Free Chest Is Better Than Silver Chest!

In Clash Royale, you can get Free Chest after every 4 hours and the Silver Chest after every win match (most of the time). We all think that the Silver Chest is better than the free one. But is it really true? No I don’t think so. Let’s discuss about this today guys!


Free Chest Vs. Silver Chest, which one is better?

Silver chest can be obtained after almost every Clash Royale win match and you can get the Wooden (Free) Chest for free after every 4 hours. For months, I have seen a lot of players can get good cards (Epic and even Legendary) in those Free Chests.

Most of my Epic Cards come from Free Chests, for sure. I got 1 Baby Dragon yesterday and 1 Witch last week from Free Chests. At least for me, Silver Chests rarely contain Epic. They have the same amount of cards but the chances to get good cards from Free Chests are higher. I can get at least 2 Rares from 4 chests everyday.

2 screenshots below were shared by AuzzieZiggy and PineappleBombs. They were extremely lucky! Oh I have no idea about this guys!

Legendary Cards from Free Chests in Clash Royale

Do you agree with me about this guys?

  • KStu

    I absolutely agree that free chests are better than silver. I have gotten a total of 1 epic from silver chests, and at least 4 from free chests. I also got an Ice Wizard from a free chest just yesterday! (note the locations of the swirls around the picture, this is my own screenshot, not just a re-upload of the one in this article)

    • Mika Plastik

      Totally agree. I get an epic card everyday by free chest, no lie…

    • Will Potter

      You are very lucky mate! Congrats!
      I hope I can find my own Legendary Card in the Free Chest oneday.

      • Gaurav Lakhotia

        Are you in a clan will?

        • Will Potter

          Yea I am in a small Clan :D.

          • Gaurav Lakhotia

            Can you tell the name and tag? I would like to join.

          • Will Potter

            I am so sorry mate, my Clan is always full :(.

          • Hulk the Hylian

            You said small though, don’t lie to the guy

          • Will Potter

            Why I have to do that?

    • Vishal

      how do you people tap on chests? :p
      do you tap fast or slow? i am not getting a single epic from silver or free even from crown chest.

      • Emerson

        I don’t think it matters weather you go slow or fast. The cards are pre-determined before hand.

        • Luis Plaza

          it dosent lmao

    • Matthew MacLeod

      What arena was the free chest?


    Hi mate!! I have a big rule for clash royale which named (FECTS), that if you completely do like the rule you can win almost all the time!!!
    If you want, I may tell you.

    • Gaurav Lakhotia

      Tell us

  • meet
  • Reid

    I agree. Generally i am more excited for the free chests than the silver chests actually. But opening silver chests get you closer to those lovely magical chests 🙂

    Reid @

    • Will Potter

      Yea LOL

      • aleander clash

        Just got these. Hope I get the wizards also. Btw there is a legendary card in arena 5 in the list of cards to unlock what is it?

        • Will Potter

          Very nice!
          You can get any Legendary card at Arena 5 buddy :D.

          • nope. only ice wiz not princess

  • jb cabacungan

    so is it also better than the golden chest?

    • Will Potter

      Nah, can’t be better than Golden Chest. I still can get Epic Cards from Golden Chest :D.

      • jb cabacungan

        maybe im just not lucky in opening golden chest 🙁 i haven’t got any epic there

        • Will Potter

          You will get one soon from Free Chest. Don’t worry mate!

          • Gaurav Lakhotia

            Hey will Is there any guide on Crown Chest. Cause i think it is also best for me cause as soon as i got in arena 3 i got a crown chest which contained only epic card . Only epic!!!!!!!!!

          • William Ryan

            dayummm son you got it good that time

  • aleander clash

    Yes it’s true. After waiting for months I got my hog rider from free chest and today I got the inferno from free chest. Silver is good for upgrading ur cards but u don’t get rare or epic that much. I depend on my clanmates.

    • Will Potter

      Clan mates are epic! LOL

    • Are you exaggerating? I haven’t played for even a month yet and spent no gems and I have all cards in Arena 7. Snake(RedName) Clan:Ruin wt. 7000 monthly donations.

  • Prax

    Man i TOTALLY agree. I had 2 of these things and I got 1 rage in one and giant skeleton in the other. It’s just awesome.

    • Will Potter


  • Adam

    RIGHT after I read this article I unlock the prince in a free chest. 🙂

  • Tam

    Yeah I agree the free chest can give better cards silver is pants tho the crown chest is the winner for me.I’m in arena 4 and the omly good thing is the coins silver chest drops

  • Gee11

    Yes, I may agree to that because i almost only got common cards in silver chest but I just got my ice wizard in the silver chest, I think it’s just probability

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much Gee! Hope you can get more Legendary cards in the future :D.

  • Worminators

    In theory, free chest is a silver chest with gems inside
    epic/legendary cards rarity should be the same

    • Will Potter

      Yea. I just want to clarify this a bit :D.

    • Floppy Kong

      Where do you get that from?

  • Angel Grozd

    of course free chest is better .If you don’t open free chest and you are close to the next arena .and you reach the next arena and open the chest there is a chance to get cards from the new arena you reached

    • Will Potter

      Nah, the Chest contains only cards of your Arena when you get it and lower :D.

      • Air Waves

        This isn’t true; the free chest contains cards from the arena you are in and below, regardless of when you recieved it.

        • Will Potter

          I don’t think so.

          • Floppy Kong

            Yeah, he is right I have tested it. For both free and crown chests, they contain cards from the arena you are in when you Open it. This is unlike the victory chests, which are based on the arena you played the match in to get a victory to earn the chest.

      • Elliot Winn

        No freeChest gives you cards from whatever arena you are in. Same with crown

        • Will Potter

          This is exactly the same thing I said above dude.

  • Alvin Kim

    I see many people getting legendary from free chest but i think it’s just that u get to open 2 free chest because over the night, u will unlock 2 free chest while u unlock 1 silver chest during night, i have friend that got legendary from silver chest 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Most of my good cards are from Free Chests, for sure :D.

  • Kev

    Got a Wotch Today and a Giant Skeleton Yesterday from Free Chests. I told my clan mates that Free chest is OP 😛

    • Will Potter

      Awesome! Congrats Kev!

  • brandon allen

    Yup, free chest is awesome

    • Will Potter

      Yea xD

  • brandon allen

    I also got a ice wizard from it 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Awesome buddy xD

    • sremmy 159

      twinning you are just like me congrats. But when you got it did it say 3 and did you get the gems? cause i didnt get the gems and it said 3. i got 8 commons then a mini pekka then i see a non square shape card, and im like “No way. this didnt just happen”.

  • Jon

    meme territory: clash royale clan! join now!

  • Robert Y.

    Kinda sucks that I can only play once a day, I only get to open 2 free chests a day 🙁

    • Will Potter

      Hmm but I think opening the game for a few minutes everyday is not that hard, right?

      • Elliot Winn

        What I said is if the free Chet unlocks in arena 1 and you go up to arena 4 it could have 4 and below

  • LucAs

    I’ve gotten 3 giant skeletons in the last 3 days, all from free chests. Meanwhile, my last arena 3 silver chest before arena 4 gave me one Xbow.

    • Will Potter

      Wow this is so cool! xD xD

  • Mesier83

    I think that Free Chests are better than silver,I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that most of people I know got their legendary cards in a Free chest.
    Btw I just got the Lava Hound today!

    • Will Potter

      Wow! You are super lucky man! Congrats!

  • herro

    I have gotten 5 epics in silver chest and over 15 from free chest. Free > silver

    • Will Potter


      • Kyskid

        Dude I see you in every clash of royal forum it’s creeping me out mate

        • Will Potter


        • abs

          dude i think hes the admin

  • MasterLH

    Absolutely agree to this!
    I got the ice wizard from a free chest!
    Now i’m trying to open as many free chests as possible to get the sparky 😉

    • Will Potter

      xD I hope you can get the Sparky soon! You are a very lucky guy!

      • Kyskid


  • MinecraftFan 238

    I also think that the free chest is much better than the silver chest. Yesterday I got the Lava Hound and the X-Bow from only two free chests! I think I only got two or three epics from silver chests… and now every epic is level two! 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Congrats man! That’s awesome!

  • clasherwins

    i got most of my epics from a free chest i like silver for the commons

    • Will Potter

      LOL This is pretty true!

  • William

    i get sparky today at free chest damn lucky

  • bla87 000

    I want a legend from a free chest soooooooooooooooo bad

    • Vane

      I do too. Every other person I play has one. I envy their luck!

    • Will Potter

      Good luck to you then! xD

  • Hunter ThunderDust

    I got a legendary in a silver chest

  • sremmy 159

    silver sucks they dont have squat, they take 3 hours just to get 10 royal giants smh, while i got ice wizard from a free! i unlocked pekka back in arena 4 from a free!

  • abs

    i always knew silver was horendous although did get prince from it

  • KekTheTurtle

    yaaaayyyyyyyyy lava hound

    • Will Potter


  • Kishen Binda

    I got ‘The Log’ in a free chest. The next day I got a ‘Lavahound’ in a magical chest. Then 20 hours later which was the next day I got another ‘Lavahound’. I also got ‘Sparky’ in a silver chest.

    • Will Potter

      What the hell man. You are a super lucky guy!

      • Kishen Binda

        Thx I hope that you will be just as lucky as I am. BTW….. yesterday I got a Mega Minion offer. Today I got an Epic Chest offer. Hours later I got a Legendary Chest. The next chest that I got after the Legendary chest was an Epic Chest. Today I have Mega Minion offer, Epic Chest offer, a Legendary Chest and an Epic Chest. 2 Epic Chests. Too.bad I don’t have enough gems and gold to buy both. I got all of the things from the update in the game on one day. I’m so lucky. And like I said I hope that you are just as lucky as I am. Peace.

        • Will Potter

          The Epic Chest is always after the Legendary Chest buddy xD.

  • Awonycoy Huggywuggy

    I got my lava hiund from my golden chest. Soz no screenshots, i just tap like mad to get it over and done with.

    • Will Potter

      Congrats buddy 😀

  • Harsh Dogra I must be a pretty lucky person to get an ice wizard from a silver chest.

    • Will Potter

      Yea you are so lucky man!

  • Srmdhn
    • Will Potter

      Nice one. Congrats buddy!