What do you think about Mortar Decks?

I see that a lot of players don’t like Mortar Decks and complaining about it all the time. Today, I have decided to write a small post about this, to explain why you should give it a try before making your own opinions on it. Trust me guys, there are some pretty good reasons to use Mortar in Clash Royale!

Clash Royale Mortar Deck


Why you should give Mortar Deck a try

  1. You can beat higher level players as long as you play Mortar correctly, especially when you are at Arena 7+ and want to push to late-Arena 7, where you face many level 9 players with level 4 and 5 Epic Cards. When you use Mortar Decks, most of the time, the fights happen on your side, which means you have the help from Crown Towers. This even becomes better when you have Elixir Collector and defensive buildings beside. Also, you can easily play for a draw when you think it’s impossible to win.
  2. You can beat Bomb Tower and Freeze Decks with ease. Trust me, using Mortar decks is the best way to counter those ones. If you really hate those kinds of decks and want to play recklessly, you definitely should give Mortar a try. Obviously never underestimate your opponents but in most cases, a siege deck is usually good against a control deck as control deck uses cheap cards and they are not enough to penetrate into your side.
  3. Mortar Decks are extremely Free-To-Play friendly since it doesn’t require any Epic. When you feel you just can’t push without high level Epics, give the Mortar a try. Mortar Deck uses only Commons and a few Rares (I did face some Mortar decks using Baby Dragon). All you need to do is to request Commons and Rares everyday to grind up your deck. Those cards are all you need to push to 3000+ trophies.
  4. For some players, it’s very fun to use! With a siege deck, the control you have over your opponent is overwhelming. Most of your opponents would say “It is very boring” but truly boring is a relative opinion. It’s not easy at all to use and control a Mortar Deck. You will only find it strong If you enjoy it.
  5. Yes, it’s not an instant win. A lot of players think it doesn’t take a single skill to use Mortar Deck, that is entirely wrong. You should go a try the Mortar in Arena 7 and above as most players below don’t have enough experience to defend against the Mortar. Getting a wining streak with Mortar is not easy at all. It’s just like using a Golem deck, it takes a dozen of battles before you become proficient at it.
  6. You can use Mortar in any trophy range and even top players have been using Mortar! Mortar Deck works well against a lot of popular decks in all Arenas.
  7. You can counter other Mortar Decks. The best way to lean how to counter Mortar Decks is to use a Mortar Deck. Playing for draw is fairly easy and even If you lose the battle, you will easily start learning from your mistake and when you don’t use Mortar anymore, you will know how Mortar players better. Sometimes, I can easily figure out players using Mortar before they drop it.
  8. Trying new decks is always fun. I have been using loads of decks and I am not a fan of Mortar. I love playing Control Decks and trying to get an Elixir advantage with cheap cards but I did really enjoy playing Mortars. It’s not boring at all!

I am not here to tell you have to use or have to enjoy Mortar guys. I just want to prove that Mortar is completely okay and truly we don’t need a Mortar nerf at all.

What do you think about this guys? Please share your opinions!