Ultimate Guide to Mega Minion

Okay my friends, Today, let’s talk about the new guy, the Mega Minion! I am writing this guide with the Mega Minion at the Tournament rule level. He is indeed an outstanding card when used correctly.

Mega Minion

Mega Minion Guide

The table below show you Mega Minion’s stats at level 7, Tournament rule level:

LevelHitpointsDamageDamage per second

The Mega Minion could be great on both offense and defense. He is very cheap. He is comparable with Mini P.E.K.K.A and Musketeer. Although Mega Minion is excellent on neither defense nor offense, he could be decent on both.

The Mega Minion is better than Minions at soaking damage while it costs the same Elixir. The downside is that it’s harder to collect and upgrade Mega Minion since it’s a Rare card.

Having more HP allows him being able to survive some popular spells such (Arrows, Fireball…). He is better at finishing off the push with the help from the nearby Arena Tower.

Anyway, in my opinion, his best use is defending. But, If you want to deal with a tank-support push, don’t just place him down alone and expect the results. He doesn’t have much damage as the Mini P.E.K.K.A but he can soak damage from above. If your opponent uses only one Musketeer as the support, distract the tank with a defensive building then use Mega Minion to distract and kill the Musketeer. On offense, If your opponent can distract him, he couldn’t make it to the Tower. If you want to use him on offense, it should be the counterpush.

Card interactions

The list below shows you all of the card interactions when they are alone. Everything is based on the Tournament Standard levels.


The Mega Minion can:

  • Kill the Knight, Bomber, Mini P.E.K.K.A, Sparky, Goblins, Valkyrie, Mega Minion, Barbarians, Balloon, Dark Prince, Lumberjack, Guards, Baby Dragon, Witch, Musketeer, Princess, Archers, Spear Goblins and Hog Rider before he makes it to the Tower.
  • Kill Giant in 12 hits (15.6 seconds). You will want to use additional defensive building or troops because supports will come and protect the Giant soon.

Don’t use Mega Minion to deal with:

  • Prince since it takes 6 hits to take down the Prince. He still deals massive damage to your Tower before death.
  • Skeleton Army, of course, because of Mega Minion’s attack speed.
  • P.E.K.K.A. Mega Minion needs 13 hits to take down the P.E.K.K.A. R.I.P your Tower.
  • Golem, of course. MM needs 15 hits to take down the Golem and 8 more hits to take out the Golemites.
  • Royal Giant. Unless you don’t have anything else in your hands.

You could use Mega Minion to deal with:

  • Fire Spirits. Mega Minion easily survive hits blasts from Fire Spirits at Tournament Standard with 118 HP remaining. This makes MM much better than the Minions.
  • Miner. Due to Miner’s attack speed, he still can do at least 2 more hits even when you place the Mega Minion perfectly. Better use a ground troop to deal with Miner.
  • Bowler. Bowler still can do 2-3 hits to your Tower but that’s acceptable.
  • Lava Hound. Mega Minion can wreak Lava Hound and soak damage from the Lava Pups perfectly. Mega Minion is the hard counter to lone Lava Hound.

In addition, he can pretty much kill a Cannon, X-Bow and Mortar before getting killed by the Crown Tower. If doesn’t get attacked by the Crown Tower, the Mega Minion survives 2 waves from the Furnace. He is also great at dealing with Barbarian Hut. He survives most spells, except Lightning and Rocket.

Against pushes

Now it’s time for our pushes. Push could be anything but normally we stick with the two most popular types: “Tank + Damage + Splash” and “Trifecta”.

For example, let’s talk about the Giant + Musketeer + Witch combo. Drop a mini-tank down as your Mega Minion does the damage to take out both supports and other small units your opponent throws behind. It is strongly recommended to pull the Giant with a defensive card. The best case should be Valkyrie + Mega Minion as they can easily annihilate the enemy push and make a strong counterpush afterwards.

Mega Minion is excellent against Hog Trifecta. One defensive unit and one Mega Minion are all you need to stop this annoying combo. Due to MM’s HP, he can easily survive the Poison as well. Make sure you kill the Musketeer first because she is the only one who can shred your Mega Minion.

Against Giant Balloon, place your MM between them and make sure your MM can target the Balloon immediately. Because they have the equal speed, don’t place your MM too far away otherwise he will chase the Balloon until it hits your Tower. You need to pay enough attention at this.


Shared by ZathusTheMageV

  • Black

    Not bad, might use him. I recently bought him with the special gem deal. It gave me a bunch of this card and it is now lvl 6.

    • Will Potter

      He is amazing!

  • Nirjhar Deb

    I have my Mega Minion at Level 6, and I really hate him. His DPS and HP are bad.

    Anyway, I have a deck below that is really awesome for Arena 7 (it has two legendaries, and I am F2P!)

    1. The Log (can be replaced with Fireball)
    2. Sparky (can be replaced with Giant Skelton or Mini Pekka)
    3. Zap
    4. Valkyrie
    5. Prince
    6. Inferno Tower
    7. Wizard
    8. Royal Giant

    Have any suggestions? 😀

    • Muhammad Irfan

      Replace Prince with Musketeer, cause you don’t have enough air defence. Replace Royal GG with Giant

    • Tyuankeo

      Just too expensive. Nope

    • mini_hog^^


      • Nirjhar Deb

        LOL! 😀

  • Sarthak Peepra

    Will what is your clan name please reply


      he wont say. many have asked

    • Will Potter

      Sorry but I can’t tell you xD
      Hope we will meet each other in the Arena!

  • Ryan Wong

    The Mega Minion can stop the Hog Rider?!
    At Tournament levels minions do more damage than Mega Minion, and yet when I try to counter hog rider with Minions, the Hog gets a couple of hits on the tower. What am I doing wrong?


      nothing, it doesn’t stop it completely

  • GamerDaily

    The problem is my mega minion is lvl 1….
    I just unlock it like yesterday or something 😛

    • Dreadlord


    • william hartanto

      They have special package for new units in the shop – 150 gems and it’s level 6 for me.

      • GamerDaily

        lel… im poor af

    • Will Potter

      Yea so do most of us. We need to wait until he gets to a decent level 😀

      • GamerDaily

        at least lvl 5?

        • mini_hog^^

          i got the offer… 100 mega minions for 150 gems… now its lv 6!!! horraaaay!!!
          dang… im already regretting it lol

          • GamerDaily

            lol should have saved that for later 😛

          • mini_hog^^

            uh huh. yep.

          • GamerDaily

            hahahaha to buy the inferno dragon aight?

          • mini_hog^^

            wow the inferno drag annoys me so much…

          • GamerDaily

            lel its easy to counter..

          • mini_hog^^

            yeah, but if the opponent dragged out yo zap and u have nothing to counter with cuz u got 1 elixir, yep. hard to counter. especially after it locks onto a tower

          • Will Potter

            Why? Mega Minion is great imo!

          • mini_hog^^

            umm… not really… its health is really bad so u cant make a counter push with him after u defend, ya kno? unless hes the supporting troop behind a tank… lol

          • Will Potter

            I don’t expect too much from a 3 Elixir defensive card actually…

          • mini_hog^^

            lol yeah… i was actually so happy for the mega minion, and then poof!!! wooow it sucks…

    • higming

      level 6 is op. I just got the deal. It’s so op!!!

  • Dreadlord

    This new update made the game a lot more fun. I don’t know about the Graveyard card tho….

    • Tyuankeo

      Graveyard is gonna be so OP

      • Mikesaber

        Why don’t u just place a poison spell on graveyard

        • 210577

          Because the graveyard skellies spawn every 0.5s while poison hits every 1s. Also, graveyard skellies could probably survive one poison hit so yeah

    • Tyuankeo

      All you need is a tank and u can shred the tower

  • Dreadlord

    Hey guys, I have a clan called The Elite Royal and the logo is a blue crown. We have 5 members and 4 of them are really active. If you joined because of my post on a previous article, thank you for your support. You earn elder upon join. You earn co-leader when you earn my trust. I hope you will take the time to join if you don’t have a clan or you want to join a new clan.

  • Jacob Knudson

    Mega Minion is AWESOME with my lava hound deck. I am currently hanging around the 2700 trophy range. He is mainly used to kill hogs, and then is a great support to my hound.

    • Will Potter

      xD Yea! It’s pretty hard to deal with Lava Hound + Miner when they are coming together