Bypass Buildings with Hog Rider

Hello guys, today I am going to so you a stunning new advanced Hog technical which gives you a huge advantage over your opponents: How to bypass buildings while using Hog!


How to bypass buildings while using Hog?

Many of you may know how this, the biggest weakness of the Hog Rider is that he can be easily distracted by opponent’s buildings (Cannon, Tesla, Tombstone, Huts,…) in the middle regardless of where you place your Hogs. (Balloon can easily bypass these buildings If you drop it at the corner).

However yesterday fishnoodlesoup shared a stunning method which works 100% of the time. This method utilizes the effectiveness of Goblins, Spear Goblins, Barbarians,..

As you can see in the following video, I placed Hog Rider at the far edge right of the river and immediately place my Spear Goblins right beside him. This pushed the Hog to the right, forced him to do a jump over the river, he bypassed the Inferno Tower in the middle immediately.

For the Tesla, there are 2 unique cases:

  • If your opponent places it perfectly at the center, 3 tiles away from the river, your Hog will bypass it at the right side. However, he still gets locked on it If you attack from the left side.
  • If your opponent places the Tesla perfectly at the center, 4 tiles away from the river, your Hog will bypass it at both sides.

After a lot of test with the Elixir Collector, my Hog Rider can’t bypass it in about 80% of the time. I strongly believe it’s just about timing but I haven’t found out the way to do it properly. That’s great If someone can help me at this :D.

Okay guys so that’s this. Although this is just a single tip but I believe you can deal a ton of damage with it in many situations.

Don’t forget to share this with your friends If you have found this helpful guys! Thank you very much!

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  • JH

    ROFL, i am sure supercell will ‘fix’ this.

    • Septic Venom9

      yea lol

    • Will Potter

      LMAO for sure!!

    • JH

      I tested this out, it works BUT not really help to win the game. Usually people will place the building near to the tower being attack, bypass hog will have to attack the other side, then the opponent can just place goblin or skeleton on our hog.

      • Will Potter

        My opponents usually place their buildings in the middle so… Anyway, additional damage is better than nothing, right?

  • Septic Venom9

    thanks mate for sharing this technique. i will for sure use this in my every day game play:D

    • Will Potter

      This trick is extremely useful. I have been winning a lot of games with it!

      • Septic Venom9

        yea same.
        ive been playing against people who use bomb towers, and ive been bypassing it every time XD

        • Will Potter


          • SivHawk

            Will, would this work for bomb tower because wouldn’t the bombs take out goblins and spear goblins… ? Or would the hog rider already be fixed on the tower by the time that happens

          • Will Potter

            It works with all buildings in game but there is a special situation of the Tesla as you can read in the post above :D.

  • Septic Venom9

    hey will, i dont know if you know this or not, but down in arena 5 and near 6 are mostly hut spammers, so im just telling you this so you know what to make in future arena 5 decks. keep up the great work man. 😀

    • Will Potter

      xD Thank you mate! I will do my best!

  • Gaurav Lakhotia

    Hey Will! is there any specific level of card we should have before going to the next arena?

    • Will Potter

      Nah there isn’t any thing like that buddy! Just try! Just try my friend!

  • Icarus

    Whoa! This is so useful ! Now my hog keep going straight for those towers! Thanks mate!

    • Will Potter

      xD Thanks for sharing this buddy!

  • Calvin Boediarjo

    It works well with goblin … but i cant do it with my 1 elixir skeleton xD

    • Will Potter

      xD I am doing very well with my Skeletons. You may want to give it a few more tries mate :D.

    • Cristian Javier Garcia Hernand

      When using skeletons I put them in the same tile as the Hog, give it a try. It always work for me.

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  • rkmcguire94

    I’m personally struggling to do this I’ve got it right once in a training battle but can’t seem to do it otherwise, would of helped in some tricky spots as well lol

    • Will Potter

      There is no trick at all buddy. It’s already the trick itself. Keep practicing my friend!

    • Use 2 cards at a time place at same time might help you

  • rkmcguire94

    I imagine though this is because I’m not doing it right brilliant guide this and will your work on here is brilliant!

  • Applecore

    Can it work with the fire spririts?

    Sorry can’t spell very well

    • Will Potter

      It would work with almost group troops in game. I haven’t tested with Fire Spirits yet but I strongly believe it would work!

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  • Kirito Kirigaya
  • Robert Y.

    I think the reason why the hog can’t bypass the elixir collector while I can bypass the cannon is because the elixir pump’s hitbox is slightly larger. You can test this by taking down a tower, and placing an elixir collector as close to the arena tower as possible (on your opponent’s side), an your opponent’s tower will shoot it. But it won’t shoot it if you place the cannon at the same spot.

    • Will Potter

      I think you are right man! Thank you so much!

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  • Firecat168

    Thank you. Do I need to use 2 fingers to place the 2 cards at the same time? or a quick tap right after releasing the hog card will do too? 2 fingers on a phone is hard for me.

    • Will Potter

      Yes, you will want to do that buddy! I usually use 2 fingers for this trick!

  • Firecat168

    I manage to pull this off by putting skele and hog in the same tile using quick tap method.
    Yet, it does not work for Gob or S.Gob…. gotta try more in Training.

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Thanks for the great share buddy! I really appreciate it!

  • Hadi Hasan

    Hi Will, I tried to distract hog by using tesla but I can’t. Before this I used cannon to distract hog and make the hog get hit by cannon and 2 crown towers (left and right). do you have a guide?

  • elpatalan

    Could you put hog and goblins at the same tile, like with skeletons? It

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  • bolado

    Ive seen hog jump corners with no other cards, are they cheating?

    • Will Potter

      I haven’t seen this yet hmmm 🙁

    • lamepotato

      i think it randomly happens on the left corner…

  • Jacob Knudson

    It’s amazing with Hog Fire spirits. With zap it can kill level 10 barbs.

    • Will Potter

      Yea :D. And with the Ice Spirit, you can deal up to 2000+ damage!

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