Top 10 Underrated Cards in Clash Royale

Hey clashers! RohanReigns back again with another post, this time not with a deck guide but a list of “Top Underrated Cards in the game”.

I will also try to write the improvements or buff that the specific card needs(if it’s possible).

I won’t talk about  legendary cards here. To know about rankings of legendary cards, visit this page!.

No more talking, here goes the list!

underrated cards

Top 10 Underrated Cards in Clash Royale

Note: The list below is in no specific order.

Clash Royale Bomb Tower

Bomb Tower

This tanky building was a nightmare to deal with during the game’s initial launch as it had huge amount of HP and lengthy lifetime.

But as various cards gradually were released, Bomb Tower became vulnerable and easily counterable.

In the current meta, it has got overshadowed by other cards such as Inferno Tower and combos such as Exenado, which perform the same task but are rather more versatile. Especially, Bomb Tower becomes useless against LavaLoon decks and if it’s for distraction purpose, Cannon works too with a low elixir cost.

The reasons for it’s underrating is quite clear and factual.

To improve this card, a death bomb speciality with a slightly more or less damage than a Ballon’s death bomb would be a good decision as it would cover it’s weakness of not killing air troops.

Clash Royale Giant Skeleton

Giant Skeleton

A giant Larry with a Helmet and a Bomb, which explodes like hell when he dies. Sounds interesting but actually he is too much fragile and cheaply counterable.

Just a Knight can counter this 6 elixir epic card, which is why he’s a “elixir-disadvantage-generating” card when used offensively. But in other hand, his death bomb clears all the troops inside it’s radius which can generate a huge elixir advantage during defense.

So yeah, he is good at clearing support troops behind a tank but is not used because Valkrie, Knight and Exenado can do the same job with lesser cost.

A slight HP buff and a bit faster attack speed might help improving this card but may not guarantee him a place in the Arena.

Clash Royale mirror


I loved Mirror when I first got it. It was a real fun to mirror cards to surprise my opponents. But slowly when I started to care about Elixir Trades, I found that this card does nothing but just generates elixir disadvantage.

Lets take an instance to find out how Mirror generates elixir disadvantage:

Suppose you sent a Hog Rider and your opponent stops it with a Inferno Tower. Well, that’s a 1-elixir profit for you. But then as soon as the Inferno Tower destroys, you mirror your Hog, assuming that your opponent won’t be able to counter it since his Inferno is out of rotation. But your opponent places GobGang and you Zap it. In this case, your opponent spent 3 elixir and took some few shots off your Hog, while you used 4+2=6 elixir. Doing a quick math, your net elixir trade is (+1-3=-2) elixirs, which means a negative trade.

Though this may not always happen, this was an example how Mirror generates Negative Elixir Trade.

To improve this card, the mirrored card should be allowed to be placed anywhere in the map, like a Mirrored PEKKA onto their tower.

Lol just kidding xD, there are no any possible ways to buff this card in my opinion.

Clash Royale Dark Prince

Dark Prince

Dark Prince has some cool specialities.

He charges like Prince and does double damage when charged. He has a shield which means you have to break his shield first to whittle down his hitpoints. Rocket or Ligtning him, he is not gonna die if his shield is still on. Moreover, he is a splash-attacker and can counter Graveyard too.

So what makes him an underrated card?

The answer is Valkyrie. She completely overshadows him due to variety of merits.

  1. First, she is a rare card while DP is an epic card. You can easily upgrade Valkyrie by requesting while it may take months to upgrade DP
  2. Second, he is not good at clearing swarms like Valkyrie. Valkyrie can completely clear a GobGang or Skarmy when placed ideally in the middle but DP can’t. In short, he is not a 360° Attacker like Valkyrie.
  3. Third, although he has a shield, his total hitpoints is lesser than that of Valkyrie’s at tournament standard.

You can read more about the comparison here.

To bring him back into the arena, a slight DPS increase and making him efficient at clearing swarms would be the best options.


Clash Royale Prince


Like his brother, he is pretty weak in upper arenas as he can be countered too much easily and with cheaper cost. He has better substitutions like Mini Pekka or Lumberjack or Bandit. But he can be still seen in popular decks.

He is perfect at converting a defense into a dangerous offense.

This card is balanced but a slight decrease in charging time can help bring him in the meta like Bandit.

Clash Royale Tesla

Hidden Tesla

Another underrated defensive building. It is also overshadowed by Inferno Tower since Inferno has more hitpoints and is a reliable counter to big tanks than Tesla.

Despite of its ability to hide underground, it has low lifetime and is simply counterable. While countering Hogs and melee troops, Cannon works the same. While countering Heavy Tanks, Inferno is the best. While countering swarms, there’s Bomb Tower.

That being said, Tesla is pretty much useless.

Sadly, Clash Royale has decided not to encourage defensive gameplay so expecting any kind of buff is fruitless.

Clash Royale Rage


The reason why Rage spell is underrated is because of Lumberjack. Along with Death Rage, Lumberjack can shred tanks and needs a response if used offensively for only two more elixir.

So using Rage instead of Lumberjack will be a dumb idea.

But Rage spell can act as cycle card and a surprise spell too in some decks. It boosts 35% DPS of troops inside it which is pretty cool!

But it is useless in the current meta as it doesn’t bring major interactions in defense or offense.

I don’t think this card is underpowered, it’s the uselessness that makes it underrated.

Clash Royale Clone Spell


Clone spell seemed to be OP when it was going to be released but ended up to be a worst spell. Though it works well with Lava Hound and Golems, the clones can be countered with any spell.

Usually cloning a troop is completely useless these days with the increased use of Tornado, which can take out the clones.

Clone just got a recent buff as cloning speed was increased. But it didn’t cover it’s weakness. So I think Clone also has no any ways to get buffed.

Clash Royale Spear Goblins

Spear Goblins

I remember when every deck contained Spear Goblins and it was just about ten months ago. And then they were completely replaced by Archers.

Spear Goblins can be Zapped while Archers can’t be Logged, Zapped and Arrowed too! That’s the reason why Archers took place of Spear Gobs in every deck out there.

But still they are good at chipping towers and as a cycle or distraction card.

Currently, Goblin Gang is way much better than Spear Goblins. You guys should already know the reason.

Buffing this card indirectly buffs Goblin Gang too, which is balanced right now. So I think it shouldn’t receive any buff.

Clash Royale Goblin Hut


Goblin Hut

Goblin Hut are perfect cards to create pressure in a lane but Furnaces work better than it as the Fire Spirits can do splash damage. Especially Goblin Huts are great in Beatdown decks as the Spear Goblins get accumulated behind your tank.

In spite of it’s HP buff, it still couldn’t make it’s way into the meta as because your opponent can simply ignore the Goblin Hut and execute a push in the other lane since you’ve wasted 5 elixirs for nothing but some chip damage.

I think a more faster rate of Spear Goblins production can inprove this card and make it a more pressure-creating card.


So that’s it guys! Hope you found this post informative. If I’ve missed anything,do let me know in the comment section below. I will always try to improve my post next time. Thanks for reading, clash on!