Cannon, Tombstone and Hog Rider

Due to the fact that Hog Rider decks are super popular at this time, many players are finding it hard to choose a proper building to deal with this kind of deck. Hands down Cannon is used a lot at this time (that’s why Supercell is going to nerf it again in the upcoming May 18th update). So is Cannon really that good? Today, I am going to compare Cannon with Tombstone to see which is the best one to deal with Hog Rider!

Cannon, Tombstone and Hog Rider

Cannon, Tombstone and Hog Rider

Cannon is usually used to kill Hog Rider for +1 Elixir trade. People usually drop the Cannon reactively once the Hog Rider has crossed the river to prevent it from bypassing building. But sometimes, you have to place the Cannon before your opponent plays Hog Rider and sometimes you just don’t have enough Elixir to place it down.

What would make Tombstone better than Cannon?

Currently I have found that bypass building trick doesn’t work against Tombstone. Just simply place the Tombstone down in the middle whenever you want and opponent’s Hog Rider will run right at it every single time.

Here are 2 examples for you:

Against Cannon

Against Tombstone

Tombstone’s Pros:

  • Very cheap.
  • Can solo kill Hog Rider if placed well.
  • Easily distract Hog Rider If it is placed before opponent uses the bypass building trick.
  • Works extremely well against P.E.K.K.A, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Giant Skeleton,…

Some other facts:

  • Cannon has more HP than Tombstone. Hog Rider needs 3 hits to take down Cannon but 2 hits to destroy Tombstone.
  • Both of them can solo kill a Hog Rider without taking any hit to a Crown Tower.
  • The upcoming update is going to give Tombstone 10% more HP and 5% more damage for spawned Skeletons.
  • Cannon is going to get nerf in the next update.
  • Tombstone is great for both offense and defense

Images and ideas shared by Kovalevy.

  • Lone Wolf

    So which ones better?

    • OddsomeOddy


      • Aditya

        not really i would still recommend using cannon

    • Will Potter

      Tombstone, IMO xD

    • Adam

      I like cannon more, cause the only difference is that the cannon has more HP, and the tombstone instead of doing damage like a cannon is spawns skeletons which can be wiped out with a zap.

  • Lone Wolf

    Also i would really apreciate a tombstone deck for arena 7. or a prince deck for arena 7

    • Will Potter

      Tombstone is definitely not the main card in any deck, there isn’t any deck around it. I have posted some great Prince decks, you can read more at here:

  • Frédéric Lapierre

    It seems like a good reasoning, but my question would be, as a bypassed hog need a support to do it, doesn’t it kill the tombstone pro’s as it will take care of the spawned skeleton?

    Even more alarming, if it take 1 hit less, isn’t it a danger to take more damage to the crown tower at the end? And the new hog + fire spirits combo would still eat it in no time.

    Tombstone is still a really useful card (and I sincerely didn’t know it couldn’t get bypassed, even though I shall test it a dozen of time to make sure) but I would keep my canon.

    Don’t forget the zap spell, usually being used with hog to kill the little defensive swarm (or the princesse, if you want to adapt it to higher level of play).

  • Radiant

    But the tombstone won’t work against the royal giant,which is super popular right now

  • Adam

    Uhhhh you do realize that the fact that it was a cannon on the top clip and a tombstone on the bottom has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the hog rider went after the tombstone, right? They simply did the hog push better on the top one.

  • Adam


  • Aditya m

    Someone pls help me get to royal arena. I’m hovering between 1570 and 1720 trophies. I have all cards till arena 6 except legendary cards. Pls will potter help me . I’m really desperate. I want a good deck whose win percentage is very high pls.

  • Ryan Wong

    I have to admit, the tombstone is probably the weakest building against hog riders, but it is great against most tanks, as well as princes, while the cannon doesn’t do enough damage to be effective.