Clash Royale Big Update

Hello guys, Do you want to heard something new about the upcoming Clash Royale update? Today, I’m going to bring some good news from spAnser to you guys! This is gonna the biggest update since Supercell released this game!

Clash Royale Update

Clash Royale Big Update

By somehow, spAnser can get these information from the Supercell’s server. He spoiled lots of times before in Clash of Clans and they were all correct, undoubtedly he is correct this time again.

New Arena Rank: Builder’s Workshop

After the update, our ranks in game will be like this:

  1. Goblin Stadium
  2. Bone Pit
  3. Barbarian Bowl
  4. P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse
  5. Spell Valley
  6. Builder’s Workshop
  7. Royal Arena
  8. Legendary Arena

Also, new trainers in the Training Camp will be added: Clint, Basil, Sybil, Dopey, Marty, Arnold, Bashful, Dent, Marvin, Sneezy, Whisker, Snow, Sleepy, Freeze, Vincent, Faker, Léon, Happy, Louis, Quincy, Max.

2 New Chests

You can see 2 new chests in game in the screenshot below:  The Giant Chest and The Super Magical Chest!

The Giant Chest and The Super Magical Chest

New Spell Card: Poison Spell

At this time we don’t know anything about this card yet but its name. But depending on the Poison Spell in CoC, I think this card will slow down the enemy troops and drain their HP.

PoisonEpicSpell Valley4 Elixir3.5

New Troops

In the upcoming update, we will have 4 new troops:

  • Ice Wizard: This chill caster hails from the far North. He shoots ice shards at enemies, slowing down their movement and attack speed.
  • Royal Giant: Sighting his massive cannon at enemy buildings, the Royal Giant comes in like a wrecking ball.
  • Princess: Shoots a volley of flaming arrows halfway across the Arena. The Princess is afraid of germs, so keep the rabble away from her!
  • Guard: With a sledgehammer that deals damage in a small area and a shield to block incoming damage, the Guard is a formidable fighter.

And here are some stats of them:

NameRarityUnlockedCostHPHit SpeedDeploy TimeDamageAttack Range
Ice WizardLegendarySpell Valley37001.51s606
Royal GiantCommonRoyal Arena612001.51s606
PrincessLegendaryRoyal Arena324032.5s15010
GuardEpicRoyal Arena49001.10.7s110Melee
Three MusketeersEpicRoyal Arena10

Note: Three Musketeers is a new card which spawns 3 Musketeers!


Thank you very much about this great news spAnser!

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