Clash Royale May 18th Update: Balance Changes

As requested a lot by the Clash Royale community, Supercell is going to release the new Clash Royale update on May 18th with lots of balance changes. Let’s take a look and see what will we get in the upcoming update guys!

Clash Royale Update

Clash Royale May 18th Update: Balance Changes

Royal Giant’s damage gets decreased by 4%!

We all can easily see that Royal Giant is a bit too great and his use rate is extremely high right now. A small damage reduction would be nice to reign Royal Giant a bit!

Freeze duration get decreased by 1 second

Freeze Spell is definitely an impressive card on both defense and offense, and Hog + Freeze combo would be devastating If gets done correctly! People are using this combo a lot in most Arenas! This change will make our game better, for sure!

Furnace Elixir Cost decreased from 5 to 4, HP decreased by 14%, lifetime decreased from 50s to 40s

Because Furnace has a very low use rate, Supercell decided to decrease its Elixir cost, HP and lifetime for balance.

Guards HP and damage increased by 5%

Although Guards are very great, this card’s use rate is still very low! Hope this change will help them somehow!

Fire Spirits Arena Damage radius get increased by 25%

Personally I have no idea about this change xD.

Miner’s HP increased by 6%

Miner’s use rate is extremely low compared with other Legendary cards at this time. Hands down it’s a pretty fun card and players are still figuring out the best uses for Miner! It’s better to give him some more HP!

Lava Hound HP increased by 3% + Lava Pups HP increased by 9%

Due to the 7 Elixir cost, Lava Hound is not impressive enough yet! Hope this change will make people use this amazing card more!

Elixir Collector HP decreased by 9%

Okay so Supercell still wants to nerf this card again, after the last lifetime nerf. Hands down its use rate at Arena 6 and above is extremely high as we can meet it in almost every deck! As Supercell don’t want any card to feel like an obvious choice, they want to nerf it again!


Knight HP increased by 10%

People rarely use Knight these days. He is a great basic card and that will be great If he can be also a mini-tank in game.

Bomber damage increased by 10%

Bomber is a very underrepresented troop in Clash Royale which offers a lot in the early and mid game. People just don’t use him in high Arenas!

Cannon HP decreased by 5%

Okay so seems like Supercell really hate Cannon. Another nerf to this ugly card!

Tesla HP increased by 5%

This is a great change IMO! Tesla is a great card and I really want to see people use it more in the future!

Golem and Golemite HP increased by 5%

Golem use rate is pretty low at this time! A small boost should help him become more viable!

Witch’s damage increased by 10%

Witch is an impressive early game pusher but people just don’t use her much in higher Arenas. More damage for her would be nice!

Skeletons HP and damage increased by 5%

This also affects Tombstone, Witch, Skeleton Army! More Skeletons = More fun!

Tombstone HP increased by 10%

Tombstone is a very underrated card in Clash Royale. This change will make it become a bit more viable!

Card Upgrade XP Fixed

  • XP gained after upgrading Epics and Legendaries is now in line with the equivalent levels of Commons and Rares.


What do you think about this new Clash Royale update guys? Please share your opinions!

  • Damien Donoho

    All royal giant is getting is a 6% damage reduction?! That won’t change crap!

    • SkythekidRIS

      Well he got a 20% (i think) damage buff last time so….. it’s still positive that he got a damage buff from previous update.

  • Tactician Omega

    It seems like they want to nerf overused cards(Freeze,Royal Giant,Elixer Collector) and buff the underused ones (Furnace,Tesla,Knight,…),personally,I like the update.
    I’d love to see some more Furnace,Knight and Tesla,they really are underrated.
    As of for the nerfs,Freeze is fine and Royal Giant will still be strong,but he may need some more shots to destroy a tower.Too bad Cannon is nerfed to nearly nothing,might as well use Tombstone now.

  • Core

    The Royal Giant is too strong and i like that they nerf him 🙂

    • Osko

      I agree 🙂

      • Will Potter


    • Will Potter

      Yea, he is pretty OP at this time. The upcoming date is very welcome!

  • Osko

    Glad they increased the HP on the Golem and Lava Pups, I’ve gotten a great usage for him with the Deck I’m currently using.

    • Will Potter

      Golem decks are very interesting to use but sadly I haven’t faced them much. Hopefully we will meet them more in the future!

  • SensAsiaNL

    I guess it should be Fire spirits *Area* Damage?

    • Muhammad Luqman Abdul Hakim

      It is actually Area Damage Radius, which means the radius of the blast when the spirits jump to a target, and that’s because the Fire Spirits sometimes hit the same target making itself useless.

      • Will Potter

        This is correct. Thank you so much mate!

    • Will Potter

      No, it’s the radius buddy!

  • Lone Wolf

    shame the royal giant is being nerfed 🙁 Although i think reducing the damage was a better cal then to reduce the range

  • Lone Wolf

    is it going to be an update or a maintenance break?

    • Will Potter

      They are… the same thing man!

  • aimos

    Why the cannon 🙁 Why they dont nerf hog rider because it is clearly the most used card. The one of the only reasons people us cannon is to counter the hog.

    • Will Potter


    • TrollMaster20

      arrows are used a lot, why not nerf them?? 🙂

      • aimos

        Because if $upercell nerfs that, other spell cards will take over (fireball, zap) because they only have slight differences that differentiate hem.

      • Will Potter


  • Jack Wong

    Why Hog is not getting nerf? I see this card every other game.

    • Sayrian

      Because there’s no need for the nerf
      If you can play smart against a hog… the hog will just be a waste of elixir

      • Jack Wong

        Like you said… then none of card has to get nerf. I don’t see I lost a lot to Royale Giant anyway because I play smart?!

        I though the changes is about Supercell would like to see us to use most of the cards evenly not just few of them all the time.

      • SkythekidRIS

        I’m actually seeing that Tombstone is actually a great counter to the hog because not only it distract the hog it will also spawn unfreeze skeletons of the enemy freeze too early

        • Sayrian

          But I also see many other players using Hog + Zap + Freeze… 10 Elixir push, but highly effective if the enemy doesn’t know how to counter. Again… Smart playing gets you very far

    • Will Potter

      Seems like Supercell love Hog Rider!

      • Jack Wong

        People also love Hog… there was a guy who first join our clan, request for Hog… keep asking… after he got 3 then he left…

        People are crazy for this card…

    • TrollMaster20

      hogs are used less than arrows, so are you asking for arrows to get nerfed too?? 🙂

      • Jack Wong

        It is the call from Supercell, since they would like to us to use all the cards instead of just few of them all of time.

        If they could get it right at the first time then they would not change the Royale giant again.

        I don’t even understand the reason to change the Guards – “Low use rates across the board…” I don’t even have it yet… I am at arena 7.

  • llSmokyll

    My fucking cannon..

    • Will Potter

      I am so sorry man.

  • Applecore

    why not just nerf the hog rider? Why freeze?

  • Yū Otosaka

    Why dafuq is the hog rider not being nerfed? Wtf nerfing the cannon, one of the best counters to the hog, yet letting the hog run wild? Wtf supercell?

    • SkythekidRIS

      They won’t nerf the hog because he got a nice goatee

    • TrollMaster20

      if hogs are being nerfed, then they need to nerf arrows because its used way more than hog rider 🙂

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  • Will Potter

    xD Me too! Currently I am testing some decks with Witch and I really like them!

  • ShadoX

    I hope they nerf hog rider one day.

    • Will Potter

      Seems like Supercell like doing nerf cards around the Hog Rider!

  • SkythekidRIS

    They nerfing freeze by 1 second, 1 SECOND! that means so much to my balloon freeze combo 🙁 1 extra second for troops to attack! Like the minion hoard could get 1 second shot extra causing around 500 Hp to me balloon D:

    • Will Potter

      Yea :(. We will need to improve our Balloon attacks!

  • Supernova

    After the update, which deck will be used by a lot of people?

    • Will Potter

      We will see :D.

  • Supernova

    After the update, which deck will be used by a lot of people ( for arena 6 – 7 ) ? Please help me

  • TicTac

    The cannon is one of my favorite cards, so disappointing. One other thing, of course miner has low usage, most people don’t even have ONE legendary…

    • Will Potter

      Ya me too. Cannon is a great card. I don’t think that they should nerf it!

  • Tio

    Does anyone agree about sparky being so powerful? I think it even an imbalance card with a right deck!

    • Will Potter

      Yea me too. Supercell should reduce its damage! About 10% would be nice!

  • Martin Radovitzky

    Hey any ideas if the lava hound will get a buff or an improvement?

    • Will Potter

      IMO The Lava Hound is totally okay. I have no idea If it will get a buff or not :(.