10 Clash Royale Battle Tips

Hey guys it’s Ash and in this new post I want to share some of my favorite battle tricks in Clash Royale. Some of them you may already know, some of them you may have not.

clash royale battle tips

Hog Squeeze Jump = If you saw a building in the middle, you would expect your Hog Rider to go target that middle building regardless of where you deploy him. But, there’s a trick to direct him towards the Arena Tower by bypassing that middle building. What you have to do is drag the Hog Rider (but don’t deploy yet) to the side and next to him drag another troop at the same time, and then deploy them both together. This will block his path towards the defense, and have him jump over the side of the bridge towards the Arena Tower. This will work with any troops.

Hog + Baby Dragon Pull = The idea is to use your Hog Rider pull the Baby Dragon, having him travel towards your other Arena Tower while at the same time having him distracted as your Towers deal more damage. This also allows you to turn the tables and attack the other lane without having to sacrifice defense on the opposite lane.

GGG Pull = Hate it when the Giant Skeleton locks onto your Arena Tower? Well, if you have a Giant or Golem, then you can place them right in front of your targeted Arena Tower, which will have the Giant Skeleton re-target onto your Giant or Golem, and then he will follow them and move back as your Arena Tower finishes off the Giant Skeleton and you safely avoid the bomb damage.

PPP re-target push = You can also use a similar trick with a large troop to have other powerful melee attackers like the Prince or Pekka and have them retarget even after they’ve targeted your Arena Tower.


Building re-targeting = Hate it when the Prince or Giant or Golem locks onto your Arena Tower? Well by placing a building in front of your Arena Tower, you can push the Prince or Giant or Golem away and have it re-target onto your building. Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work with the Hog Rider, but I really wished it did as there are so many instances where this very helpful against a Hog Rider.

Fast troop pushing slow = You can use fast troops to push slow troops and help them reach the Arena Tower faster. For example, you can send your Goblins behind your Barbarians to push the Barbarians in as the Goblins are very fast troops.

Zap/Freeze & Mortar/Xbow reset = You can use the Zap Spell or Freeze Spell to reset the target of a Mortar or X-Bow. For example, here the Mortar had locked onto my Arena Tower, but by zapping it, I had it reset and re-target my Bomb Tower instead.

Chain Pull = The chain pull technique can be used to pull troops to the opposite lane as well as distract them. This technique can be used with both troops or buildings.

Barrel Troll = If your opponent keeps using Arrows, or Fireball, or Zap to instantly kill your Goblin Barrel, then what you can do is simply place them away from your tower to avoid the area damage.

Opposite side Musketeer = The Musketeer has incredible range which allows her to target a troop from the opposite lane. This can be incredibly useful when your focus is on attacking from that opposite lane.

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  • BestManEver

    I fuckin’ love your tips <3
    Keep doin' it man, they're unbelievably useful !

    • Will Potter

      xD Thank you very much buddy! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  • M-Hamza Sajjad

    Barrel troll xD. This might prove to be very useful against opponents who have both arrows and zap/fireball. Thanks!

    • Will Potter

      xD Welcome mate! Barrel + Mirror is one of my favorite combo xD.

    • Rabih Halik

      I’ve been doing it for a while now, its really funny to watch them fail. Try using gobby barrel and freeze. What you do at the start of the match is target the goblin barrel directly on their tower. Do this 2 times, and watch them zap/fireball/arrows instantly. Then the third time, (make sure you have 8 elixir and a freeze spell in palm) deploy the barrel to the corner of the map. They will waste their removal card and then you drop freeze. 1000+ dmg ezpz.

  • Andre Carvalho

    ur awesome keep with those tips

    • Will Potter

      For sure! Thank you man!

  • Swapnil

    are there any good lightning deck/what do you think is better, level 1 lightning or level 4 rocket

    • Will Potter

      Obviously level 4 Rocket is better xD

      • Rabih Halik

        Yes and no. Depending on the enemies’ deck. I would personally prefer lightning because it does a decent amount of damage, is faster, hits three targets and has a wider area. Its really useful when they try using a multiple tower deck, as well as the fact that it directly counters 3 musketeers in the higher arenas.

        If you are vsing a troops only deck, then playing defensively with rocket on offense would be a better card to use.

  • Jelucyr

    Can you explain me how drag but not deploy ??

    • Will Potter

      Sorry? I can’t really understand this :(.

      • Jelucyr

        “What you have to do is drag the Hog Rider (but don’t deploy yet) to the side and next to him drag another troop at the same time, and then deploy them both together”

        When I drag my HogRider (or anithing helse), I dont have time to put another troop before the Rider come. Can you explain how drag card but don’t deploy it?

        • Jay Liu

          You use 2 fingers. You probably didn’t know that you could use 2 fingers on your screen to drag around troops did you?

  • Sylvain Spyvain

    really rewarding

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much man!

  • azwan G5 .0

    Helpfull,but Teach me The Cheap way card that can counter that,mustard pekka?

    • Rabih Halik

      If you are asking on how to counter a PEKKA, its really simple.

      What you need to do is use a card that deploys multiple troops, for example, goblins. A Goblin/Spear Goblin/Skeletons combo will kill a PEKKA ezpz. This works will multiple cards such as barbarians, skeleton army, guards, witch, etc.

      Another way is to use inferno tower. I personally don’t since the IT is very situational and is not a good use of 5 elixir overall.

      Hope this helps.