Clash Royale July Update – New Cards: Ice Spirit and Bowler

In the upcoming Clash Royale July Update, there are 4 new cards in total: Ice Spirit, Bowler and 2 new Legendary cards, which will be revealed soon today! I am very very excited guys! Let’s take a close look!

Ice Spirits and Bowler new clash royale update

Ice Spirit and Bowler – 2 New Clash Royale Cards in the upcoming July Update

Ice Spirit

Ice Spirit Clash Royale

  • This new Common card costs only 1 Statistics. An Ice Spirit will be summoned.
  • This new guy can deal damage and freeze the enemies for 2 seconds, both troops and buildings! Seems like the arena damage is pretty large as it can cover the entire Minion Horde.
  • Ice Spirit stops charging Prince.
  • Updating…

Wait! 1 Elixir, 2 seconds? R.I.P Sparky!

Freeze DurationMovement SpeedTargetsAttack RangeDeploy Time
2sVery FastBoth Air & Ground2.5 Tiles1s


Bowler Clash Royale

If you play Clash of Clans, you may know this guy!

  • The Bowler is Epic card that costs 6 Statistics.
  • He deals splash damage with his globular rock, smashes everything on the straight line and push them back 1 tile (except charging Princes).

Bowler will be a great counter to Hut Decks, even better than Wizard, Bomber and Bomb Tower. He can completely eliminate ground swarms. He can also deal heavy damage to Tower (226 damage per hit at level 4) If supported well. I really want to use this guy!

Hit SpeedMovement SpeedTargetsAttack RangeDeploy Time
2.5sSlowGround Only5 Tiles1s

2 New Legendary Cards – Lumberjack and The Log

The Log and Lumberjack New Legendary Cards Clash Royale

To read more about these new Legendary cards, please take a look at here.

New other stuffs:

  • Player profile will show the last used Battle Deck.
  • New sort button will be added for the Card Collection (Sort by Arena, Elixir, Rarity, …)
  • New Inferno Tower graphic. See this.


What do you think about these new troops guys? Please share your opinions! Also, don’t forget to bookmark this page to read more great news!

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  • ExFaker

    cant wait!!!

  • ExFaker

    i hope i can find a nice deck with these new cards lol

  • jchen5012

    can’t wait, but unfortunately i will be afk for a week on july 4

    • Will Potter

      Hopefully you will enjoy this update. See you around man!

  • Yo Nik

    as i was thinkin

    now only healer and drag r left which r not in CR

    • Geoffrey Helveston

      and heros

      • Yo Nik

        of corce

  • Anuj Koranga

    It’s unbelievable that they are actually adding a Cancelled Idea- The Bowler


  • Vincent Chen

    Here’s one of the legendaries

  • aleander clash

    Great more legionaries.. chip away our money supercell.. Ice spirits looks cool though. Good its common. Bowler to is good behind a tank (RG).

    • John Cena

      Two more cards I won’t be getting soon

  • Julian

    That bowler just crushed those barbs!

  • John Cena

    I’m excited for July 4th might be getting my hopes up but it seems most plausible that supercell would update everything when they go on the balancing change.

  • Saad Pathan

    uhh guys? am i the only one the notices that the minecraft update was also about frost? craft royale confirmed.

    • LostWinter

      The new Minecraft update was called the “Frostburn” update. 🙂

    • Will Potter

      There is a game called Craft Royale out there lmao xD

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  • AlexDaManGames

    GG hope I get the new cards 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Good luck man!

      • AlexDaManGames


  • Norvelas

    more legendaries..? great..another card none of us will be getting soon..stupid on supercell’s part, all about making money

    • ClashGamer505

      Hey you dont need legendaries to win,just a deck that can counter them. 🙂

      • ClashGamer505

        But it would be nice if they increased the chances of getting one

        • LostWinter

          As time will go on, they might slowly decrease the number of updates until its like once every now and then.

        • :P

          Each new legendary increases the chance of getting one, as cards aren’t calculated rarity first. This update increased the chance of getting a legie by about 40%

      • Norvelas

        Yeah I know you don’t need legendaries to win but having them makes a big impact in terms of elixir and deck making. The meta is so stale..hogs, RG, and legendary cycling..the new cards better change the meta cause it’s starting to get boring. I don’t like the idea of having to make a deck specifically to counter them because I encounter them almost every game. Nobody can make a unique deck anymore

        • kolby Meyer

          The good news is more legendaries means a larger chacne of getting one, on one if my two accounts I got sparky the first day of that update in a free chest.

          • ClashGamer505

            Im not sure how it works, you see your theory would work,if you got to pick blinded.For example A deck of cards containing all of the CR cards,adding more legendaries increases the chances,but for chests its different, its either you get one or not

          • Yaris

            It will still be 1 in 4421 chances of getting a legendary.

          • Will Potter

            Yes, this is very true buddy!

      • Will Potter

        This is somehow very true!

    • :P

      Each new legendary increases the chance of getting one, as cards aren’t calculated rarity first. This update increased the chance of getting a legie by about 40% you know

  • Lone Wolf

    3rd is called log not trunk

  • ClashGamer505

    You put straight light which should be straight line for the bowler info

  • ClashGamer505

    Im glad the bowlers are being added,that way unskillfull spawners will be rekt

    • Deon S.

      Its great for stopping spawners, i agree, but lets be real here, how many of you face that many spawners in the 2000+ trophy range. P.s. Still a great card!

      • ClashGamer505

        Ya its a good card,and btw i face a bunch of spawners,but no doubt they’ll stop at 2300 on July 4th

      • Will Potter

        Yea, Spawners are very rare at 2000+ trophies xD

        • MLGMLGMLG

          my friend pushed to 2700 trophies with a custom spawner deck – because bowler and bomb towers are rare

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so so much my friend!

  • Emeralds

    What makes this post “hot”

    • Tyrant

      I guess a lot of views and/or comments?

    • LostWinter

      LOL XD

    • Will Potter

      Because it’s the new update.

  • Tyrant

    Am I the only one who thinks the non-legendaries in the update look like better cards than the leggys? Ice spirit is a card that freezes enemy troops and towers for two seconds, that doesn’t die to zap, and it’s only ONE elixir. It doesn’t do much damage, but that’s not much of a problem. The bowler does splash damage in a huge radius in front if him, has a lot of hp, and did good damage. He is six elixir though, and can’t hit air, so he’s really good, but balanced IMO.

    • LostWinter

      Yeah I think that too.

    • Will Potter

      But that’s great because we all can get these new troops, right?


    when exactly update will be realized ? in the end of this weekend or not ?

  • Ken IU

    I hope everyone will get a chance to get these cards. Because till now, I still haven’t got even one legendary card.

    • Will Potter

      Yeap me too! I hope everyone will!

  • Yo Nik

    no they r not : (

    • Anuj Koranga

      sad :-((

      • Yo Nik

        : (((

  • KingOfGames

    What arenas will these cards be available?

  • Damien Kim

    Will and other website managers please create the image files for the new cards so that people could use them in their guides…

    • Will Potter

      Hmm should I create a page for all card images?