Why you should use the Lightning Spell

Hello guys, this is gonna be a quick guide to the Lightning card in Clash Royale. Hands down, Lightning is the most underrated spell in the current meta game. In the last update, Lightning got a huge buff offering the 0.5s stun effect, like the Zap spell. This makes the Lightning Spell excellent at dealing and coupling with Beatdown decks. Also, seems like Three Musketeers and Siege Decks are coming back to the ladders, this is definitely the best time to give this stunning card a chance in your deck!

lightning clash royale

The Lightning


Lightning can hit up to 3 targets. It always hits the highest HP targets in the radius of 3.5 tiles. All of the targets get stunned for 0.5s.

At Tournament Standard, Lightning does 864 damage each strike (2,592 damage in total)

How to use Lightning on offense

Seems like the Lightning has returned to Beatdown decks. Truly, Lightning was used a lot in Beatdown decks before when Siege deck was extremely popular).

On offense, Lightning has three main jobs:

  1. Finish off annoying units like Musketeer, Cannon, Witch, Wizards…
  2. Reset Inferno Tower, Sparky, Princes…
  3. Shred and stun mini tanks such as Valkyrie.

The Lightning Spell ties very well with tankers (Giant, Golem…) as their biggest weaknesses can be nullified when you can use the spell correctly. Some popular troops the Lightning can 1 shot: Ice Wizard, Wizard, Witch, Musketeer, Mega Minion…

Lightning Vs. Poison

Most players like using Poison instead of Lightning because of the cost. But, consider using Lightning If your push can be easily countered by Mega Minion, Inferno Tower.

Here is an example for you

Assuming that I have the Lava Hound coming towards opponent’s Tower. My opponent places down Inferno Tower and Musketeer. I use Lightning when the Inferno Tower starts to emit the highest amount of damage. The Lightning kills Musketeer immediately, reset Inferno Tower’s damage as well as does a decent amount of damage to the Inferno Tower and the Tower nearby. It should be GG If the opponent doesn’t have the right card in his hand.

In this situation, Lightning is much better than Poison. If I had used the Poison, the result would have been nothing. Lightning wreck almost any building and glass cannon in this situation.


Another example for ground push

Assuming that there is a Mini P.E.K.K.A and Valkyrie trying to stop my push, I can easily Lightning and cripple them, getting them to the point where my support troops behind can easily kill them one by one.

However, the Poison is still better in some situations of course.

If you constantly face Minion Horde and Barbarians, Poison is obviously the better choice. If you face people using common Beatdown counters such as Mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, Inferno Tower, Cannon, Three Musketeers… Lightning rocks!

Lightning on defense

IMO it is actually better to use Lightning on defense. It’s likely designed to deal with glass cannon, Sparky, Princes…

While dealing with tank decks, save your Lightning exclusively for the glass cannons. If your opponent pushes with less than 3 troops, you can hit the tank as well.


I also don’t recommend using Lightning alone to deal with Double Prince, even when it resets their charges, the Princes still survive.

Against Sparky decks, Lightning is excellent. It reset the Sparky and kill all glass cannons coming behind (usually Musketeer, Wizard, Witch…)


Some other tips for you:

  • Lightning’s radius is pretty large. It’s also the second highest damage spell. Lightning is excellent at dealing with multiple buildings.
  • It’s not worth it to use Lightning to damage the Elixir Collector and the building nearby, but If you can kill something near by as well (Princess, Witch, Musketeer…), it is totally worth it.
  • Use the Lightning to target nothing, it does nothing at all. This is a tricky way to cycle your deck and confuse your opponent.

Do you like the Lightning? Please share your opinion guys!

Shared by Edward_A_HAll

  • Dingy

    Is it recommended to use lightning instead of rocket? Seeing all of these pros to me means most likely yes.

    • Lone Wolf

      my 1issue with lightening is that it can only hit up to 3 thinbgs where as the rocket can hit infinite.For example i once had 3 musks and ice wiz and a bomber next to a tower and i rocketted all of them getting insane value! The lightening would not have done this.

      • Lightning King

        yes, but the lightning has a muck larger radius, aswell as the stun effect.

      • Will Potter

        Yup this is very true. A well placed Rocket can shut down the whole push!

    • Will Potter

      It depends on your deck buddy!

  • Aacen

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  • Damien Kim

    Lightning is spelled incorrectly as ‘lighting’ in some sentences. There was also another spelling mistake where you said ‘mega game’ instead of ‘meta game’. Please fix those errors.

    • Will Potter

      Thank you very much Damien!

    • Will Potter


      • Damien Kim

        Lol XD

  • Yash Pratap Singh


  • Lone Wolf

    can you do a lightening vs. Rocket? Upvote if you like so will can organise it 🙂 Great guide btw

    • D-Mate19

      This is the “like if you..” posts that clog up the internet

      • Lightning King

        lol.. but yeah would love to see a lightning vs rocket as i use a hog rocket deck.,

    • Will Potter

      I will do that for sure!

  • Vyren

    Lightning VS Rocket..

    Please make it

    • Will Potter

      For sure 😀

  • Ishmam

    If u cycle with the lightning on nowhere trick it actually wastes ur 6 elixir

    • David Mao

      but if the enemy is actually good at looking of what u have and how many cycles left until your best card shows up, and it’s X2 elixir, then it’s worth it

      • Ishmam

        What do u mean? Also I think it’s better to just lightning something to not waste the value then…..

        • David Mao

          using lightning on nowhere if your in X2 elixir…ok my explanations send me to sleep bye

    • Edward

      It was sarcastic in my reddit post but I think it was misinterpreted…


      ive done that several times… lol

  • Dreadlord

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  • WestPKMN

    An overpowered combo is Lava Hound + Mega Minion+ Lightning

    • Will Potter

      Yea. Hard to stop but pretty expensive!

    • Felix Ma

      A random something to trigger the lightning then Minion Horde Inferno
      That or Minion Horde straight down

  • bud is wizer

    My second account used lightning and got up to 1800 trophies as a level 5 with 0 legendaries. Giant witch is OP for arena 1-5+maybe 6

    • Xrehaanx Xrajax

      My second and third accounts are I’m arena 78 with giant with poisen startegy

      • bud is wizer

        Which is now dead.

    • 210577

      What deck did you use specifically? My second account is about to go into ar 5 and I can level my lightning up to level 3 but I personally don’t like using it so…

      • bud is wizer

        Giant Witch Lightning Minions Goblins Archers Arrows barbs

    • Felix Ma

      Giant Witch = Inferno Valk
      My friend used GW Barrel/Loon and got to Frozen Peak, currently he uses Giant Witch Lumberjack Balloon Bowler Barrel Goblins and Arrows

      • bud is wizer

        I am at 2300 with account #1 and used a golem/witch/baby dragon deck to get there.
        No legendaries and am trying to get a good bowler deck.

        • Felix Ma

          Royal Arena w/ Trifecta 🙁

  • Mujtaba Omar

    Are you serious?lightning for cycling hahaha…6 elixir for nothing?it is better to out a cheap troop on the corner just to cycle your cards

    • Will Potter

      It’s just a fun fact!!

      • Felix Ma


  • natocn5

    I use my own spinoff of the P.E.K.K.A. Lightning deck and I broke my trophy record yesterday at 2600 trophies. Still hoping to get to Legendary Arena! Great guide!

  • Seetha Gundu

    hey potter i got smc in arena 8 today and it is going to unlock tomorrow. So is there any chance that i may get inferno dragon which going to be released tomorrow if i open the smc after its release

  • troll guy


  • Elyjandro Lim

    my deck before ^_^
    helps me climb to frozen peak

    spear gobs
    minion horde
    goblin barrel

  • Ist AviX

    Shhhh! don’t say to people to use lighting, I prefer they use poison against my 3 musks… 😉

    • Will Potter


    • Felix Ma


  • Trogdor Burninator
    • GGgamer101_Mobcrush


    • Will Potter

      Nice deck :D.
      How are you doing with it mate?

  • M Faiz

    does giant baloon + lighting spell will work?

    • Will Potter

      Expensive and not really effective IMO. Even Freeze is much better in this situation!

    • Lightning King

      u could use hog and lightning though!

  • bud is wizer

    Lightning is already overpowered.

    • Will Potter


  • GGgamer101_Mobcrush

    Lightning is expensive though!

  • Sky_High

    seriously, i think rocket is better than lightning, becuz its damage is higher, and can even shred tanks in one hit. you don’t need to stun the enemy if they can be 1-hit-K.O. Last but not least, its a rare card, and much more easier to get it than lightning(epic).
    Hope somebody find this useful : )

  • Hammad Shahid

    Lightning is my favorite spell.

    • Will Potter

      xD I am so glad many players use Lightning nowadays.

  • Felix Ma

    My Deck:
    Hog Rider
    Knight/Minion Horde

    • Will Potter

      Sounds great. How are you doing with it mate?

  • bhvik

    hey potter tell me a good deck for my 2nd account.
    it is on arena 6 with no legendaries.

  • Hexagon Bot

    Lightning on nothing is wasting 6 elixir you could spend on giant skeleton or royal giant or sparky.

    • Will Potter

      Yea it’s just a fun fact, nothing more!