Clash Royale June Update: Balance Changes

Due to the fact that people have been complaining about some specifics troops in game a lot, Supercell is going to release a new Clash Royale Update of Balance Changes on 21/6/2016! Some cards will get nerf, not some will get a special boost, especially the X-Bow!

Clash Royale June Update

Clash Royale June Update: Balance Changes

Hog’s damage will be decreased by 6%: Hog Rider is one of the most popular cards right now in Clash Royale. People are getting bored and want to see more new strategies of other offensive cards. Toning down the Hog Rider a bit is the first step to make Clash Royale better. I am pretty sure that most players agree with this change.

Prince’s damage increased by 9%: Prince is pretty useful in the first Arenas but as our players become more experienced, he is now less threatening. Increasing his damage a bit is a great way to improve his userate in the Arena

P.E.K.K.A damage increased by 8%: After this update, P.E.K.K.A can easily kill a Barbarian per hit (at Tournament levels). This update will make the P.E.K.K.A a more stunning offensive option.

Goblins Barrel’s spawn time decreased from 1.2s to 1s: Hands down it is a quite easy to timing Arrows/Zap in order to kill the Goblin Barrel. This change will make it a bit harder to deal with them. More fun!

X-Bow deploy time decreased from 5s to 4s, HP increased by 18%: After the last nerf, we “nearly” don’t see X-Bow in Clash Royale anymore, people totally forgot it. We want to see it in the Arena more but also don’t want to make it an obvious choice. It’s still such a challenge to use and control this card but at least it’s more viable now!

Mortar’s deploy time decreased from 5s to 4s: The same reason as above.


Furnace’s Lifetime increased from 40s to 50s: Seems like the last update was not enough to make the Furnace good. By having more 10 seconds of the lifetime, it is now possible to have multiple Furnaces at the same time. Hopefully we will have lots of interesting matches of the Furnace in the future!

Removed Guards’ pushback effect when they lost their shields: This will allow these ruthless bones to get some extra hits. Hopefully people will use Guards more in the future! This is such a super useful card, hands down!

Witch’s damage increased by 17%: Seems like the last update was not enough to get her to the viable level. Good luck further Witch!

Lava Hound’s damage increased by 28%: The Lava itself (compared to the Pups) isn’t scary at all right now. Lots of players just ignore it and try to push on the other lane. This change is pretty small due to its small damage.

Skeletons card now spawns only 3 instead of 4: They offer toooo muchhhhhhhhh with the price. That’s why!

Cannon’s HP decreased by 8%: Needless to say, this is obvious since people still using it a lot!

Tesla’s HP increased by 8%: It’s great to see more Telsas in the Arena!

What do you think about this Clash Royale update guys? Please share your opinions!