Furnace – Everything you should know about it!

Furnace is the new Clash Royale rare card which can be unlocked from Spell Valley – Arena 5. In this page, I am going to show you how this card works as well as all great tips for using it! Thanks Orange Juice for sharing these tips!

Furnace Clash Royale

The screenshot above shows you the basic information of the Furnace in Clash Royale: It spawns 2 Fire Spirits at a time every 10 seconds and the lifetime of this structure is 50 seconds, which means it can send up to 6 waves in its lifetime.

How Furnace Works in Clash Royale

Furnace looks like it will go well with the Huts. If you can’t beat them, join them! You can use the Furnace as a reactive card too. You can somehow use it over the Cannon to deal with Hog. It tanks reserval Hog and dish out 330 instant burst damage to the Hog.

It has a similar value as the Goblin Hut, profiting 3 Elixir worth of troops in its lifetime. Based on the new tournament standart, These are how the spells interact with the Furnace (thanks Orange Juice for sharing this!)


For example, targeting it with a Ligtning Spell prevents 4 out of 6 waves from spawning. Poison is interesting because it prevents 3 waves from spawning while killing the fourth wave.


LevelHPFire Spirits Level

Okay guys so that’s all I want to say about this card so far. I hope you will give it a try soon! Just can’t wait to face and to use it in game!

  • Sayrian

    This is great. It’d be nice to see more people using the poison spell. It’s a really great card and comes in real handy, Especially against hut decks

    Keep up the great site

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for visiting my blog buddy!

  • SqueeDjee

    Deploys Spirits every 50 seconds for a lifetime of 50 seconds? 😛

    • Will Potter

      xD Fixed that. Thank you man!

  • SivHawk

    Will, it says it spawns spirits every 50 seconds, you need to change it. 😉

    • SivHawk

      For everyone who doesn’t know, it actually spawns every 10 seconds

    • Will Potter

      I have just fixed this. Thank you very much buddy!

  • jumpy
  • Muguet

    Early levels it sucks. Don’t waste time and trophies. Minimum Level 5 to be somewhat effective.. I dislike it.

    • Lightning King

      yes.. but it is op at lvl 7

  • nIgAzZ

    fucking shit

  • azwan G5 .0

    umaigod,Very very usefully blog,need to share this on Fb!

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome mate! Thanks for visiting this blog!

  • Will Potter

    Yea that’s right. The image above is obsolete! I will update it soon! Thanks a lot mate!

  • Lightning King

    “It spawns 2 Fire Spirits at a time every 10 seconds and the lifetime of this structure is 50 seconds, which means it can send up to 6 waves in its lifetime.” I think u mean 5 waves i its lifetime

    • Mama Luigi

      it spawns 2 when it is placed down

      • Lightning King

        oh ok! THx i didnt know

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