Gold Reward and Legendary Cards in Shop

Hello guys, today I am going to give you a great news about the upcoming Clash Royale update which is releasing in May! We are going to get Gold reward after every win. There are also a lot of new features are waiting for you! Let’s take a look guys!


Clash Royale May Update!

New Gold Reward and Donation/Request Cap

ArenaGoldClan RequestsClan Donations

We can get 20 Gold Rewards in total every day.

Legendary Cards in Shop

Yes! We can buy Legendary Cards in shop at Arena 8! The first card costs 40k Gold and we can buy up to 3 cards at a time in total!


And there are also lots of other new changes and features! You can take a look at here for more details!

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  • Dekka Andra

    Thats a lot of gold

    • Will Potter

      That’s true but I think it is acceptable. I would love to pay 40k gold for a Legendary Card! Just want to level up my Princess lol.

  • Ishmam

    The heck?! 40k?! Nooooooooo

    • Will Potter

      xD At least we can buy them LOL

      • Ishmam

        Yeah lol, but how can I afford 40k? Lol might take forever. I currently have 11,000

        • Mr.Frank

          I just want them to let us earn gold from trainer matches…and even friendly matches

        • Will Potter

          You will have 40k Gold If you don’t need to upgrade your cards anymore. LOL
          I would love to buy a few Super Magical Chests and give this a try xD.

  • Rahul Yaji

    Look will I am in arena 3 with around 1000 trophies. When I try to battle when I have more than 1050 trophies I always get an opponent who is in pakka playhouse. Any remedy

    • KhaiRul SyaFiq

      Its normal, dont worrry. Just keep winning and upgrade your most used card and you should be okay.

    • Mr.Frank

      That’s because Trophies usually have a buffer of around 50 or so, just like in COC. So if you fall below 750 then you’ll be pushed down to Bone Pit, which is the preceding arena. However you won’t be in Barbarian Bowl yet, until you move past 750 and cross 800. The same applies for Pekka’s Playhouse, only diference being that instead of 750 it is 1050 and 1100 instead of 800.

      Remedy ? You want to get matched up against only Barbarian Bowl opponents ? Well, then just stay low. Lower than 1050.

      • Zhang Xu Cheng

        or u can get lucky XD

  • Frédéric Lapierre

    Finally the donation are up, because at arena 8, it’s hell to upgrade your cards without spending huge amount of cash 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Wohoo I love this update!

  • Tan3758

    Hey guys I found a new strategy! I call it the inferno bomb strategy.

    it consists of a bomb tower and inferno tower.

    My deck:
    Giant skelly 2
    Valkryie 3
    Witch 1
    Baby Dragon 1
    Arrows 6
    Bomb Tower 3
    Inferno Tower 2

    Put bomb tower in front of inferno tower.

    why the bomb tower in front?
    Well, the bomb tower, like Muguet said, is pretty much a meat shield. In order to maximize its potential, place it in front to get rid of spear goblins.

    why the inferno tower behind?
    Ahh yes. good to godlike damage, but not as tanky as you think. The inferno tower is best backed up by the bomb tower.

    Weakness of the deck I use:
    Cannot let the towers work individually.
    Weak against minions. Minions work in swarms, so unless with a countering card like the baby dragon or witch, your bomb tower shall go down……..
    Rocket/Lightning can one shot it if high leveled, especially rocket.

    Baby dragon can defeat Minions.
    Witch and arrows do the same.
    Valkryie can back the inferno tower up when bomb tower is crushed.
    Giant Skelly can destroy a swarm after dying,
    Or launch a attack.
    Towers are the main part of the strat.

    • Tan3758

      Maximizes draw instead of loss

      • Tan3758

        Will porter pls give this to ash and post it 😀

      • Will Potter

        Thank you mate!

    • Will Potter

      Wow this is pretty cool. I will give this a try for sure. Thank you very much buddy!

    • Adnaan Akamed

      That’s 7 cards.. what’s the 8th?

  • Andreas Lambropoulos

    So, if I see a legendary in the shop, I have to pay 40000 coins? I can barely save up for 3000

    • SivHawk

      But also in the update there is reward gold so you can save quicker 😀

    • Will Potter

      Yes, If you really want to get it :D.

    • Adnaan Akamed

      I try to save but always end up spending my money lol. Like save to 2000 or 4000 then spend it

  • Muguet

    40,000? Really? That’s more like a bait to make us lust after these cards even more than we already do. Fuck it :O
    Two troops do tickle me in this game. Wizard and Princess. Why they got to be absolute jerks? They speak in fight, say silly things like “Magic! Fireball” or “Oui! Yay. Gotcha!” and then shut up when a Baby Dragon pops up and kill them LOL

    • Will Potter

      There are tons of thing I need to buy. Shieetttttttt!

  • Hildeblue

    40k is a really fair price for this, and will make legendaries WAY cheaper in the end. Some people pay hundreds on super magicals for a single legendary, whereas now about $40(4500 gems for the 100k coin pack) can buy you TWO legendaries and leave you some coins.

    • Will Potter

      Yes. I agree with you. My friend bought 10 Super Magical Chests yesterday and got 0 Legendary.

      • Adnaan Akamed

        Why buy all those with the update? Just buy money or giant chests for gold

        • Will Potter

          He had money so that’s why :D.

  • Clash of R.A.V.E.N.

    Players in Arena 8 will be able to buy Legendary Cards in shop

    Hopefully it will not take up to 20k Gold to get a Legendary Card :D.

    You told that in previous Sneak Peak. As a terrible thing that might happen. The terrible thing is now double so terrible 😛

    • Septic Venom9

      it doesn’t take 20k gold to get a legendary. IT TAKES 40k GOLD TO GET A LEGENDARY.

      • Will Potter

        I wish I could have 40k Gold… I really want to get my Princess to level 3. LOL.

        • Septic Venom9

          lol. but sadly i am only in arena 7 ;-;

    • Will Potter

      xD xD

      Finally I can get my Princess to level 3! All I have to do is saving up my Gold LOL.

  • Septic Venom9

    this update is so cool for the gold and request thing only. i think buying princess is too op because no a lot of people will have high level legendaries. imo

    • Catalin

      Arrows can easily counter it

      • Septic Venom9

        yea but they have to be high enough to actually kill her. you need a lvl 8 arrows to take out a lvl 1 princess

    • Will Potter

      I love the new donation system! Thank you Supercell!

  • Spongebob Schwammkopf

    anyone noticed that buying 3 cards at once is way more expensive than buying one after another? xD

    • SivHawk

      It probably increases each time you buy one like normal cards. Probably 40,000/80,000/120,000.

      • Ultimit☆Cuest

        Yeah, I thought about what he said at first, and forgot that the prices increase after each purchase

    • Will Potter

      What? Really? I though it would be cheaper If you buy them all.

    • Lim Xun

      When you bought one the price will increase man. Dont you know about that ? LUL

  • Samuel

    Thanks Will for the great info about the update!!! 40 000 does seem a bit much… oh well, better get saving!

    • Will Potter

      xD I hope you can get your Legendary soon my friend!

  • JoeBar

    Pay to Win update, cool !

    • Will Potter


  • Jay Tong

    If I drop out of legendary arena can I still buy the cards in the shop

    • Will Potter

      No, you only can buy them when you are at Arena 8 buddy!

      • Fandy Octavianus

        Why legendary not appear at my shop? I am at arena 8. Is legendary appear just on monday until fryday?

        • Will Potter

          You need to to wait buddy!

      • Tokyo_guy

        He’s asking if it’s possible to buy a legendary appearing in the shop if he drops to arena 7 in the same day.

  • LordusKaktus

    Uhhhh 40k is so much… I’m in arena 7 and I have 3k gold only!!!

    • Will Potter

      My Gold is always above 10k after I got my Common to level 8 and Rare to level 6. There are not many ways to spend Gems after that. I don’t buy many Epics because the shop usually shows ones I don’t use xD.
      We can donate lots of cards now, that’s an easy way to get Gold!

  • Fandy Octavianus

    I am in arena 8, why legendary doesnot appear at my shop for 4 day mimin? For 4 day i waiting to buy legendary princess

    • Will Potter

      It will appear randomly buddy! Please be patient!

  • Randy Lahey

    I have been waiting 5 days for legendary to show up! Aaahhhh

    • Will Potter

      It maybe take up to weeks so… Good luck Randy!

      • Randy Lahey

        Wow!! I don’t know if I can go that long without battling.

        • Will Potter

          Just play the game buddy! It’s just for fun!

          • DarkLight

            I’m in the legendary arena at 2991 will I still get legendarys in the shop I accidentally clicked battle.

          • Will Potter

            Yes of course. You still can get Legendary Cards from Shop buddy!

        • Tony Cao

          You can just play a training match

  • Joe

    Arena 9 now…

  • Big Money $$

    Will it still be there if you make it to arena 9 and drop to arena 8

    • Will Potter

      No. You need to be in Arena 9 buddy. I am so sorry!

      • jatin bisht

        In arena 9 the legendary card shown regularly?? Or at Sunday only?


    I’m in arena 8 can I still get a legendary pack?

  • Austin Cooper

    Can I get brand new legendariesite that I don’t have in the shop