The Double Elixir Challenge – New Special Event Is Here!

Hey guys! The new special event, Double Elixir Challenge, is going to be hosted again in just a few hours!

Think fast, because each battle will be super charged with double the normal Elixir! It’s like overtime… all the time!

Double Elixir Challenge Event

Double Elixir Challenge Event

Sadly, we don’t have any free ticket this time.

Double Elixir Challenge costs 50 Gems for each entry and has half prizes of the Grand Challenge!

As its name says, during this special event, the Elixir producing speed is doubled. Which means during the whole match, you will get 1 Elixir every 1.4s. At the 1 minute part, despite the message, it remains at x2 Elixir.

This is insane guys!

In addition, at the beginning of the battle, both players start with 0 Elixir instead of 5 as normal.

Also, In this challenge, you can play any deck you want.

This is awesome! I am going to test my “P.E.K.K.A Golem Lava Hound cycle deck”!

Good luck. See you in the Arena!