average elixir of 3.5.

  • Zigge

    Should I use Pump even after the nerf? I’m using a 3.6 avg elixir cost (with pump) Split Three Musketeers deck.

  • itz_my_nan

    I need EC in my deck but i dont know where to put it.

    Lava hound lvl 1
    Inferno drag lvl 1
    Lumberjack lvl 1
    Inferno tower lvl 7
    Zap lvl 9
    Fireball lvl 7
    Bowler lvl 4(smc)
    Mega minion lvl 6

  • Ruijie Zou

    My Beatdown deck costs 3.3 Elixir (I only say it because my deck is a cycling beatdown deck).

    M. PEKKA
    Ice spirit

    • Will Potter

      Nice deck. Glad to see you are using Bomber!