How to Win Every Time + Pro Tips

Hello guys, Today I am going to show you some great tips to get more wins in Clash Royale. Sounds interesting? Okay, let’s start guys!

Win Every Time in Clash Royale

First, I’m going to give you guys another very important tip on how to win more. A lot people have been using some of the great decks I’ve been sharing on my Clash Royale Arena. I’ve tested all of those decks and have spent a good amount of time going through all of them, making sure they have great synergy. So you guys know my decks will be good. But, I always have some people complaining that they’re not having success, while majority of the people are. Now there are many reasons to this. It doesn’t mean that you’re a bad player, but you need experience with using all the different types of cards and decks before you can truly master it. For example, you might be accustomed to using just 1 deck and never tried a different strategy before with a different card. It will take time before you can master using that card and all the different combinations for attacking, as well as combinations for defending.


Not only that, another very important factor for winning is the level of your cards. This is a very important tip. Your deck should be based around your highest level cards, but also must be synergistically good. What I mean by this is, if you have a level 1 Epic card in your deck, then once you get to like Arena 4, it may not be worth using that level 1 Epic card anymore as it’s just too weak compared to the other cards. This is why I recommend focusing on upgrading one or two epic cards and not try to collect as many as you can. Epic cards are usually your lowest level cards, and level of your cards is extremely important, so you limit yourself from using too many of them in your deck. Simply just using all your highest level cards may not always work, you need to make sure every card works together and you have good combinations. Just to give you one example of how important the level of cards is, a level 4 Fireball is able to kill a level 3 Musketeer in 1 shot, but not a level 4 Musketeer. This is a big difference that can easily translate to a win or loss.

Now I’m going to tell you guys a secret most people know about. Here’s a fact, every free2play player goes on a big losing streak at least once. Ever wonder why? This is a result of the matchmaking system when playing in long sessions. You will be paired up against someone close to your level in the first few matches, but usually when you continue to play more than 5 matches at a time, you start getting paired up against tougher and higher level opponents. Regardless of whether you win or lose, if you continue to play, then you will continue to get paired up against tougher opponents. I’ve tested this and many others have as well and have found it to be true. So if you’re someone who plays in long sessions and wonder why you start going on a losing streak right after you were winning so much, then this is why. So what is the best way to play?

The best way to play and avoid these losing streaks if to play periodically, in short sessions. I don’t recommend playing more than 5 games a time, even if you won all 5 games, it may be best to stop playing game and continue playing later. I also don’t recommend that you continue playing if you started losing 2 or 3 games in a row. Once you get to that short loss streak, stop playing, take a short break, and then play again later. I found this to be the best way to be successful in this game.

This guide was submitted by Ash, check his YouTube channel at here.
Thanks for reading guys! Hopefully you found this post helpful. Please do not hesitate to comment If you need any help!

  • Rohan Nagpal

    awesome awesome awesome…you are just damn awesome bro.
    thanks for the tips

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome mate!

      • alcatraz

        I don’t get it. I’m at arena 4 but I’ve still lvl1 epics . it’s mentioned above that we should constantly keep upgrading the ones we use most but how tf does one find cards to do so? Besides the shop…I have an xbow and g- barrel …please comment on this

        • Will Potter

          There are 2 ways to get cards in game: Opening Chests and Buying them in shop. It’s just about the luck dude. Keep opening chests and you can get them one day!

          • Remin Ali

            1. Even if there was a chest order if I attack with full chests what are my chances of losing a magical chest?
            2. What do you prefer to use to push from arena 3-4

          • Will Potter

            Hello mate,
            1. No, the order will stop. You will never lose any single chest.
            3. I have post a lot of Arena 3 Decks at here, you should give them a try mate!

  • Lucas BeAben

    OMFG Will Potter tou thaaaaa best

    • Will Potter

      LOL. Thank you Lucas!

      • Lightning King


        • Lightning King

          oops srry

  • Ultimit☆Cuest

    Oh wow, never thought about the losing streak reason tip XD. Great job! That’s amazing… will be sure to limit my CR time. Keep it up ;D

    • Will Potter

      xD You are very welcome mate! Good luck!

  • Fallen Nazgul

    you are not worng mate with the losing streak teory, but today i break it i made like 20 games in a row between 1000 and 1100 trohpies, to arena 4 and i made it. but thank for your help and this good site.

  • •Nishi Patel•

    just lost 200+ trophies and went from arena 3 to 2 in like 1 hour… i was pretty devastated…. i went on a huge losing streak because i was frustrated i kept losing. 🙁

    • Benjo

      Same thing happened to me 🙁

    • Roberto Kartoredjo

      i lost 200+ in less then 1 hour

      • Humanblaze (AiR-Blaze)

        same XD 1560 – 1360 like wtf

        • Trump Wall

          Hey Humanblaze, if you need a deck check the video i put below, i went from arena 4 to arena 7 and i still use it in arena 7 and win battles. It is witch and giant deck and its totally dominate if u use it correctly! I hope this helps! Subscribe and like if u like it, thanks!

          • Cooper Cheetham

            This right here! THANK YOU!

          • Trump Wall

            No problem, i really hope this helps! Plz subsrcibe/share my channel and like my videos for more content!

          • Vivan

            Why the hell do u keep on spamming don’t be desperate punk

          • Lightning King

            ikr….. dude post ur spam somewhere else…. ur so stupid….

          • Lightning King

            ur audio quality is crap.. and so is ur content.

        • MLGMLGMLG

          that’s nothing I went from 2000 to 1400

          • Lightning King

            i lost 120 trophies in three matches…. r u mad.. thats 40 trophies a match.. and i lost to ppl a level higher than me

          • MLGMLGMLG

            ok that’s just bad matchmaking feel bad 4 u 🙁

          • Greenlazer

            Me too mlgmlgmlg

    • Kartik Chaturvedi

      sam here dude just now happening!!!!
      since last i have lost 200 trophies n so damn frustrated
      this game aint happenin for me

  • Darshan

    Plz tell me a deck that dont have drag ,skeleton army ,ballon …i am lvl6 …i hav pekka, xbow ,zap ,inferno,witch ,prince,barb ,tesla,all others plz tell …plz help

    • LucAs

      I’m doing really well in Pekka’s playhouse right now with this deck: Knight, Bomber, Archers, Arrows, Giant Skeleton, Goblin Barrel, Minions, and the Tombstone. Try it out!

  • Junaid Nujum

    Ash u rocked i am goonna doo ssoooo and im going to rule …….thanks buddy

  • Napakawaca

    I found the losing streak strategy also. i realized it after 2 months. What a waste.

    • Will Potter

      Yea :(.

  • Hadi

    Hi Ash, I wonder, how long should I wait after finishing 5 games? Regards

    • Will Potter

      Maybe a couples of hours mate! Just stop playing when you get a losing streak :(.

      • Hadi

        Thank you Will Potter. Right now I’m in arena 5. However, I’m stuck at 1600+ and can’t reach arena 6. I tried to change into new deck and combo, it’s cost me 100-200 trophy. Really disappointed. Maybe it’s because I played more than 5 games in a row. Now I’m trying to get those trophy back.

        • Will Potter

          I hope you can reach Arena 7 soon buddy. Please comment whenever you need help!

  • YA Vol

    great advice on staying short on battles.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you mate! Glad that you found this helpful!

      • Stephen Campbell

        Great advice.. I’m just hanging out at spell valley, but barely play cause i want the ice wizard…
        Sadly I realized that isn’t happening lol.

  • KatipoTK

    Whst is the minimum time you suggest waiting between sessions?

    • Will Potter

      At least 1 hour If you can :D.

  • KatipoTK

    What is the minimum time you recommend takng between sessions?

  • Cameron

    Wow this makes so much sense, i would always go on big winning streaks and then suddenly it’s just lose lose lose lose and i wondered what i was doing wrong as i was using the same cards and strategy as before and facing the same decks too. Now when i lose a couple of times i’ll just give the game a break and try again later. Thanks for the insightful post.

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome buddy! Glad that you like this post!

  • Mykola Zekter

    I manage to use lvl 1 epics in Arena 6 successfully.

    • Will Potter


    • Muguet

      Only Epic that is terrible at low level, imo, are Witch and Baby Dragon (even Witch is okay at level 1-2 but Drag is not).

  • Matthew Chad

    If I just spent $5 on a magic chest, would that make it so I can avoid those losing streaks?

    • Will Potter

      Why don’t you just close the game and wait for a while xD

    • genghiskaan

      dont spend money buddy supercell games will make you progress with money but only to the next blockade so you have to spend again. either have the patience or stop playing it.

    • jackietheboss23

      its not about buying its how you have a good deck if you have witch any lvl is good use her with giant

  • Muguet

    I started a new account. It confirms all your thoughts. I was on a 23-0 winning streak (of course not in one gaming session) Suddenly I lost 7 in a row, all seven had the deadly counterplay to my beginner deck, the Baby Dragon.

    • Will Potter

      Supercell are watching you my friend! Be careful!

  • john

    the best game so fare i love it .this guid is quite good i appritiate all the tips 😀 there is one thing that i dont like here . You need a lot of gold and gems to upgrade cards and to get new ones 🙁 if you want some for free go here

    • Giorgo

      i agree with you . i have to wait a lot to open those chest . i hate it 🙁 im testing your link right now

  • Giovanni Vorish

    I play in short sessions all the time and I’m always quite successful but all of a sudden I cannot win a single game, not even the first one I play. I went from 999 trophies to 735 trophies. I don’t know why this is happening and I don’t like it.

    • Will Potter

      I think you should watch your replays and see what is going wrong mate!

      • Giovanni Vorish

        Will do. Hopefully I find something to improve on

        • Will Potter

          You are very welcome mate! Just ask me whenever you need help!

  • XxCraftPackerxX- Gaming

    i went down from arena 4 1189 trophies to area 3 804!!! pl help:(

    • Will Potter

      Just stop playing when you are not feeling good. Also, did you try all decks I posted on Clash Royale Arena mate?

  • David

    Some great tips here most of them will help i think . the most important thing on rising the level is upgrading cards and then you can move to different areas . i find it time consuming playing hours of hours . lately found a way to generate some gems . look on the image if anyone interested there is the link .gonna buy some magical gems now *_*

  • Lucas

    i will defenetly use mos of this tips on my battles . i love this game . even more now with a lot of gems . im gonna open some super magical chests . look at my screen shot if you want to know the link

  • HydroCarbon

    i got a deck

  • HydroCarbon

    pekka,witch,rage,musketeer,minion horde,spear gobs,barbs,rage,arrows

  • TicTac

    Hey Will, try out this deck:
    -Spear gobs
    I hope you find it as fun as I do, got me from arena 5 to 7!

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this. Looks like a fun deck! I will give it a try xD

      • TicTac

        So, what do you think Will?

        • Will Potter

          It’s a good deck man!

  • Damien Kim

    Hi, try this deck that seems to be working pretty well in arena 5:

    Balloon level 3
    Wizard level 4
    Baby Dragon level 2
    Valkyrie level 4
    Minion Horde level 8
    Goblins level 7
    Fireball level 5
    Arrows level 8

    The main attacking troops are the balloon, wizard, valkyrie and the baby dragon, with the swarm troops for defense. When the opponent tries to swarm your tower, use any of the three area damage troops or arrows. Fireball is for attacking troops that are clumped together like barbarians or witch and musketeer. When playing the balloon, always put the wizard (for minion hordes) together with a medium tank like the valkyrie or baby dragon in front, so that the balloon can attack while receiving no incoming hits. Always play the first troop behind the King’s Tower so that your elixir has time to build up. Hope this helps!

    • Will Potter

      Thank you so much for sharing this buddy!

  • Vilius Hideo

    u show how to win everytiem show from first level, and cards that u can’t get at 1st level don’t use then, please.

  • azwan G5 .0

    I’m losing 800 trophie,I think clash royale was unfair since if we Lost,we lose the 30 but when we won,we just get 25?
    PS: I hate my deck card
    Zap,goblin,sp goblin,giant skeleton,tombstone,minion horde,Skelton army,
    Please test this deck…

  • xhorxhi

    great tips to win some trophies. this game is so much time consuming . you need a lot of time to open those chests and to goain some trophies and than you loose them again . i found a way to generate some gems . look on my screen shoot if you the link. gonna open some super magical chests now

  • Richard Dong

    Wow. I dropped from 2410 to 2088 using this strategy. It worked so well that I deleted the app.

    • Will Potter

      I have no idea why you lose because of this post???

      • Lightning King

        they r just butthurt.. lol

  • AlexDaManGames


  • Sucks 2BU

    I get crap in cards. I’m tired of losing to some chinese dude who has every card in the deck.

    • Will Potter

      Yea and we have to deal with this :(.
      Good luck further buddy!

  • Jonathan Boshoff

    There’s no word or emotion strong enough to describe how much I hate this game.. It’s so frustrating having every card or push consistently countered by anything! My losing streak doesn’t just span an hour or two, but rather weeks at this point

  • Ricardo Pineda

    I’ve got a huge problem I don’t know how to layout a good deck and I’ve lost 400 trophies. But thanks for the other advice.

    • Will Potter

      If you just can’t make a good deck, please use some of decks I posted here :D.
      Good luck!

      • Ricardo Pineda

        Okay thanks I’ll make sure to check it out

  • Darrik Marstaller

    wish i read this earlier, I was so close to finally reaching Legend at 2911 trophies, went on a 9 game losing streak…so much salt and tilting

    • Will Potter

      Good luck further buddy! Don’t give up!

  • TOTALxThunder

    I went from arena 7 to 5 🙁 im working back up currently at 1700 out of 2000 trophies


    ive had 3 big losing streaks xD from 1100 to 700, from 2050 to 1450 and 2750 to 2500.

    • Will Potter

      Wow that’s a lot. I hope you will not get dropped to Arena 8 If you can get into Arena 9 xD


        I’m stuck at 2950 right now lol

        • Will Potter

          Good luck my friend! LOL

          • MLGMLGMLG

            now I dropped to 2825 🙁

          • Will Potter

            Oops I am so sorry!

          • MLGMLGMLG


          • MLGMLGMLG

            just got to arena 9. not gonna play now lol. I’m gonna save up for 40k

  • Will Potter

    They are working very hard now to improve the matchmaking system 😀

    • Vivan

      Man srsly their matchmaking system is trash! I don’t have a single lvl 4 epic and I’m facing skill-less idiots with 11/9/6/3 cards