Emote Mute Option is Coming in Clash Royale September Update

Couples of months ago, as we all know, Supercell stated that they would never add an option to mute emotes in Clash Royale. Luckily, seems like Supercell has changed their mind, they are revising their approach!

Clash Royale Emote

Gif shared by isakkeyten

In the upcoming update, Clash Royale players will be able to mute their opponents during the battle. In order to make the game not like an offline video game, players will still can see opponents trying to communicate but without any specific.

Emoticons were built for making for game more fun and for knowing the difference between bad cards and good cards but most players are really upset because of them.

Moreover, seems like Supercell will remake the emote system in game to make it more collectible and desirable. I just can’t wait to see them in the future!

Source: Clash Royale’s official website.

  • Bruno

    When is the update?!

    • Ist AviX

      mid September

  • Ist AviX

    what an horrible gif^^

  • WestPKMN

    *laughing face*

  • Ashwin Umaselvan

    Thanks! Goodluck!

  • -anime4theiwn-

    This is one of the best updatrs in a long time iver waned this for months stupid emotes

  • I think this is a great idea – let people choose whether they want emotes or not. Emotes are just like Marmite – you either love em or you hate em!

  • Springa15

    Emotes make the game fun. Troll and be trolled. I’m not the person to whine and get depressed. Sometimes it’s annoying but win some lose some.

    • Perhaps Supercell can setup Trolling Tournaments and you can all troll the hell out of each other! 😉

  • Springa15

    Trolling aside they can be useful. Yesterday I had a 3-3 draw we both “wowed” see for yourself.

  • Ethan

    when it says they will make it more collectible and desirable does that mean I will be able to unlock new emotes for doing some achievement or something? because that would be awesome 😀

  • Darkaine

    Good riddance (or at least on an as needed basis)

  • Nexxus

    I use it every match. First thing I do is hit the mute button so I don’t have to see anything from the opponent.

    • Will Potter

      Haha yea xD