Double Elixir Draft Challenge – Best Tips on Getting 9 Wins!

Hey guys, we are going to have the new special Double Elixir Draft Challenge in Clash Royale tomorrow!

Join the Challenge to draft cards with your opponent and play like it’s overtime all the time!

double elixir draft challenge clash royale

Double Elixir Draft Challenge


  • The first entry is FREE! Yay! The next ones cost 100 Gems each.
  • Like other draft challenges, the battle starts with a choice between 2 cards. You pick 1 card for you and the left one will be given to your opponent. You take 4 cards and get 4 from the opponent.
  • Elixir recharges like the overtime, all the time!
  • One time rewards appear again in this Challenge. Rewards are extremely huge! The first reward comes at the first win!!! (Wait wait??)
  • The Double Elixir Challenge stars from June 8th to June 11th.


Number of WinsTotal PrizeOne-time Rewards
195015 1,500 Gold
31,60043 3,000 Gold
52,500936,000 Gold
73,80016512,000 Gold
95,75026524,000 Gold

That is 46,500 Gold bonus for you and we haven’t mentioned the card rewards yet. So If you are a F2P player, good luck with the first entry!


Best Tips on Getting 9 Wins in Double Elixir Draft Challenge

Always pick at least one win condition! This is probably the most fundamental thing you must do while playing Draft Challenge. It is extremely hard to win the game without a win condition. You just can’t pray for the victory. Win condition + supports are always better than glass cannons only.

Pick one of these cards If possible. All of them work very well in any Draft Challenge as they require specific counters. If your opponents do not have one of those counters, they will find it very difficult to deal with these cards.

best draft challenge cards

Pick a direct damage spell. Sometimes, you are not lucky enough to get for your own win condition. You will need a direct damage spell then to take out the Tower. This challenge is “Double Elixir” so you will cycle back to your spell very fast. Also, since the Elixir regeneration rate is very fast, your opponent will probably drop multiple troops at once, giving you chances to get positive Elixir trades.

Keep your deck cheap but not too cheap otherwise you will need to play with 10 fingers.

In draft challenge, normally the choices will be pretty similar (for example Minions vs Minion Horde). Choose the cheaper cards! It’s best to keep your deck cheaper. We never know what the opponents give us. What If your opponent gives you Lava Hound, Golem and Giant? This will make it very hard for you to handle the battle.

Better safe than sorry!

Make sure most of your cards are well rounded. Choose the cards which can counter a variety of cards!

For example, Zap, Fireball, Skeleton Army, Goblin Gang, Knight etc can deal with various cards; they are also relatively cheap, making them great choices.


Like mentioned at the second tip, maybe your opponent got some specific cards which are hard to deal with with specific counters, it’s better to get versatile cards.

Don’t forget pocket card! This is the card which your opponent would never think of, giving you the opportunity to play it at the right moment.

It is ideal to have at least 1 pocket card. It could be Freeze, Balloon, Graveyard, Three Musketeers etc.

It is often good to have at most 1 pocket card in your deck. This is a card that your opponent least expects for you to play at the opportune moment.

Tips shared by Upstopable and Jerrymouseisme

What to Pick and Not Pick in the Double Elixir Draft Challenge

This is one of the best values supercell has ever put in Clash Royale and I wish you guys the best of luck in your Challenge. Completion of the challenge results in 52,250 gold and 265 cards!  You can see all my picks in the video below!

I love Rocket, Lightning, and to a lesser extent Poison in draft mode and they seem even stronger in double Elixir draft. Spell cycling is such a common way I win because so many decks end up not having a normal win condition!

I like those spells generally over Fireball because of the larger damage and in Poison/Lightnings case the much larger radius they hit.

There is so much ranged DPS in this game that getting the option of something like Mega Minion and Musketeer early. Ill take the Mega Minion as it is more likely I can get Wizards, Witch, Archers, Bowler, Executioner later.

The heavier the tank the better IMO In terms of traditional win conditions in a vacuum for draft I like Golem, Lava hound, Giant, Miner, P.E.K.K.A, Royale Giant, Battle Ram, Hog Rider, Giant skeleton in that order. I feel it is difficult for Hog and Ram to get to the Tower when it is always 2x Elixir and there is more buildings in draft mode then you may see in regular matches. Miner can really help with chip cycles and picking off high value targets.

I like Dart Goblin, Goblin Gang, and Princess a lot in draft because not every deck is playing Log like in ladder and challenges.

I seem to pick Bowler, Baby Dragon, and Executioner over a tremendous amount of cards. Their Durability of surviving spells and being ranged makes them top tier in draft.

I think Furnace is pretty good in draft but Goblin Hut a lot more in draft then constructed. But would still pick Furnace over the other spawners.

I feel like Zap is significantly worse in draft as there is less target to hit. I drafted Arrows over Zap several times and was really happy with it.

Cards I don’t like and try to avoid. Most are well known Barbarian Hut, Dark Prince, Prince, Heal, Rage, Clone, Mirror, Sparky, Bomb Tower, Goblins, Fire Spirits Elixir Collector only for this double Elixir challenge (I like it in Regular Draft)

I hope you found this helpful. Thanks for Reading.

Good luck guys! See you in the Double Elixir Draft Challenge!