Clash Royale July Balancing Update (7/4/2016)

Okay guys so Supercell is going to release a new Clash Royale balancing update on July 4th 2016. Let’s take a closer look to see what we are going to get in this new update guys!

Clash Royale Update

Clash Royale Balance Changes – July Update

Skeleton Army: Skeleton count increased from 20 to 21

Okay so finally we found the fourth one from Skeletons! He joined the Skeleton Army! Such a nice guy!

Goblin Barrel: Removed impact damage; Elixir cost decreased from 4 to 3, Goblin deploy time increased from 1s to 1.2s

As we all know, last time, Supercell decreased Goblin deploy time from 1.2s to 1s but it didn’t really hit the mark. As a result, 3 Elixir puts this card on par with the Miner! Let’s see lots of interesting attacks from these guys in the future!

Giant Skeleton: Damage increased by 20%

Of course, this is just his “damage”, not the bomb’s damage. Hopefully after this update, Giant Skeleton will make it to the opponent’s Tower easier. He can easily 1 hit Goblin now.

Dark Prince: Damage increased by 8%

Dark Prince should have his value in line with his brother, the Prince.

Bomber: Damage increased by 9%

Bomber userate in Clash Royale is pretty low. Hopefully the extra damage will make him a bit more deadly.

Wizard attack speed increase from 1.7s to 1.6s

A faster attack speed will make the Wizard’s value in line with his brother, the Ice Wizard.

Inferno Tower HP increased by 6%

In the upcoming update, both Zap and Freeze will reset Inferno Tower’s damage. So that’s why we have this balance change.

Elixir Collector now gets affected by effects from Poison, Freeze, Rage, Zap and Ice Wizard.

The Elixir Collector userate is still very high. It hasn’t been affected by effects from other cards. This change will tone the Elixir Collector down a bit.

Tombstone HP increased by 9%

As a 3 Elixir defensive building, the Tombstone has a pretty tough competition. Extra HP will make it a bit more appealing alternative to the Cannon.

Bomb Tower HP increased by 6%

Bomb Tower’s userate is extremely low at top, but it shows a pretty good job in low to mid Arenas. Hopefully some extra HP will make it more interesting in high Arenas.

What do you think about Clash Royale update guys? Please share your opinions!

  • Lorenzo Minchio

    I really like game balancing because improves the use of rarely used cards and nerf very used cards and this makes the game better.

    • D-Mate19

      They only nerfed the elixer collector. Hog and Royal giant should get slight nerfs but they ain’t coming

      • Ishmam

        Hog also? Wasn’t he already nerfed? I want to see RG actually. HP nerf would be great.

    • Will Potter

      Yea me too. Things need to be better 😀

  • Teddy Ttd

    They didn’t even nerf the royal giant!!

    • Deon S.

      Royal Giant doesnt need a nerf.

      • Blaxeturner

        It needs a nerf not because it is good, but because it is too overused. Much like how the hog was used so much.

        • Jakerules68

          The royal gianta needs a nerf, because it is no skill and obnoxious. Oh lets just put a meatshield at the bridge and have it easily destroy your tower with its good damage. Where is the skill in that. Hogs have skill, miner decks, pekka double princes and most others, but royal giant requires no skill and is annoying.

          • D-Mate19

            Better than rocket lool

          • Anonymous

            nope, rocket will leave them down a ton of elixir. They get maybe 500 damage off, but you can make a huge push and take their tower. If the drop a royal giant, if you try to mount a huge push the rg will distract troops. if you push the other lane, the royal giant will take your tower, and then some.

          • Will Potter


          • Adam

            Miner decks for example require about as much skill as a Royal Giant deck sometimes. Place your Miner, place Spear Gobs/Reg Gobs at the bridge, and boom tower down. Also, I recommend using a Mini-Pekka, Minion Horde, Barbarians, etcetera. Basically just something that quickly deals a lot of damage.

          • Will Potter

            They should increase his deploy time, IMO.

          • Teddy Ttd

            Pro people didn’t quite use royal giant tough…. proof?? Top players. They use hog, miner, lavaloon, hog trifecta (quite popular now), miner-mini pekka, triple legends, giant poison, etc. Only cowards that won’t take risk use royal giant & swarms in front to win.

        • Deon S.

          Make the deploy time longer, problem solved

        • Ishmam

          Agreed. I’m disappointed that a hard counter to him, inferno, is resetting damage. No positive elixir trades against him

    • Will Potter

      LOL yea this is very true!

  • Arkel

    Interesting, Giant Skeleton and Gobelin Barrel are interesting buffs even through they should have also buff the Baby Dragon attack’s speed. Also, the Bomb Tower health buff is too excessive, it is going to be overused again. And the Skeleton Army buff won’t do anything xD
    Inferno is basically dead and the interactions with the elixir collector is interesting
    Other than that goo update, I like it better when they buff cards than when they nerf them

    • Deon S.

      Agreed, Bomb Tower is still a pain to deal with. Inferno will be tougher to use but still a great card for stopping pushes.

    • Cheezy Pizza

      Inferno will only be dead if opponent either has zap or freeze in their deck (Most likely zap) I feel if inferno users carry other troops that the opponent will want to zap then inferno will still be a viable building choice

    • Anonymous

      lol, I find it funny that you say ‘this card’s buff is bad. and this one. and this one.’ , proceed to say half of the update is bad, then say the update is good.

    • Will Potter

      Seems like they are targeting Hut Decks in this update xD

  • Darkaine

    I assume the barrel impact damage is pretty minimal to begin with so it’s not a big deal to lose that?

    • Anonymous

      yeah….but the extra skeleton in skeleton army is useless too.

      • Lone Wolf

        haha it really is

      • Jy_ mmmkay

        it’s just a troll move by supercell because everyone was sad the 4th skele left.

        • Will Potter

          yes it is. LMAO xD

      • Will Potter

        They should increase the level of Skeletons from the Skeleton Army.
        IMO, level 1 Skeleton Army spawning level 3 Skeletons would be nice!

  • M Faiz

    dayum bomber,,will only kill barbarians within 2-3 hits lol

    • Will Potter

      Yea xD

  • D-Mate19

    Honestly we need a Royal gisnt nerf. The reason he is s strong is that he can be over levelled as a common and is a great one man tank. Because of this, supercell sees low usage rates in tour is and max levels slamming supercell believe it is like hit decks: hard I. The beggining but eat once learnt how to counter. A,most ever Royal giant deck I fight has a Royal giant one level brighter than there king tower

    • Ishmam

      Well they r resetting inferno’s damage with zap/freeze.

      Well they r starting to get worse. If they want to see more diversity then nerf the bloody RG already. Or don’t make the inferno reset it’s damage. Simple. An idiot would know that. (Of course I’m not calling U that lol)

      • Adam

        Dude the RG isn’t OP. It’s overused, but you can honestly laugh in the face of an RG. Yes, I guess they did indirectly buff it by reseting the Inferno’s damage but really who even uses Infernos anyways? I bet they will get a buff (like going down to 4 elixir) in the next update.

        • Ishmam

          Well problem is, there is no positive elixir trades against him. He’s always backed up, which sucks

          • Adam

            Backed up by what? A Wizard? Use your Knight/Barbs/Valk/Mini-Pekka or just use the Tank and Spank technique (I’m not joking that is really its name) to take out the Wizard then they will go on and help kill the RG. For Barbs, just use Valk + Zap, Fireball + Zap, Rocket, or Valk + Freeze.

          • Ishmam

            No mate, it’s rarely a wizard. It’s either an ice wizard slowing down my troops/inferno or a minions + zap to take out inferno.

            What I mean is, there r not a lot of good positive trades. Despite defending well against an RG push without spending too much elixir, they deploy either a princess or hog rider which weakens my tower a lot & I wonder: How the hell does he have that much elixir without a collector?!

            Damn this worries me about cheating because I face Chinese/Korean guys like 70% of the time so…..

            As for tournaments, I will NEVER be able to join the big 3000 cards + tournaments, which makes me really, really sad. 🙁

          • Will Potter

            People should start playing Royal Giant from now LMAO

    • Adam

      The Royal Giant doesn’t need a nerf. It can easily be countered actually.

  • Yo Nik

    do u hav ur ads also, on bus stands ???

    • Will Potter

      Nah, I did photoshop it xD

      • Yo Nik


  • -sirius-

    Tombstone ”Extra HP will make it a bit more appealing alternative THE THE Cannon.”

  • Ishmam

    Nooooo another bad change.

    One of the best counters to the RG, Inferno tower, now resets damage! So absurd!

    When they zap my inferno, the RG will now remain at half health & destroy the inferno easily!

    The 6% HP will do nothing!

    I’m starting to hate them a bit now. No RG nerf yet. They nerfed the hog rider but the RG is also overused, so he also needed a slight nerf. Maybe a little HP nerf.

    Other changes r fine, but why r they doing this to the inferno?! It is already underused & they have made a terrible change to it.

    They should reduce it’s cost to 4, I guess…..

    Now there is no more positive elixir trades against RGs.


    I wish they reconsider…..inferno will now be useless…..despite being underused already.

    For a 5 elixir rare card, it deserves more value.

    • Adam

      It’s called Cannon + Melee Gobs/Spear Gobs. So you get a one elixir advantage and get some great chip damage (or if you are using a Hog Cycle or Miner Cycle deck you can turn it into a push).

      • Ishmam

        I don’t use cannon. I’m pretty bad at using it. Never really fond of it.

        People just zap my goblins no matter what. Inferno deserves more value, that’s all I ask.

        • Adam

          Well I mean there are other ways you can kill an RG, but I get what you mean. I think making a Zap not reset the Inferno damage tho isn’t the way to do it. They should make it 4 elixir or something like that.

      • Anonymous

        its called your opponent supporting their royal giant. or zapping. or just fireball. or just about a million other possibilities.

        • Adam

          Or you can just use Minions. Or a Minion Horde. Or Barbarians.

    • Will Potter

      If you can’t beat them, join them. I am so sorry but that’s all I can say about this update!

  • Deon S.

    Inferno is still the best counter to RG even after the balance changes, all you have to do is bait the zap before you play inferno 🙂

    • Adam

      True. And the health is increased. I really can’t wait for it to be reset.

    • Will Potter

      Yes but it’s much harder. I usually try to save my Zap If I face Inferno Tower.

  • Adam


    • jchen5012

      as i kill our giant skeleton with archers

      • Adam


  • Maki Nailon Mondares

    am i the only one who thinks that mortar is really useful? i wish they increas its atk spd to 3 secs i guess

    • Will Potter

      These days, I have been facing guys using Mortar to protect Royal Giant a lot more. This is such a nice combo!

  • LostWinter

    lol They didn’t nerf The Cannon.

    • Will Potter

      LOL I think they forgot xD