How to Strategically Upgrade Cards

The whole Clash Royale gameplay is about upgrading cards but do you really know when should you upgrade cards and which ones should you upgrade? Today, I am going to show you some supyonamesjosh’s opinions about this topic. They are very helpful and I strongly believe they can help you somehow!

Clash Royale Cards

How to Strategically Upgrade Cards

Which cards should I upgrade?

First, you should answer these 2 questions:

  1. Why do you want to upgrade it?
  2. Why do you upgrade any card?

And consider 2 points:

  1. Gold is limited, not your cards.
  2. Gold costs are identical for identical card rarity/level upgrades.

Now, I am going to show you which are the best cards for you to spend your Gold on.

If you are not using a card, just don’t upgrade it

Don’t ever waste your Gold! It is precious! If you upgrade your Freeze Spell for no reason, it’s such a big waste. Don’t do that my friends. Just wait until you really need it or at least when you need some more XP to reach the next level (but don’t do that If it takes thousands).

Not all upgrades are equal

The most important factor in deciding which cards to upgrade.

How will the upgrade compare to your opponent’s counters? For example:

  • A Musketeers of equal level can’t be killed by a Fireball.
  • Zap level 8 can’t finish off Goblins level 9

How about If there isn’t any hard counters to the cards I am considering?


Nice question! Let’s take a look at this example, assuming that I am going to upgrade either Spear Goblins or Royal Giant:

Spear Goblins: Level 8 to 9Royal Giant: Level 8 to 9
HP 100 (+10)HP 2316 (+228)
Damage 46 (+4)Damage 144 (+15)
DPS 35 (+3)DPS 96 (+10)

Most players will think Royal Giant upgrade a slam dunk one, yes it is, but you will want to consider these things:

  • The provided numbers are for a single Spear Goblin, not all 3 Spear Goblins. In real life, you are getting +9 damage change.
  • While Royal Giant can’t be placed in almost any deck, Spear Goblins can, they are extremely versatile and you literally can use them during the whole game.
  • While Royal Giant may be getting nerfed in the future, I don’t think that Spear Goblins will share the same fate. Upgrading Royal Giant to a high level is a riskier move.

Which cards in my deck should I upgrade?

You should upgrade all of them. Yes, every single one.

If you are only upgrading cards you are using, you will have a deck of fully upgraded cards.

  • Just don’t constantly switch decks and cards. Level 4 Rare or Level 2 Epic is not good at all at Arena 7 and higher. Card level is one of the obvious factor helping you win the battle. Don’t use a deck no matter how OP other players say it is, If your cards are low levels. Stick with decks evolving around your best cards.
  • Use cards you like, stick with them and upgrade them. Never play low leveled cards.

Now, once you have a nice deck, you should:

  1. Constantly request a card and upgrade it to beat counters. Some great choices for you at here are Goblins (can’t be killed by Zap low level) and Zap (can kill Minion Hordes at 2 levels above).
  2. Upgrade the rest of your decks to tournament required levels ( Commons level 9, Rares level 7, Epics level 4, Legend level 1). You will want to be ready with a tournament competitive deck.
  3. Pick a second card to upgrade above counters (I recommend choosing Spells such as Zap to kill Minion Horde, Arrows to kill Princess,…).
  4. Start working on a versatile card or a card which is pivotal in your deck. For example, request Spear Goblins (which can be put in almost any deck) or Hog Rider (the main damage dealer of all Hog Rider decks).
Princess and Ice Wizard - 2 best Legendaries in Clash Royale!

Princess and Ice Wizard – 2 best Legendaries in Clash Royale!

When should I purchase a Legendary from Shop?

Question: Why should I buy Legendary?
Answer: … Because it is Legendary!

This is obviously a good choice, but, 40k Gold is such a difficult decision. I think I should outline 2 rules for you first and I think you should follow them. If you don’t fit either, It’s up to you!

  1. Always buy a Legendary If you find it extremely hard to stay in Legendary Arena without it. If you are in a super long losing streak and only a Legendary card can help you stay there, just but it. Legendary is just so juicy, it will help you a ton!
  2. Don’t buy any Legendary card If your main deck isn’t fully upgraded to the tournament caps. 40k Gold is just a lot! It’s better to spend them on the cards of your best deck!

Okay guys so that’s everything I want to share with you today. Hopefully you have enjoyed this small guide. Good luck further my friends!

  • John Suess

    What are your top 3 favorite decks as of now. Will?

    • Ishmam

      Royal Giants & Hog Riders r best in the current meta

    • Will Potter

      I have no idea about this. I have been testing lots of decks and I change my deck everyday xD

      • Blaze Stone

        How many trophies do u have mate

        • Will Potter

          I am at Arena 8 buddy!

          • Blaze Stone

            Wow damn

  • Ryan Wong

    I’m not sure by what it means by “Gold is limited, Cards are not” Don’t you get both of them at a steady rate? Sure, you always end up with lots of spare cards and not a lot of spare gold, but both resources are easy to get.

    • Tan3758

      Can you get a epic card with gold? Yes! Chests give a steady amount of cards and cash. You don’t have to worry about it.

  • Hept Soul

    I think he meant you often end up with more cards than gold. That’s seems to be the case with me 🙁

    • Tan3758


    • Will Potter

      Yes this is very true :(.

  • Lorenzo Minchio

    But if you don’t upgrade certain cards the game will give you a lot of them! When I was low level I ignored goblins and what was the common “more common”? GOBLINS, not barbarians, not minion horde…

    • Tan3758

      Here’s the thing, if you don’t really care about the cards, the system will give you more of the cards you don’t really have much/have not been high level yet. My prediction only though 🙁

    • Will Potter

      Yes I know this but I am just talking about “requesting cards” in the guide above mate, assuming that you don’t want to spend your Gold to upgrade those cards to more than level 7 or 8!

    • Fahri Putra

      Agree 🙁
      I upgrade every card at least 2 lv lower than tournament level just to give me better chance to get the card I really need

  • Tan3758


    • Ishmam

      LOL, r u the author of this guide? Nicely written!

  • Tan3758

    Here’s the thing, I rarely keep my card upgrades unattended. This is a perfect way to earn experience.

    Below are pictures of my deck screen. And check out my experience level.

    (BTW the cards that are ready to upgrade are earned recently)

    • Greg

      By the way I know this is 3 months ago so you probably might have gotten better and or have a bettter set up. But I’d take the freeze and giant skeleton out maybe swap those out with a cannon and a giant. And those one drop skeletons I would switch out for a muskateer.

  • Clasher1076

    There’s a mistake you wrote” Just but it” LOL

  • Will Potter


  • AstroPolarBear

    Hello guys! I’d like to request some help.
    I have been using this deck: (Hog Rider, Valkyrie, Muskateer, Elixer Collecter, Skeletons, Inferno Tower, Zap, Poison), And this deck has made me rocket from 1800 – 2600 Trophies!
    But i am having trouble, From 2600 i am facing alot, ALOT of Royale Giant decks. And i can’t seem to face them.
    Can you guys suggest me a deck, Or changes to this deck that would help me go further? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      inferno deals tons….however, if you find people are putting things in front of the rg, try completely changing your deck-I usually use valk to take out support troops, skeletons to distract and take out rg/hog, inferno+cannon to take out just about everything, minions against air and fireball. This works pretty well, and you can use lots of things in the last 2 spaces-hog+zap, rg+barbs, etc

      • AstroPolarBear

        Well, I have tried a Double Prince deck i got from an Opponent and it worked fairly well. Haven’t fought Royale Giants with it yet though, But i hope it goes well.

    • Charlestone

      Believe me……90% of the decks in 2600+ are with royal gg

      • AstroPolarBear


    • Blaze Stone

      First let rg come to ur side and then place ur inferno tower. This is because rg’s range is longer than any defensive building. Use Valkyrie or poison to clear of support troops.

      • AstroPolarBear

        Hey there! Thanks for the reply! Now the counter you said worked most of the time, But they seem to put stuff like Valkyrie with it, Or a medium hp troop with it. So it’s hard for the inferno to get it.

        • Blaze Stone

          Use other troops to kill those mid HP troops faster.

      • Will Potter

        Totally agree with you!

        • Blaze Stone


    • Will Potter

      The deck you are using is a pretty good one, it is very popular truly, and personally I have found it easy to beat Royal Giant deck with this one.
      If you can’t defend well, please save your Valkyrie, Inferno Tower and Poison to deal with the Royal Giant. Play reactively mate!

  • HuskyGengar

    I have the base odds for every card and a guide to using skeletons. Should I share it?

    • Will Potter

      Of course! Why not man?

  • chris

    when submitting decks why level 7 isnt available.

    • Will Potter

      So sorry, my bad! just fixed it!

  • Tyrant

    All my epics are lvl 1 and 2 other than my Skeleton Army and I’m in Royal Arena.

  • LostWinter

    You should post guides more often!

    • Will Potter

      I think it’s more than enough more :D.

  • Jon Carter

    You should definitely post guides more often. I find them really informative, I constantly search with my best friend – google – with regards to Royale, but ever since I discovered this site, I have been relying on this instead. Thank you. 🙂

    • Will Potter

      You are very welcome my friend! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  • Cristi Cristian

    A level 10 common = level 7 rare?

    • Will Potter

      Yes, somehow 🙂

  • Edgar

    Oh you think your funny you fucking worthless piece of shit and for your info I am in legendary and what you so stupid you couldn’t come up with your own material so you take my lines what a dumb ass bitch go die in a hole

    • Greg

      wow wtf you really just told someone to kill themselves just because they are in Pekkas? that’s messed up.. if you’re such a good player you wouldn’t have to put people down. I remember when i started playing clash probably back in april and all my friends made fun of me, but they didn’t tell me (to kill myself).. I couldn’t get out of Pekkas play house for quite some time. and was stuck in frozen peak for maybe 2 months or so but Now I am in legendary.. point is you’re a straight up troll. and everyone has to start off one way or another.

      • Edgar

        Fuck you too Greg you ain’t about shit bitch

  • lil manny

    Thanx never taught of it but u said arrows kill princess OK thank
    What level tho
    To kill a level 1 princess your arrows has to be what level

    • Will Potter

      Level 8 Arrows can kill level 1 Princess.

      • lil manny

        Thanx mate
        Its a good ting I upgraded it although I had no reason to

  • Dylan Ennis

    You was there once you fucking idiot.