Elite Barbarians Vs. Barbarians

Elite Barbarians card is the new card which is going to be added into Clash Royale in next a few weeks! I have read tons of comment saying Elite Barbarians are totally not worth 6 Elixir, that they are trash. So in this small post, I am going to point how why they are actually effective, despite their low stats on paper.

Elite Barbarians

Elite Barbarians vs Barbarians

Let’s start by comparing Elite Barbarians to Barbarians at Tournament Standard first:

Level 9 Barbarians

  • 5 Elixir cost
  • x4 Troop count
  • 636 HP (Total 2544)
  • 106 DPS (Total 424)
  • 159 damage (Total 636)
  • 1.5 hit speed
  • Medium movement speed
  • Melee attack range

Lvl 9 Elite Barbs:

  • 6 Elixir cost
  • x2 Troop count
  • 890 HP (Total 1780)
  • 155 DPS (Total 292)
  • 233 Damage (Total 380)
  • 1.5 hit speed
  • Very fast movement speed
  • Melee attack range

With raw numbers alone, Elite Barbarians look very bad compared to the regular Barbarians. But, actually, Elite Barbarians are good for everyone who wants a large-scale defensive option.

Let’s take a look at some problems Barbarians are getting lots of troubles in the current meta game. Elite Barbarians can fix them all!

Elite Barbarians have enough HP to deal with AoE effects which usually devastate Barbarians. The Regular Barbarians are very vulnerable to wide variety AoE effects like Bowler, Baby Dragon, Fireball, The Log, Fire Spirits… All of these cards are extremely effective at dealing with Barbarians, especially after they cross the bridge, making Barbarians very easy to counter. Whereas, Elite Barbarians have better HP, making them extremely resistant to AoE. Elite Barbarians survive Lightning, which is pretty awesome comparing to any swarm troop card. It will take lots of works to take out defensive Elite Barbarians by the way, by that time, they will have sufficiently have defended against lots of defensive troops. Also, if your opponents have Lightning, you will be able to play other defensive troops/buildings without the fear of Lightning, due to the high HP of Elite Barbarians. Hence, Elite Barbarians will put your opponents in a difficult situation as they have to choose between using Lightning on Elite Barbarians or other defensive troops.


The very fast movement speed makes Elite Barbarians more relevant on offense and chasing troops on defense. The regular Barbarians are too slow, combined with their attack range and moderate HP, this makes their potential on offense limited.

Imagine your opponent using a typical Giant Bowler push and you have Barbarians in your hand. You definitely want to take out the Bowler with Barbarians. Barbarians of course can kill the Bowler If you place them right but it takes so long for them to walk to the next target, the Giant. By that time, your opponent will have lots of time to counter your Barbarians and the Giant will have done tons of damage to the Tower before getting killed.

But what If we use Elite Barbarians to defend instead? The Elite Barbarians will take out the Bowler quickly and catch up to the Giant in just a second.

Take a look at here to watch the gameplay video of the new cards.

In practice, Elite Barbarians actually deal with big push much more quickly, despite their lower DPS. Even If you place them in the wrong place while dealing with Hog Rider, they still chase it down quickly. Furthermore, on offense, Elite Barbarians pose the immediate threat which need to be answered quickly due to their insane DPS, just like the Lumberjack. Using them on counterpush forces your opponent to use more cards and more Elixir, giving you an Elixir advantage. Overall, Elite Barbarians are much more intimidating on offense than regular Barbarians.

Comparing to Barbarians, Elite Barbarians have a better balance of attack speed and DPS. The DPS distribution of Barbarians can be undesirable in some situations. Barbarians have a relatively slow attack speed (1.5s). They are unable to 1 hit Goblins. On the other hand, Elite Barbarians have the same attack speed but better DPS of 233. They can deal with swarm cards pretty well and can take out tanks incredibly fast.

Having 2 troops count is the pros! Specifically, Barbarians bump into each other when trying to move to a target, meaning they need a while to get the max DPS, wasting lots of time. On the other hand, an Elite Barbarians can move swiftly from a target to the other without obstructing the other Elite Barbarian. This allows them to always get the full DPS immediately. Also, Elite Barbarians can be absolutely used to surround and destroy Wizard, Sparky…

The only real disadvantage with Elite Barbarians compared to the regular Barbarians is their cost 6 Elixir, which is higher than the cost of Inferno Tower, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Minion Horde… However, imo it’s totally fine. By paying 6 Elixir to deploy the card, you have a more reliable defensive option than high risk/high reward cards above. Elite Barbarians simply can’t be played If you make some really bad Elixir trades but that’s okay since it compliments  you on making good trades instead of spamming troops. Elite Barbarians may be the lowest risk heavy defensive card since the Inferno Tower got nerf. Also, Elite Barbarians are insane on counterpushing, not like the Inferno Tower.

Just can’t wait to try out this new cards, especially when the Tank-Lightning decks are dominating after the Inferno Tower nerf

In short, Maybe the Elite Barbarians don’t have amazing stats but they have less weaknesses comparing to the regular Barbarians. They have the great capability of making positive Elixir trades. They also have the solid reliability. This is a stunning heavy defense card. It allows opponents who have the Elixir advantage to break through but If they don’t have, defender can counter with the expensive but reliable Elite Barbarians. Excellent card for players to love gaining Elixir advantage!

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  • Norbert Szewczyk

    tihs legend is overpowered, Sparky and inferno dragon/tower will suck against him ….

    • WestPKMN

      I’m pretty sure it’s a common card

      • Ethan

        I think he’s talking about the electric wizard, not the Elite/Mega/Royal Barbarians

      • Wolf

        The Elite barbarians are common, look at video and you see they are level 13.

    • IronWrath

      But with the introduction of the tornado the sparky can be saved by helping the sparky by dragging away troops which can harm sparky

      • yw zhen

        LOL! Go Sparky!

  • Muhammad Kgame

    finally another card no one will bother using

    • Muhammad Kgame

      am not alone in this i know becos from the vid i saw the time it takes to land a blow is totally negligible when compared to the extra elixir

      • DaSlime

        LOL they should make it spawn 4

  • Anthony Peterson

    I, honestly, cannot wait to unlock and use the Elite Barbs in some of my decks.

  • Sora

    The Elite Barbarians sound cool, but 6 elixir is a hefty elixir price, and unlike troops like the Elixir Collector or Giant Skeleton the Elite Barbs don’t seem to have that long-term potential that those other two have (Elixir Collector giving you Elixir overtime, Giant Skelly tanking damage, decimating troops with its death damage, and hefty damage on a tower). They seem like a counter-attack troop, where you use them to defend and then launch a counter-attack, but since they cost 6 elixir and they move fast, it’s going to be difficult to build up support for them.

    I do see potential for them in Giant push decks now that I think about it. I detest the Giant because it seems to be a staple in each and every deck I come across, and the Elite Barbs seem to give him a lot more punching power. Bothers me but eh.

    • Owven

      They go on better, faster, stronger, harder, but their elixir cost is a little bit dear….
      It costs 1.25 elixir for regular barbarians but 3 elixir for elite barbarians….

  • Hotshot Gamer Boy

    Dont think anyone would use this as the quantity is just too low. i mean, just 2 barbarians??

    • Anthony Peterson

      How much should it be? 3? It would be a little overpowered if it were three because the DPS would probably go higher than 4 normal Barbs.

      • Zigge

        If they were 3 they would bump into each other.

        • Anthony Peterson

          Right, that too, lol

        • logan

          but then thay could fix theere clump mistake faster now that they have faster wpeeds

          • Zigge

            What do you mean with ”wpeeds”? weeds?

          • logan

            speed sorry i type really fast and dont check for errors

          • Zigge

            So what did you mean?

      • OmegaVenomous

        If they did have 3 or more, it would be unbalanced and would shoot up into higher arenas. And players would start complaning about THAT, and it would become total chaos.

        • Hotshot Gamer Boy

          but the cost is too high for 2 barbarians. imo they should make it 4 elixir

          • OmegaVenomous

            But honestly, look at their strength and speed. It would be too low for them, and they would also have to lower the Regular Barbarians Elixir cost, and they are pretty tanky.

  • Zigge

    They’re a good investment card. You can split them in the back and they will defend whatever your opponent sends to you while the other Elite Barbarian will be a threat to their tower.

  • Mr.Quack Quack

    This Elite Barbs is awesome, but it have very high elixir cost, that s the weakness. I hope Supercell will decrease that elixir cost in the next update.

    • Anthony Peterson

      I highly doubt they will decrease the cost of them TBH

    • WestPKMN

      If they did that, regular Barbs would need to be decreased

      • Wolf

        Not really, you are paying 3 elixir per elite barb. Its a bit expensive, but for stats, thats good. I feel like they should be rare though

    • OmegaVenomous

      If they did, it will be pretty fairly unbalanced. If they did, people would repeatedly put down Elixir Collectors and keep on using Elite Barbarians. Supercell knows the Clash Royale players well, so don’t complain about the Elixir price.

  • Luis Manuel

    I wonder what it would be like if you drop Barbs and then wait a second and drop Elite Barbs behind them and push them all up to the tower real quick… I mean of course fireball, wiz, the little bomb skeleton, would destroy them but other than that they would wreck shop, I agree that 6 is a steep price though. Barbs is one of my favorite cards

  • lamepotato

    but these pros dont make up for it’s 6 elixir cost

  • lamepotato

    the card are so poorly designed. and i thought MM was ugly at first

  • logan

    how about three for 7

  • Allan

    Okay but why is nobody talking about those infinite minions?

    • Luis Manuel

      What is that ???

      • Luis Manuel

        Oh I get it lol… I just saw the little video

    • Wiked

      hahahaha yessssss

  • bud is wizer

    KINGS CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My first battle I got a princess, bowler, X-bow, guards, fireball, zap, mini Pekka, and an ice spirit. I won 2-0!!!!!!!!!! Thank supercell!!!!!

    • GamerDaily

      Wew… Your decks is the same as me 😛
      except I have Ballon + Witch deck which made me lose…

    • Francuac

      I love that 3m deck

  • FredDenny

    lol what are you upset about, your second deck was better then your first XD

    • Wiked

      ikr XD

    • lamepotato

      x-bowler is better than dark lightning imo

      • Very Unlucky

        think about the raged lone balloon

        • lamepotato


  • Xrehaanx Xrajax

    I won a kings cup challenge 12-1

  • Gamewarrior

    in the vid, any realize that there were 4 waves on minons

    • Ryan Wong

      wow thanks for pointing that out

  • TheProjectNova

    My mouth is salivating with my dreams of Hog EB decks.

  • General Draza

    Me too , but i won both

  • fatbu

    Elite barbarians = Two really fast knights

    • Mikael Wijaya

      two really fast knights with higher dps but lower hp for each of them. And basically two lumberjacks without the rage spell and slightly lower dps each.

    • OmegaVenomous

      Not really. It’s more of a more expensive, better Minion Hoarde. It’s speed is about the same, maybe a little bit faster, but around the same speed. It’s attack is a little better, with it’s health being pretty balanced due to damage it takes from towers and possibly other enemy troops that come after it.

      • Marco Medel

        did you just compare 2 ground troops to an all air 6 unit card? im sorry, i must have read that one wrong.

        • OmegaVenomous

          I hate being a noob…

    • Very Unlucky

      I’d say 2 weak lumberjacks without their purple juice!

  • Alex Chen

    Hey Will, glad to see my post here. Just two minor typos: the total DPS for elite barbs should be 310, not 292, and the total damage should be 466, not 380. Thanks!

    • LIN/(88


  • Abed Daouk

    Dark lightning deck is powerful you can win golem decks balloon deck easily https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/38b6cb0de4519269e5145af8f21194b556afc4fb642b3a9907cf7cea5bc7f5d5.jpg

    • bud is wizer

      I didn’t really like it.

    • bud is wizer

      It wasn’t my specialty

    • bud is wizer

      And I played against the miner mirror Muskies and the freezing hog deck.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing the deck Abed!

  • Mateusz B

    Ooo VERY FAST! My lumberjack will be pleased to meet his new bodyguars what are same speed as him xD

  • Technimation Gaming
  • DaSlime

    the leak link is sayying error

    • Will Potter

      Which one buddy?

      • DaSlime

        leaked gameplay

        • Will Potter

          Ah Supercell took it down 😀

          • DaSlime