7 Best Battling Tips for New Players

It’s X-bow, Graveyard, Balloon FTW guys with the best battling tips for new Clash Royale players!

Tips on Building Decks

It’s important to have a solid working deck, although this is not the most important thing in clash royale. Here are a few categories decks should meet:

No more than 2 tanks!

First, I’ll define a “tank”. I think a tank should have at least 2000 hitpoints at tournament standard. Here are the troops I define as tanks:

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale Royal GiantClash Royale GolemClash Royale P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Lava Hound

There should not be more than 2 of these in your deck. Also, 2 tanks can work with the proper skill.

For example, there used to be this Giant-Lava Hound deck that worked very well on ladder for a time.

Now, I’m not saying that no tanks are bad. The Princess-Rocket Barrel deck has no tanks at all and it is still working extremely well.

But just keep in mind, using triple Giant is not a great idea.


Good decks have cards that go well together.

For example, just because P.E.K.K.A and Royal Giant are good cards, this doesn’t mean they’re good together.

The best examples of synergy are Executioner-Tornado or Goblin Barrel-Rocket. The Executioner shreds troops while the Tornado clumps them together. In Rocket-Barrel, the Rocket smoke hides the Goblin Barrel while the Rocket prevents the opponent from placing troops near the Tower to kill the Goblins if the Barrel is seen. I’m going to list and explain a few more good synergies so you understand.

Hog-Night Witch: You may not have heard of this before, but doing a pig push with a Night Witch is actually much more effective than Valkyrie. The Night Witch tanks for the Hog while the Hog destroys buildings. Most likely, the Night Witch will die. And in Clash Royale, troops and buildings will target the Hog instead of the newly-spawned Bats. These Bats will kill any defending troops, including the dreaded Army of doots and will attack the Tower if given the chance.

Golem-Graveyard: This doesn’t necessarily have to be Golem as any other tank works fine. This is a little obvious. Golem tanks for doots and doots kill the Tower. GG.

Miner-Poison: The Miner hits the Tower or troop, and Poison damages them. If the opponent does not use a troop of over 1000 hitpoints to tank and kill the Miner, then the weak troop, e.g. Musketeer or Goblin Gang will die. This 7 Elixir mini-push guarantees hundreds of damage.

For more details about synergy, I strongly recommend you take a look at here!

Offensive-Defensive Capability:

A Deck needs to be able to both defend well and attack well.

If a deck has Hog, Giant, RG, Goblin Barrel, Graveyard, then this Deck will be very poor at defending. and therefore not be good at offense either.

In  order to not get 3 crowned, you have to defend. And if your only defense is say a Goblin Barrel, you’ll not only get 3 crowned, but you won’t even take their Tower because of a lack of Elixir.

Having a bunch of building is also a bad idea. 2 buildings, one defensive and one Pump is enough.

As for spells, the amount doesn’t matter as long as not too many are the same type. E.g. Fireball, Lightning, and Rocket or Rage, Freeze, and Heal.

In Battle

Clash Royale is not all about decks and high level cards. A fair amount of skill is also needed to win duels and not Rage quit.


A very important skill to have in Clash Royale is fast reactions. For example, if the opponent rushes you with Ebarbs and Hog on the other lane, in order to counter them you’ll need to

  1. Know your deck cycle well so you can use the appropriate counters.
  2. DON’T PANIC!!! Breathe and don’t spam everything you have.
  3. Keep the card you’re going to use clicked on so at one touch the spell goes and kills whatever the opponent has.
  4. If the opponent rush on two lanes, try to combine his/her pushes into one.

For example, In the Hog-Ebarbs example stated above, use your building in the middle but leaning towards the Hog, use a mini-tank (Ice Golem, Knight, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Miner, etc) near the building. The Hog, unless supported by spells, (unlikely) will die to your building . Also, behind your building, it’s better to have a ranged troop so your building doesn’t die. Once the mini tank dies to the Ebarbs, they will attack and destroy the building. After this they will try to attack your ranged troop(s). By this point, at least one Ebarb should have died to your mini-tank and ranged troops. If the ranged troops die, the towers should be plenty to get rid of the last one which would not have much health left.

Don’t depend on countering with only one card:

counter hog riderIf a Hog is rushing down your lane, don’t just depend on your Skeleton Army. If you place it and sit back and relax, the opponent could simply Zap your Skellies into an Elixir puddle. A better idea would be to support with at least an Ice Spirit or unzappable card.


This also applies to countering other win conditions such as Balloon, Graveyard, Ebarbs, and even Goblin Barrel.

Many skilled players who actually learn from their mistakes learn how to predict doots or other swarm with Zap, Log, Arrows, or Fireball.

Keep this in mind when playing a building as well.

For example, when using a Inferno against a super overlevelled Royal Giant, use a Ice Spirit, Mega Minion or swarm because the opponent could Zap your Inferno and you will lose a lot of Tower hitpoints. Baiting out their spell with swarm is a very good idea because unless they either have a super fast cycle or mentally deranged, they won’t both Zap your Inferno and use a spell on your swarm.

Know when to keep pushing or stop:

Let’s say by some miracle you took the opponent’s Arena Tower. If you have troops left, do you keep pushing, or do you defend?

This decision should be made on three things:

  • What troops and how much of their hitpoints are left?
  • What troops do you have in your hand?
  • How much Elixir do you have?

Let’s say you took their Tower with a Golem push and the Golemites and a full-health Wizard are left. What do you do? If your hand is a Executioner, Zap, Goblin Gang, and Graveyard for example, and you have three Elixir, what do you do?

There are three obvious choices here: Graveyard the towers, Goblin Gang to attack the King, and Goblin Gang on the other side. The worst move here actually is the second one. Once you place that Goblin Gang, the opponent could Fireball the Wizard, Golemites, AND the Goblin Gang for a positive Elixir trade. The best move would be to use the Goblin Gang on the other lane. This will accomplish a few different things. It can bait out a spell, severely damage the Tower, and/or prevent the opponent from ignoring your troops and rushing you. If you have five or more Elixir, the best play would be to Graveyard the king Tower.

Card Placements


Always place air troops, with the exception of Minions and Bats, leaning as far as possible towards the edge of the arena.

This prevents troops from being distracted by a building not leaning towards your troops.

Lava Hound users should always place their hound in the corner instead of sending it straight towards the Inferno.

If the opponent has an Inferno set up, put Bats or Minions as close as possible towards the Inferno.

siege pushSiege

There are only two good placements for these.

  • One space from the bridge but as close as possible towards the edge as to still be in range. This puts your siege leaning and therefor much easier to defend.
  • The other placement is directly in the middle at the river. This is a little harder to defend as ranged and air can easily counter it but melee troops stand no chance.



I’m sure you guys know OJ’s placement so I won’t explain that. I’m going to be explaining my own placement that I found out by experimenting.

In this example we will use the left Arena Tower as our victim. There are three different ways to place my placement.

You can place it right on the bottom left corner, one space up from that, or one space right from that. This Graveyard placement guarantees Tower damage and can spawn doots from all sides of the Tower, but primarily on the bottom and left sides.

This placement does not activate the king Tower and in my opinion, is the best. Graveyard users should try using this placement.



Thank you for reading this article and hopefully, I will be able to bring you more.