Draft Challenge – Clash Royale Special Event

Draft Challenge is back to Clash Royale guys!

This the special Event, which is going to be available in just a few hours. Let’s take a closer look guys. I strongly believe that you guys will definitely love it!

Clash Royale Draft Challenge

Clash Royale Draft Challenge

Like other special events, this event is temporary (3 days). There will be Classic Draft Challenge and Grand Draft Challenge.

Classic Draft Challenge offers the same rewards as Classic Challenge. Grand Draft Challenge offers the same rewards as Grand Challenge. You can take a look at here for more details about the prizes.

The first entry is not free as usually as you can see in the screenshot above.

When you get into the battle, you will have 30s to pick cards. You have 2 cards to choose from each time. The ones you choose will go to your deck and the other ones will go to your opponent’s deck. You pick 4 cards and your opponent picks 4 cards.

Most of the parings are very similar, like Zap or The Log for example.

Also, please note that you can play this challenge right now via the Friendly Battle with your Clan members.

Information shared by Yarn from Orange Juice. Please watch the video below for more details!

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