Clash Royale Clan Battle 2v2 Mode – Clan Battle Decks

Clan Battle 2v2 mode is the new Clash Royale game mode comes up with the huge March update! During the Clan Battle, you will get paired with a Clan mate, fighting against an enemy Clan.

clash royale clan battle

The new Clash Royale Clan Battle 2v2 Mode!

The new Clan Battle Mode is a brand new game mode, not special game challenge and It will be staying in the game!

Basic Information:

  • The new Clan Battle Mode is coming on March 24th 2017! Get ready guys!
  • Clan Battle event happens every other weekend, after the Clan Chest event.
  • In Clan Battle, all cards are set to Tournament Standards.
  • To find a new battle with this mode, simply go to the Clan page, press the button and your Clan members will see the invitation pop up. When one accepts it, you will get matched against an enemy Clan.
  • You will be able to see your partner’s deck in a few seconds at the beginning of the battle. You can’t see it during th battle.
  • The Arena map has been slightly extended behind the King’s Tower.
  • Both players have different Elixir Bar with 10 Elixir. (20 Elixir total).
  • Elixir Collector is not shared, only player who deploys the Elixir Collector can gain Elixir from it.
  • Buffers like Rage, Clone etc are shared
  • You can see where your opponent drags their cards.
  • The King’s towers are connected and have doubled firepower.
  • Elixir replenishes 85% as fast.
  • Overtime Elixir replenishes 70% as fast.
  • The bridges are a bit wider.

So this is what it looks like when a Clan member wants to start a Clan Battle! The Join Battle button will show up and anyone can join the battle!

Clan Battle Invitation

And you can see your partner’s deck for a few seconds at the beginning and see which card is being hovered/selected:

For every win, you will award a win to the Clan Battle Chest. The Clan Battle Chest is similar to the Clan Chest (the tiers have the same rewards), except it is based on Clan Battle wins instead of crowns.

Watch more in these videos from Yarn!

Tips for Clash Royale Clan Battle

Shared by MWolverine63

Key Points:

  • Cycle decks and Siege decks shouldn’t be used because there will be a lot of buildings and troops used to distract.
  • Spell Cycle is more viable a lot since you have more Elixir to spend on heavy Spells like Rocket or Lightning. Also, there will be a lot of troops around so you can easily make the most of spells.
  • Since you have more net Elixir, heavy tanks like Lava Hound, Golem etc. become easier to play. You can play the heavy tank at the bridge and your opponent can do the backup while you are low on Elixir.
  • Controlling lanes with splash troops (Bowler, Valkyrie etc) will be critical to winning.
  • Team coordination is a must. Specifically, by having team coordination, you will not over-committing on both offense and defense. Try to chat with your partner by using Skype or any teamspeak.

Building a Clash Royale Clan Battle Deck

The most important point: You should identify your partner before starting the battle.

The best decks in Clan Battle have the synergy with the partner’s deck and within the deck itself.

You want both to have ground/air win conditions. It is not great at all to mix a Lava Hound deck with a Golem Deck because it’s hard to support each other.

Also, you should look for the variety between the decks. You and your partner should have cards that fulfill similar functions but in different ways (for example, Fireball and Poison). You can make your decks a lot stronger by using multiple ways to respond to the similar threats.


Best Clash Battle Deck Combination

Shield Deck:

  • Win Condition: Lighter Tank (Giant, Miner, etc.)
  • Win Condition 2: Glass Cannon (Electro Wizard, Musketeer, etc.)
  • Main Defensive Building: Spawner or Defense (Barbarian Hut, Furnace, Tombstone, etc.)
  • Main Defensive Troop: Tank Shredder (Inferno Tower, Mini Pekka, Inferno Dragon, etc.)
  • Defensive Support: Cheap Defensive Options (Minions, Skeletons Ice Spirit, Ice Golem)
  • Crowd Controller: Splash Defense (Executioner, Bowler, Furnace, Valkyrie, etc.)
  • Heavy Spell: AoE or High Damage (Rocket, Lightning, Fireball, Poison, etc.)
  • Spell: (Tornado, Zap, Log, etc)

Hammer Deck:

  • Win Condition: Heavy Tank (Golem, Lava Hound, P.E.K.K.A)
  • Win Condition 2: Glass Cannon (Electro Wizard, Musketeer, etc.)
  • Counter Push Leader: Mini-tank (Knight, Lumberjack, Ice Golem, Miner)
  • Main Defense: Spawner or Defense (Barbarian Hut, Furnace, Tombstone, etc.)
  • Crowd Controller: Splash Defense (Executioner, Bowler, Furnace, Valkyrie, etc.)
  • Versatile Response Card: Cheap Support (Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Archers, Minions, Dart Goblin)
  • Heavy Spell: AoE or High Damage (Rocket, Lightning, Fireball, Poison, etc.)
  • Spell: (Tornado, Zap, Log, etc)

The Shield Deck is built with the focus on defense. It uses only one win condition, the Giant. You can use this deck offensively but its main focus is defense.

The Hammer Deck is a lot more offensive. Although It is built with the focus on defense, it still has some offensive options.


Clash Royale Clan Battle Decks

The idea behind these decks is each has great offensive and defensive options but they become even a lot more potent when combined together.

One focuses more on defense and the other focuses more on offense. Using these deck archetype allow roles to be more clearly defined. It decreases the possibility of over-committing. This strategy makes it clear who between two is responsible for what. It ensures all gaps in your opponent’s moves are exploited and not missed.

Because both overlap in some arenas (Glass Canon, Heavy Spell and Crowd Controller), It’s great to pick different cards in these places, making the decks a lot more versatile. For example, If one picks Bowler, the other should pick Executioner.

To be continued.

Do you like the new 2v2 Clan Battle Team Mode guys? What decks are you going to use?