How to counter Splash Damaging Units

Hello guys today Orange Juice is going to show you how to counter splash damaging units properly. Also, couples of advanced tips will be also shared in this post. Let’s take a look guys!

Counter Splash Damageing Units in Clash Royale

Surrounding a troop offers 2 benefits:

  • It renders enemy splash units ineffective.
  • It eliminates the walking distance for your units.

There are 3 units you can use to surround: Barbarians, Skeletons and Goblins. Each has their own advantages:

  • Barbarians are durable and more versatile in a larger battle. Surrounding preserves their HP, setting you up for a counter attack. Failing to surround the Wizard with Barbarians will cause them to take more damage than necessary.
  • Skeletons only cost 1 Elixir which makes them very cost effective for distracting a single Wizard or Witch. Yes! When you surround Wizard or Witch with your Skeletons, he (or she) can target only 1 Skeleton at a time.
  • Goblins only cost 2 Elixir and deal a lot of damage.

Dark Prince and Bomber have a 360 degree arena of splash so surrounding them with your Skeletons or Goblins is not effective but it’s still beneficial to surround him with Barbarians.
You wouldn’t wan to surround P.E.K.K.A or Giant Sketon as they have a ton of HP. It’s more effective to just pull them.

Examples? Take a look at this video from Orange Juice:

Okay guys that’s that. Thank you very much for reading this! I hope you enjoyed the tips and don’t forget to share this post with your friends! You rock!

  • Chained Chaos

    Never have I ever thought i’d use skellies or gobs to kill wizard.Thanks dude

    • Will Potter

      Glad to hear this man! You are very welcome!

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  • Rómulo Escobar

    For me it’s kind of hard try to surrond wiz or witch with skeletons when Im playing from my phone… The screan is just too small and I can’t see if I’m deploying right on top of the troop, because my finger lol… That’s why you always have to play from iPad/tablet or any 5 inches device xD

    • Will Potter

      Tablet is definitely the best way to play Mobile Video Games xD.

    • Florian Hess

      Similar issue here.
      When at home, i use a tablet but i find that most my games are on my mobile during a work day ^_^

      • Will Potter

        We have to deal with this :(.

  • Sayrian

    Just use a knight… Ton of HP and does decent damage when the wizard or bomber is close to the tower. Plus he’s cheap and is a great Secondary tanker with your giant. I’m in Arena 6 and I use a Giant and Knight Combo… Works Great with the witch behind them

    • Will Potter

      Yes but sometimes you just can’t use the Knight in your deck :D.
      Anyway thank you very much for sharing this!

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  • King Pow

    Will Potter..You made a vey informative Pokedex like page:]

    • Will Potter

      xD Thank you very much King Pow! Glad to see that you visit my blog everyday xD

      • King Pow

        Really help a lot ..we are having a small competition here in our office during breaktime and I use to be the Commentator, using a lot of your analysis:]

        • Will Potter

          xD That’s awesome :D. I would love to join that competition one time :D.

          • King Pow

            sure:]that would be fun:] our clan name is Rise of Empire (Red shield yellow flame:])country Philippines.Just let me know whenever you like to visit:]

  • Peter Olayemi

    what about baby dragon

    • Will Potter

      I am so sorry but you can’t do this with Baby Dragon. You will want to use Musketeer or use defensive building to deal with him!

      • AJ

        As Will said, Musketeer works well against Baby Dragon. If you’re defending against baby dragon, it’s always better to put down your counter units(archers, musketeer, spear goblins, minions etc) after the baby dragon has targeted your arena tower. The tower will take some damage, but you will kill the dragon, and can now use the units for an offensive push. If you place your units before, the baby dragon will one shot or two shot them and also damage the tower. The exception here is tank units. If you want to place, let’s say a giant to keep the dragon busy while the tower hits it, you should obviously place it before the dragon targets the tower.
        On offense, it goes without saying that never put all your units near each other as baby dragon deals splash damage. Try placing them around it in a circle. It’s a good idea to keep the dragon busy with a tanky push unit while other units are attacking it.

        • Will Potter

          Thank you very much AJ xD.

          • AJ

            Great site Will. Have learned so much here. Continue the good work. 🙂

          • Will Potter

            For sure! Thanks for visiting my blog AJ!

        • paramvir singh


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  • azwan G5 .0

    How bout the,Bomber,Valkyrie?

    • NinjaGekkouga

      valk also has a 360 deg splash damage radius

      • Aidan McFarland

        You can also counter valkyrie with minions. They are 3 elixir (so you can gain an elixir advantage) and they will usually destroy the valkyrie before she reaches the crown tower.

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