How to deal with Bad Manners

Bad Manners can really change the way you play, usually for the worse. After a string of being BM-ed, your phone is in mortal danger. Thus, in the words of the wise Hydraulic Press Channel, “We must deal with it”.


Start off games with a “Good Luck” and thumbs up. This is a message that is hard to misinterpret. Even if I play a person higher level than me, this keeps me light-hearted. This serves as a reminder that it’s just a game, there’s no need to get too serious about it.

To end the game, “Good Game” followed with “Good Luck” is almost fool-proof. Again, it keeps the game light-hearted and keeps me from becoming rushed with drops next game. If you say GGWP, be aware that if you won the game, your opponent might thing you’re saying “Thanks for the win”. GGWP is a completely appropriate response to a loss, but may be misunderstood if you won.

Any other emotes can be used as appropriate (Crying in response to you losing a tower, Wow in response to a tower at single/double digit health, etc.)

Imagine if everyone in this sub started wishing opponents good luck. It would remove so much toxicity from the game, and people not on the sub wouldn’t feel inclined to BM in their next game. Most importantly, keep the game light-hearted. Trophy count is just a number, and you will get back to where you once were in time. What do you gain from more trophies? Sure it’s nice but you play this game to have fun, and it shouldn’t be about how much you can accomplish.

Shared by Matt_CR.