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Dear my friends,

Currently we have gotten a new “subscribe” system which helps you keep track of news and new posts on CRA!

Kindly follow my simple steps below to subscribe to Clash Royale Arena!

When you visit CRA, a popup shows up and asks whether you want to receive notifications for the latest posts. Please Allow.

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Then, a window will show up and ask you for the permission, simply click on the Allow button:

Subscribe to Clash Royale Arena

Yea, just like that, you now have subscribed to CRA!

You will receive the notification like the one locating at the bottom right on your screen once a new guide on this blog published!


Also, I just want to say: “Thank you very much guys, for everything! Thank you a lot for supporting my blog, for visiting it every day, for making those extremely long useful comments, for creating one of the best CRA community ever! I love you guys so much!”

  • Sarthak Peepra

    Nice feature

    • Will Potter

      Thank you a lot Sarthak!

  • -sirius-

    great feature, but needs more buffs

    • Will Potter

      haha xD

    • PRISM

      lol 😉

  • Hamish


    • Will Potter

      Thank you Hamish!

  • Nakaei

    I don’t comment often, but i’m grateful for all your articles ! This new features can only complete my devotion to your work

    • Will Potter

      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog mate :).

      • Dreadlord

        Hey, Will can you follow me? I’m your biggest fan. :3

      • Dreadlord


  • Adam

    Awesome! #Allowed.

    • Will Potter


  • Ethan

    I know this is completely off topic but does anyone have any mortar decks that still work after all the nerfs?

    • ЯЎаи к

      Have a x-bow mortar troll deck if you want
      knight (or mini pekka if you prefer him)
      goblin barrel
      guaranteed to get at least a draw and often times can help you maintain your position while you find a better deck. You can push with it if your good enough

      • Ethan

        Around what range of trophies where you using this deck at? (also I will most likely replace the xbox for something else)

        • Ishmam

          Now u make me wish I had an XBox…..

          • Ethan

            Oops xD

        • ЯЎаи к

          arena 6

      • Dreadlord

        This deck might just work for me …… we’ll see.

    • Will Potter

      I posted some great Mortar decks for the current meta game before. You should give them a try buddy. Kindly use the search button!

  • CardCounterer

    That window is not showing up on ipad. Anyway no need to do that because i check new guides 1000 times a day.

    • Will Potter

      I am working on notifications for mobiles. Gonna release it soon.
      Thanks a lot for visiting my blog every day buddy!

  • NukeOfficial

    I have a general Question: Is it actually impossible to get over ~2.1k Trophys if your cards are below tourney standard or am I just not playing the decks correct? (rushed up to 2.1k Trophys with the giant, loon deck but I cant get past there. Rn Im stuck between 1.9k and 2.1k, no matter what deck I try to play).

    • Will Potter

      Card level is one of the factors which help you push in the Arena easier :).

    • Syskilla

      It’s possible to do arena 9 with lvl 6 rares, but very hard…
      By now i’m at 2700-2800+ with 6lvl rares and i think my skill is good, but not amazing

    • Andrew Barnes

      Your cards get 10% better every level (few exceptions being xbow, rage, freeze) and your tower gets 10% better every level. Levels are super important. There is a maximum you can reach with certain levels. But you’d have to be the best player ever to reach that ceiling

  • Chara

    Hi Will, can I submit a deck to this site? If I can, how to do it?

    • Dreadlord

      At the very top of the page, there should be a tab that says “Submit Decks” in gold font. Click on it and you can read the instructions. It is very easy to use.

    • Will Potter

      There is a submit deck menu on top of the website buddy!

  • Dreadlord

    Clash Royale Arena is AWESOME!!!!!

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much 😀

  • Xrehaanx Xrajax

    this website would be even better if u held some regular tournaments in cr


      true that would be awesome

    • Will Potter

      I am thinking about that xD
      Thanks mate!

      • mini_hog^^

        yeah that would be soo good…:)

  • Aacen

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