How to use Fire Spirits Properly – In-depth Guide

In Clash Royale, Fire Spirits is an outstanding cards with low Elixir cost and can target both air and ground units. Added in the last update, Fire Spirits were a brand new card with a unique mechanic. They kill themselves! While technically troops, their function is comparable to spells and have even earned the title “pseudo-spells” from various users. Their innate uniqueness and incredible cuteness seems like enough to win over the hearts of the Clash Royale player-base, right? Wrong! Let’s take a look to see how to use it properly guys! Thanks RotomGuy for sharing these tips at here.

Clash Royale Fire Spirits

Clash Royale Fire Spirits In-Depth Guide


Clash Royale Fire Spirits

Fire Spirits are, as you probably know, Kamikaze units. Like other ranged units, Fire Spirits have a range at which they can shoot their projectiles. However, they are the projectiles! They fire one big fireball and then die.

At Tournament Levels (9), Fire Spirits have 91 HP each and deal 169 area damage each. This means that the opponent’s towers cannot kill them in one hit! But HP is not really the most important factor here, since your Fire Spirits should rarely receive damage anyway. The only way they should be dying is suicide!

As such, what we want to pay attention to here is the damage. At 169 damage each, they are essentially a Level 9 Wizard Fireball each. We all know Wizard Fireballs hurt, especially at Level 9. So imagine 3 of them, in quick succession.

Fire Spirits are the best AoE cards in the game taking Elixir Cost and Damage into account, the only thing you need to do is get them to their destination alive.



Defensive Spirits

Most likely, you all know about the defensive capabilities for Fire Spirits. However, using them in a way to reach these capabilities isn’t always easy.

Minions & Minion Hordes

These two cards are basic aerial units with low HP. But despite their weaknesses, they are easily one of the most widely used cards in the entire game. Arrows are a well-known hard counter to both, but not every deck uses Arrows. Plus, Arrow Bait decks can waste your arrows allowing the Minion Horde to wreak havoc on your towers.

Fear not, Fire Spirits are here. Fire Spirits are an even harder counter to these two cards than Arrows are. Coming off with a +1 Elixir trade against the former and a +3 Elixir trade against the latter, they work even better than Arrows do. Simply place the Fire Spirits far enough out of reach so that the Minions won’t reach them before their 1 second placement time is up and watch the entire Horde all die, or survive with enough HP to be one-shot by the towers.


Barbarians are also incredibly common cards. They can stand up to a decent amount of pain and together, they can do big damage if left alone. AoE is of course the best method of taking them out, and who did I say were the best AoE cards in the game? Fire Spirits do major damage to Barbarians leaving them with enough HP to survive, at max, 2 tower hits. That’s a +3 Elixir trade.

Placing Fire Spirits against Barbs can be tricky though, as the group can organize themselves oddly. If they’re in their usual square formation, placing Fire Spirits nearby is easy. However, by placing Barbs behind the tower, it causes them to walk in a line. Placing Fire Spirits in front of this line is ineffective as it’ll only damage the first two Barbarians. Instead, Fire Spirits should be placed to the side of the queue so that they’ll run into the 2nd and 3rd Barbarians, often damaging the entire line.

Goblins, Spear Goblins, Archers

When they reach your side of the arena, it is almost always with another stronger troop, like Hog or Valkyrie. As such, Fire Spirits are a very good choice for taking them out while they’re together in a group. The Fire Spirits will kill them and deal significant damage to the troop they were together with.

Skeletons, Skeleton Army, Guards

Fire Spirits should be placed out of range so that they can spawn without dying, and then go on to wipe out all the precious calcium. Guards included. The first two should destroy the shields and the last one should kill the spoopy skeletons hiding beneath.

Goblin Barrel

Goblin Barrel is a rare card but Fire Spirits are a hard counter. If the Goblins are bunched up in one place, one Spirit will kill all 3. But if the card is playing correctly and the Goblins are each on different sides, the Spirits will abandon their usual jump-even-if-one-of-my-brothers-is-going-to-kill-anyway mindset and each go for a separate goblin.



Balloons can be panic-inducing since they’re usually played behind a bigger unit or when the opponent has realized you don’t have much Elixir to stop a Balloon push. Well, with Fire Spirits being so beautifully cheap, the latter should almost never occur unless they aren’t in your line-up. Fire Spirits take a huge chunk out of a Balloon’s HP. No other troop can do this much damage to a Balloon this quickly for such a low cost.

Witch, Wizard, Bomber, Baby Dragon

Now we’re getting into the territory of the troops you probably shouldn’t be playing Fire Spirits against, but if you must, this is how. These are all ranged AoE units, the defensive Fire Spirit’s worst nightmare. The best way to allow Fire Spirits to get a hit in is by distracting them with another cheap troop. While this will cost more than just 2 Elixir, Fire Spirits do tear into the HP bars of all of these troops allowing to be taken out by a tower before they do too much harm.


While Fire Spirits are nowhere near a counter to the Prince, playing them well can hugely decrease the amount of damage a Prince can do if you can’t stop them with anything else. When a Prince is charging, place Fire Spirits toward the middle of the arena so that the Prince will reach them before the 1 second placement time is up. The Prince will use up his charge damage on one and by the time he can attack again, the other two will be awake and will have dealt good damage to the Prince. The Fire Spirits should be placed so that the Prince’s walk back to the tower is not long enough for him to attempt another charge.

Musketeer, Three Musketeers

Fire Spirits can hurt a Musketeer and can hurt all three Musketeers but they aren’t optimal counters since the Musketeers outrange the Spirits and kill them before they can even spawn. As above, a distraction is necessary.

Every Other Troop

Unfortunately, the larger troops like Giant, Golem, PEKKA, etc. can shake off a Fire Spirit’s damage rather easily. It is more advisable to use a troop/building that can draw the troop away from your tower and/or deal constant damage rather than use Fire Spirits.

Offensive Fire Spirits

“F** you!”

No, not that kind of offensive! Though, it is an easy mistake to make since using Fire Spirits offensively is quite rare. However, using Fire Spirits on the offensive is surprisingly strong.

Singular Spirits

At Tournament Levels, Fire Spirits are strong enough to survive a hit from a tower with one HP to spare. As such, placing them alone down a lane means that at least one can get to the opponent’s tower if they play nothing. This isn’t exactly a fantastic use of Fire Spirits though since it is better to play them in other ways.

However, if all the action is going down in one lane, this can be used to get a cheap 170 damage on the other tower.

Skeletons and Spirits: Undead Combo

Almost exactly the same as the above tactic, however you will instead place skeletons first and put Spirits immediately behind the Skeletons. Both will be placed just before a bridge.

Despite being basically the same as Singular Spirits, for one more Elixir, the skeletons will absorb all the damage and let all 3 Spirits hit the tower for 510 free damage. For me, at least, the opponent rarely places any troops to stop such a push, instead assuming that the tower will get the job done.

Despite the low cost of this tactic, it is easy to stop with a Valkyrie, Arrows, or even Zap for a +1 Elixir trade to them.

Spirit Chauffeur

While the Skeletons do make an effective damage shield for the Spirits, it’s not surprising that mini-tanks like Knight and Valkyrie do the job better. However, this one works slightly differently since both components are equal. While the shield troop’s primary function is to absorb tower damage for the Spirits and let them hit the tower, it can work on the inverse. If a troop if placed to try and stop the mini-tank, the Spirits will attack them and dig into their HP bar, letting the mini-tank take them out and go on to deal damage of their own. Another great thing about this push is that the Fire Spirit’s high speed causes them to push the mini-tank toward the tower quicker than they usually walk.

Dealing with this push can be tricky since each troop defends the other depending on what is placed to counter it. Defensive buildings however can thwart this push.

Behind Me

Tanks like Giants and PEKKAs are at the mercy of smaller troops such as Goblins, Barbarians and Minions. Many carry Arrows and Fireballs to stop them but cards like the loathsome Minion Horde can inflict serious damage before the arrows even reach them. However, placing Fire Spirits behind a tank before they cross the bridge is essentially an automatic Fireball-Arrow hybrid that hits in less than a second rather than waiting for you to react and shoot. Wiping out Goblins and Minions and seriously injuring Barbarians, Fire Spirits behind a tank are very effective.

And that there, is a guide on how to use Fire Spirits. For anyone questioning their offensive or even questioning their defensive capabilities, I encourage you to read this post and re-consider. Fire Spirits are such a cute card and i’d hate for them to go un-used just because people didn’t know how to play them properly.

Okay so that is the intro of our new card today. Do you like it? I hope we can see a lot of strategies in the future utilizing this awesome card! Stay tuned guys! More guides about the new cards will be released soon!

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  • Mikey Marshall

    Pretty much just copied exactly what was said by a YouTuber. You should have at least given him credit XD

    • Will Potter

      Yes, I did mentioned him in the post above buddy! 😀

    • SivHawk

      Did you even read it. He did.

    • Yeeee

      bruh chill he did

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  • Iskandar

    In addition to this guide, Fire spirits is an awesome back-up troop in a giant push when place behind a giant it can spring to weaken or kill troops deployed to stop your giant push. I love it when my FS kills goblins, archers, minion horde or even barb card.

    • Will Potter

      And they are also great to support Prince, P.E.K.K.A,… 😀


      another good spell to pair the giant with is the poison spell, it is dominating the game now

  • SivHawk

    I think they might also be good behind hog and/or sparky. A good combo to try with them might be lava hound to tank, sparky, fire spirits, and spear goblin or skeletons.

    • Will Potter

      There are a lots of ways to use these small spirits :D. This is a stunning card!

    • Joseph P.

      I used the fire spirits with a hog goblins and a zap

  • Trump Wall

    Does anyone have a fire spirit deck?

    • 7XCOLE

      Yeah, I am in 2200’s with this: fire spirits, spear gobs, mini pekka, fireball, zap, guards, hog, cannon

      • Trump Wall

        What did u start with? And is there anything i can replce with the guards?

        • Trump Wall


          • Trump Wall

            Replace**** wow lol

          • JOEL BLASTER M7

            Replce* lol


        Great, keep up the good work, hope u reach arena 9 soon buddy!

    • Will Potter

      I will try to post it soon!

    • Matt

      This is what I currently use @ 3200

      • Will Potter

        Thanks for sharing Matt!

  • WestPKMN

    I got Sparky today XD

    • Richard Hu

      Lucky. I got an Arena 7 Magical chest that imma start opening tonight. If I get Sparky, I will become religious xD

      • Will Potter

        How is it going mate? Have you opened it?

    • Will Potter

      Really? WOW! You are extremely lucky man!

    • minddrifter

      I got Sparky out of a Golden Chest about a week and a half ago (first ever legendary). Three days later I got the Lava Hound out of a Free Chest!!! Been playong since early-april. I have screenshots and witnesses, lol. But anyway….Sparky+Spirits is amazing. I’m at my highest trophy count now (2290) and have just been killing it with this new Sparky deck(1/3/6/9): Sparky, Hog Rider, Minions, Arrows, Giant Skeleton, Barbarians, Skeleton Army, Fire Spirits (4.1 avg.) I might change out hog after update but I’ll test it with hog first.

      • Will Potter

        xD You are super lucky buddy! Congrats and good luck further!

  • Trump Wall

    You should also place them behind a troop with a lot of hit points, such as the giant skele or giant. Check this video out for instance

  • Rajiv Rama

    Hey Will, I’m at 2600. My highest 2700 and I’m lvl 8. I can’t seem to push higher than that. I have no legendaries, do you or anyone else have a deck that I can use. I have very card except for the legendaries and the guard.


    • Daniel Gao

      Try using a pekka decj

    • GG

      stuck at 2800 here and im lv 9 lol. Dont know what im smoking wrong.
      Mini pekka, giant, minions, spears, zap, cannon, fire spirits, skellies…
      average 2.8

  • Trump Wall

    I got a video Will that i will post on my channel soon for fire spirits. Fire spirits work best when attacking minions. I like them, they r weak but they can do some good damage if u can use it properly

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this buddy xD.

  • Trump Wall

    FIRE SPIRIT deck is now up on my channel! Check it out and like it, subscribe and share my channel! I hope you enjoy!

  • Very Unlucky

    I wish their name was fire midgets…

    • Will Potter


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  • SivHawk

    A combo that wrecks is mini PEKKA with fire spirits along with princess or ice wizard (because I have them). Instead of ice wiz or princess, wizard or musketeer can be used. Main goal is to get mini PEKKA to tower.

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for the great share dude!

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    Hate it

  • Daniel Gao


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  • TDesh Productions

    Forgot the furnace card unless it is WIP

  • WestPKMN

    We can submit decks on Pastebin, right?

    • Will Potter

      You can post your deck on Pastebin and send me the link mate!

  • Adam

    On of my favorite cards in the game. I also like melee goblins and skeletons a lot tho.

  • Grouchy

    Supercell needs to have some fire spirit plushees

    • Aidan Ong

      so true looolooolololololol

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  • will vorce

    Come join clan Valhalla, everyone at any trophy level!

    • Adam

      This isn’t a clan recruitment thread. If you want to recruit please visit the official supercell forum.

  • Aidan McFarland

    You can counter 3 musketeers with just 4 elixir. Just use fire spirits, and then zap the musketeers. If you do it right, you can destroy (or deal significant damage to) the whole group, giving you a +5 elixir advantage.

    • CreepMaster15

      or use fireball

  • Ishmam

    Hey Will!

    Orange Juice showed us an awesome counter to 3 musketeers with zap + fire spirits.

    What we should do is drop zap first & then very quickly drop fire spirits.

    • Blaze Stone

      Ya that was just insane.

    • Will Potter

      Yea this is a great tip. I used it a lot. Gonna update it into the post above. Thanks a lot mate!

  • Yo Nik

    What Is Kamikaze ???

    • david li

      its from WWII when japanese pilots near the end of the war decided that it was more worthwile if they commited suicide by crashing their planes onto american warships by filling them with bombs and hand grenades. Essential, kamikaze, is someone who kills themselves to kill others

      • CreepMaster15

        aka suicide bombers

        • OmegaPyxis

          Like fire spirits or wall breakers

        • Brian


      • Will Potter

        Thank you David!

      • Yo Nik

        oh i see

      • sean

        actually kamikaze was a western term given to those ‘suicidal’ japanese pilots (i love the kamikaze worms in the game, worms). The japanese have been comitting suicide to achieve a goal since their culture began. search for Seppuku and Harakiri

      • Joop Olie

        the pilots didnt descide that ,but the generals behind the desks……………..

  • Yo Nik

    what is AoE ?

    • Blaze Stone

      Area of effect

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        thxs bro

    • Will Potter

      AoE = Arena of Effect!

      • Yo Nik

        thxs bro

        • Will Potter

          You are very welcome buddy xD

      • Verdant

        Area not arena xD

        • Will Potter

          LOL my bad xD xD

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  • Danger

    A staple in my Valk + Prince deck. Wrecks Minion Hordes that try to defend against the two. Also deals heavy damage against Barbarians so Valk can kill them with one hit.
    Reached Arena 7 as a level 7 F2P with the deck. 🙂

    • Will Potter

      Thanks for sharing this mate xD
      Prince + Valkyrie is amazing. It’s a great combo, pretty similar to Mini P.E.K.K.A + Valkyrie!

  • david li

    I drop the spirits behind a big push to take out the gobs, skeletons or minions they may drop. If your opponent doesn’t run zap you’re going to do massive damage.

    • Will Potter

      Fire Spirits is one of my favorite cards now :D.

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  • Puppet

    Hey. thanks for this guide. I had fire spirits and didn’t know what they were good for. I was actually at my last straw with this game and was about to quit playing considering I’m F2P and don’t want to spend money. I was browsing the site and found this, ever since I’ve been using fire spirits I haven’t lost a single match, I either win or tie. This kept me from quitting!

    • Will Potter

      I am so glad to hear this. Thank you a lot for visiting my blog buddy! Good luck further!

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  • OmegaPyxis

    Does hog-spirits work? Like will the spirits destroy cannons?

    • Will Potter

      It is a pretty popular combo these days and yes, it works very well!

      • OmegaPyxis

        Thx 🙂

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  • The Commander

    supercell needs to think of more troops like fire spirits.

    • Will Potter

      And now we have the Ice Spirit xD

  • LostWinter

    The Goblin Barrel is an epic card. Not a rare card.

    • Brian

      and three elxier now

  • Ronald Pascal Kelejan

    Prince n fire spirit, only effective way to stop it is with zap!

    • Will Potter

      Yea this is pretty true!

    • jm123

      The cheapest way to counter the fire spirit is with the skeletons.

      You drop them in the middle and all 3 fire spirit will jump at them. Giving 1 elixir advantage.

      Compared to it the zap only advantage is that you can do it before the river but do we care?

  • sean

    an awesome combo i use with the fire spirits is the Balloon, then wait till the balloon is just about to reach the bridge then palce your spirits behind the loon.
    9/10 times when u place a loon down the opponent will use the minion horde (or minions or goblins or archers) and as soon as they do, bamf! x2 fire spirits will kill all the minions leaving one spare for extra damage. then use the ice spell on the tower and whatever card they then play as the minions fails (usually the musketeer). And at lvl3 the balloon deals almost 800 damage per hit.
    Knight->balloon->fire spirits + ice spell, devastating for those not prepared!

    • Will Potter

      Nice share! Thank you man!
      Hands down Fire Spirits are one of the best cards these days. They are just sooooo versatile!

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  • kral365kral

    You said they are not good against musketeers,but they are the BEST counter to 3musketeers.Just spirit+zap,You need perfect timing.But thats a 5 elixir advantage which is HUGE.

    • Will Potter

      Without the help of Zap :D.

  • Rajiv Rama

    I reached legendary arena as a lvl 9 using the hog posing deck. It works really well. I recommend people to use it!!!

    Good luck.

    • Will Potter

      Can you share it here mate?

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  • Joop Olie

    if u use it with elixer pump, then u win almost every squible fight 11

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    Fire spirits are immediate counter to any group of troops and they are even effective against mini tanks like mini PEKKA, miner and kind of prince

    • Will Potter

      Yea agree with you man 😀

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