Clash Royale Quiz – How Well Do You Know Clash Royale?

Hello guys,

Welcome to the Clash Royale Quiz!

How long have you been playing Clash Royale? Do you really know everything in the game? Let’s finish this small quiz and see!


But first, we have a few rules that you need to follow here

  1. Don’t use Google, Bing or any search engine. Stay on this page until you finish the Quiz.
  2. Don’t cry.

When was Clash Royale soft-launched?

What about Global release?

Which card players don't get in the first battle?

Mini P.E.K.K.A is unlockable from

How much does it take to open a Silver Chest?

How much does it take to open a Super Magical Chest?

At the begining of the battle, both players start with

During the first 2 minutes, 1 Elixir is produced every...

What is the maximum level of Common?

What is the size of the Arena in the battle?

You will drop to the Arena below when you are lower than the promotion requirement...

Arena which has the most cards available to be unlocked is

Arena 3 is unlocked at

How many kinds of chests do we have in the game?

What is the King's maximum level?

Which one doesn't belong to Training Camp?

Which one doesn't belong to Bone Pit?

Which one doesn't belong to Arena 1?

Minion Horde is unlocked from

Minions are unlocked at

At Tournament Standard, how much damage does Rocket deal to the Tower?

At Tournament Standard, how much damage does Zap deal to the Tower?

When destroyed, Tombstone spawns

Upon death, Lava Hound burts into

Ice Spirit can freeze anything for

At Tournament Standard, Golem's DPS is

At Tournament Standard, Giant's Skeleton death damage is

X-Bow's attack range is

At Tournament Standard, Hog Rider's damge is

Barbarian Hut spawns 2 Barbarians every

How many Skeletons does the Skeleton Army contain?

At Tournament Standard, Guard's Shield HP is

Royal Giant's attack range is

Witch spawns Skeletons every

At level 4, Freeze's duration is

How many Skeletons does the Graveyard spawn in total?

Mortar's attack range is

The Log's range?

  • Robmob3000

    First comment!

    • Robmob3000

      22 correct

  • Francuac

    22 out of 38

    • Robmob3000

      Me to

  • Reyner

    18/30 meh…ill take it

  • mm21

    got 19/38 lol. but there are nine chest types
    -free chest
    -super magical
    -crown chest
    -legendary chest
    -epic chest

    • Will Potter

      Fixed this. Thanks man xD

  • DevastatorTNT

    Guys, there are 9 (free, crown, silver, golden, giant, magical, super magical, legendary, epic) in clash royale, and I’m not even counting the tourney ones… Nice quiz btw 23/38

    • Abdullahi Adedayo

      What about wooden chest at trainning ground

      • Abed Daouk

        Wooden chest is the free chest

        • Tijn Willemsen

          nope it is a free chest and a wooden chest

      • DevastatorTNT

        True that, altough it’s the same sprite as the free chest

      • Will Potter

        Wooden Chest is counted as Free Chest xD

    • SyS

      You forgot tournment chest

      • DevastatorTNT

        I wrote it

    • Rambo Vorsta

      Doesn’t the wooden chest in the beginning count?

      • Will Potter

        Sorry but I count it as the free chest.

        • Wild Wolves

          Yea wooden chests are the free chests, which are surprisingly better that silver for some weird reason

        • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

          Will long time no chat. Anyways and still same as always, I just submitted a miner deck…I don’t trust technology so could you please let you know you received it?

          • Will Potter

            Sorry for the late reply.
            Got your review. Gotta post It soon If it’s good enough. Thanks again FOX!

          • F▪▪▪▪▪▪O▪▪▪▪▪▪X

            I hope you find that it is. It’s not my main deck but it is a fun way to change the game up if you lean on tanks. The only reason you might find it hit/miss is if your opponent has fireball/lightning. Last night I only won 3 challenges because the three I lost to all had one of those cards today I’m very lucky and am so far 8-0 because most of them dont

          • Will Potter

            I really like your deck. Posted it today. Sorry for taking that so longgg!

    • Cserta Marton

      In the training camp: wooden chest,
      but not 10, because tournament chest is the 11.

    • LOL Abel YouTube


    • LOL Abel YouTube

      Yes 9chests!

      • LOL Abel YouTube

        And if tournament chests have 2 types, so 11 or 9

  • Sora

    27/38…I’ve been playing the game since its release in March and couldn’t remember what that was lol

    • Will Potter

      haha that’s awesome Sora!

  • IronWrath

    The graveyard spawns 20 skeletons not 17

    • PoisonKnight

      The graveyard does not spawn 20 skeletons, it does not spawn anything for the first 1.5 secs.

    • Will Potter

      It spawns 17 Skeletons, for sure xD

    • Will Potter

      Its deploy time is 1.5s then 1 Skeleton each 0.5s.

      (10s-1.5s)/0.5s = 17 Skeletons

  • LH dude

    25/38 B] guess I got a D…

    • Aidan McFarland


    • Will Potter

      Haha not bad at all!

  • jacob ji

    got all right

  • Juan Morales

    More quizzes!!!!!

    • Jedi Master Awesome

      I agree

    • Will Potter

      Soon xD

  • Jedi Master Awesome

    22 out of 38!! Not to shabby I have to say

    • Will Potter

      Yea not bad at all!

  • Anthony Peterson

    Pretty awesome quiz here, 24 out of 38, the range questions got me and the lava pup spawn amount got me too, but otherwise was very fun to take! You should totally make more of these in the future!

    • Will Potter

      I will do more in the future for sure. Thanks a lot mate!

  • Andrew Barnes



    Realy wonderful QUIZ

    • Will Potter

      Thanks man. Glad you like it!

  • LIN/(88

    For some reason the lava hound burts into lava pups

    • Will Potter


  • LIN/(88

    I got 26/38 but the graveyard spawns 20 skellies and there was no option for that

    • PoisonKnight

      the graveyard does not spawn 20 skellies, it does not spawn anything for the first 1.5 secs.

      • LIN/(88

        oh ya

    • Will Potter

      Graveyard has 1.5 load time.
      (10s-1.5s)/0.5 = 17 Skeletons. Correct me If I am wrong. Thanks LIN!

  • BestManEver

    I don’t really understand some things – graveyard spawns skeletons for 10 sec with 0.5sec step. That means 20 skeletons in total, no? And though I answered correctly, I wanna know why the correct answer to mortar question is 4.5-11 if it is said that its max range is 11.5?

    • Zigge

      Graveyard doesn’t spawn any Skeles for 1.5s in the beginning. Mortar… Idk

      • BestManEver

        oh, okay =/
        still wondering about the mortar

        • Antonio

          mortar doesnt target units between itself and 4.5 tiles, so its range goes from there (4.5 tiles) to its maximum (11)

          • BestManEver

            Mate, I do know that the minimum is 4.5, but I still don’t understand why the maximum is 11 (according to this quiz). In the description it is written that the maximum range is 11.5 tiles.
            Am I not getting it? ^_^’

        • Zigge


    • Jedi Master Awesome

      Wow well done on the score that’s the best I’ve seen so far! I thought the graveyard spawned 20 as well but then as someone mentioned it thanks 1.5 seconds to start and as for the mortar I have no idea

    • Will Potter

      Graveyard has 1.5 loadtime xD.
      You are right about the Mortar. I am going to fix it right now. Thank you very much :D.

  • Zigge

    Some of these are so weird…

    • Will Potter

      haha yea.

  • Ishmam

    30/38. Not bad!

    • Jedi Master Awesome

      Well done!! That’s really good dude!

  • Zeus 325


  • VyᎡen


    I honestly have no idea about the tourney standards questions apart from rocket cause of Molt (503 is the magic number)

  • Core

    lel 14/38 and i have the game since release … Im Legendary Arena and have all cards, but i really suck at that quiz :O

    • Will Potter

      haha good luck next time bro!

  • aCTiV4t3


    • Will Potter


  • aCTiV4t3

    New question : How to make free 10000 Gem tournaments ? I know the answer, it’s a tedious method but with enough people you will have lots of fun. Reply if you need it.

    • Lightning King

      yes.. tell us

      • aCTiV4t3

        Hehehe. Here you go :

        When you pay for Gems in Clash Royale (i prefer Android for this method) you can retire the payments you just made (it’s forced by law in EU). Nobody stops you from spending the acquired goods before doing that, though.

        You just need to create some Google Accounts, then using CR on each one of them, bring them to lvl 8 to start the tournament.

        Tip : You can store quite a big amount of account to get an enormous load of cards (me and my friends have 10 account already and we have guaranteed a win for each one of us).

        You just need to pay, spend and retire gems for each account. The used accounts will have negative gems and will be usable only as complete F2P.

        Tip 2 : If you want to earn something, you can distrubute a fake password link using AdFly. Or you can sell the used accounts without showing the gems amount.

        Hope you understand !

    • Francisco Gutierrez


      • aCTiV4t3

        Check my answer below 🙂

  • Cheezy Pizza

    26/38, basically everything I got wrong was at the end, all those tourney standard and range questions got me, you should totally do more of these in the future, this was the most fun I’ve had on this website! 😀

    • Will Potter

      The last questions are the hardest but 26 correct answers is great buddy xD
      Will do more quizs in the future!

  • H2 Rothmann


    • Will Potter


  • Gamewarrior

    30/38 I’m deffintaly recomming this!

    • Will Potter

      Wow that’s impressive!

  • Lightning King

    WOW! I thought i knew a lot more…. I only got 30/38…. That’s only about 79%

    • Will Potter

      That’s pretty impressive buddy!

  • xCrGaming

    Been playing almost since release, currently in legendary arena, but still only 18/38. tbh, I don’t care about scores.

    • Lorenzo Moscatelli

      Same here.. Haha

  • PoisonKnight


  • Untitled

    22/38. The graveyard spell spawn 20 skeletons in total btw. T_T

    • That Guy

      nope it spawns 16 because of deploy time and stuff

      • ManSH

        17 actually. It takes 1.5s before it starts to spawn skeletons, so 10-1.5/0.5=17.

        • Untitled

          Wow i forgot about the start time. Thanks for correcting me

    • Will Potter

      Graveyard doesn’t spawn anything in the first 1.5s

  • Matthew Fisk

    UHMMMMMM MISTER THERE ARE 11 CHESTS DOOOOOD (Silver, Gold, Free, Wooden, Crown, Giant, Magical, Super Magical, Legendary, Epic, and Tourney)

    • That Guy

      Wooden and free are the same

      • MaybeDylan

        its still 11 cuz of challenge chests??

      • Matthew Fisk

        they have the same sprite, but are different chests

        • Will Potter




      • Will Potter

        Challenge Chest and Tournament Chest are pretty the same haha

  • Hermione Potter


    • Will Potter

      Wow you are the best so far!

  • Pruthivi Raj

    30/38 Wow!!

    • Will Potter

      Awesome xD

  • Supreme Gaming

    Clash Royale Quiz
    You got 28 out of 38

    • Will Potter

      Nice xD

  • Crimson


  • Sage King

    Clash Royale Quiz
    You got 26 out of 38

    • Will Potter

      Haha nice man!

  • jacob ji

    Got a 100%

  • Rayan Farhan

    Got 24 of 38

    • Will Potter

      Nice one!

  • Joe

    No! I got 37 out of 38, admitted some were guesses.. But so close!

  • Jason Luo



    I GOT A C- WHOO!!!!!! 73% 28/38

    • Will Potter


  • H2 Rothmann


  • Fardeen Siddiki


    • Will Potter

      Not bad at all!

  • Dreshan

    21 hhh

  • Miguel Azuaga

    There are actualy 9 chests not 10 ……..

    • Will Potter

      Free, Silver, Gold, Crown, Giant, Magical, Super Magical, Epic, Legendary, Tournament :D.

      • Miguel Azuaga

        hmmm tournament

        • Rylek

          I got 34/38

      • John

        What about challenge chests?

  • The C.I.A


  • Christian Aleman

    this quiz is bugged i put 11.5 tiles on log BUT it said i got it wrong

    • Damien Kim

      Log’s distance is 11.6.

  • Christian Aleman

    but i still got 24 out of 38 😀

  • Antehman 0

    I got 24!

  • Jacob Knudson

    The graveyard one is wrong

    • Will Potter

      Why? The spell has 1.5s delay itself.

      • Wray Blake Rogers

        OHHHH I see delete my comment :/

  • Joseph Lee

    There are silver, gold, magical, giant, super magical, legendary, epic, free, crown, challenge and tourney/tournament chests. But awesome quiz, though 🙂

    • Chained Chaos

      You forgot wooden, the ones you get from training camp at the start of the game.

  • Joseph Lee

    When it says the maximum level of common (Q9), the answer should actually be 14 because of the mirror BUT WHO CARES?????

  • Rick

    I got just 24 out of 38 need to increase my knowledge it seems the launch time for the gane lost me though

    • Tong156390

      Me too

  • Damien Kim

    31/38… Im bad at dmage stats.

    • Will Potter

      Yea but that’s very good for sure!

  • Rylek

    Omg 37/38

  • JOEL



  • Anas Amakrane

    15/38 LOL

    • Will Potter

      Good luck next time hehe

  • kwugfighter

    Yay I got 29/38. Woohoo!

    • Will Potter

      Nice haha

  • GamerDaily

    Man, 28 out of 38… I’m real bad at card stats 😛

  • Grant the Garbage

    Am I a no life if i got every one right cause i’m worried

    • Rylek

      Lol same here bro

  • Vexcrate Gaming



    Man! I got 31 over 38. I stink.

    • Will Potter

      31 is awesome man!

  • 210577

    32/38, this quiz is impossible. 😛

    BTW: There are way more than 10 types of chests counting tourneys

    • Will Potter

      Thank you. That’s great. I am going to improve this quiz soon!

  • Isaac Turon

    lol I’m in Frozen Peak and I got 13

  • Adit Gopalan

    I am in Builders workshop and I got 21

  • Jackson the Demon

    I’m in Spell Valley and I got 26.

  • Jackson the Demon

    There are actually 12 types of chest.

  • Wray Blake Rogers

    Graveyard spawns 20. 10 / 0.5 = 20

    • Rylek

      No because it takes 1.5 seconds to start up

    • Fathan Khansa

      i think so XD

  • Nicky Chen

    lmao im around 4k and i got less than 20

  • Brandon Zunomei Williams

    7/38 ._. guess i dont deserve to have 2627 trophies after all

  • Terrolizer

    not bad i guess

  • Chained Chaos

    Got 30/38. Not sure why it says mortar’s range is 4-11 altho it’s 11.5