The Ultimate Guide to Lumberjack

Lumberjack is the outstanding 4 Elixir Legendary card which is unlocked from Arena 8 (Frozen Peak). His attack speed is incredibly fast (0.7s per hit). He targets singly ground unit only. Upon death, he drops a bottle of Rage offering the Rage effect for all troops nearby.

Lumberjack Guide Clash Royale

Clash Royale Lumberjack

Hit SpeedSpeedDeploy TimeRangeTargetRage EffectCostTypeRarity
0.7 secVery Fast1 secMeleeGround0.44TroopLegendary

General Strategy with Lumberjack

The Lumberjack is excellent in so many situations. A lone Lumberjack can deal an impressive amount of damage.

Place him behind a tank, the tank will soak all damage while the Lumberjack is dealing tons of damage. With his insane attack speed, he can easily take out defending units and shred any defensive tower.

Place him in front of a push If you want to make the use of his Rage effect early (when coupled with Balloon etc).

Lumberjack + Fire Spirits is my favorite small push. Place the Lumberjack in front of the Fire Spirits to soak damage and Fire Spirits will take out any defensive squishy defensive troops used to distract the LJ.

I have seem some impressive decks with the Lumberjack involve tanks such as Golem, Giant and Lava Hound. The tank should be placed at the back to allow you to build up Elixir for the big push. Place splash damage troops behind the tank (Witch, Wizard, Bomber…) after that. When the tanker is about to cross the river, place the Lumberjack either in front of or behind the tank. If you use him in front of the tank, he will die early and rage your push. If you place him behind the push, he can help you deal with defensive units.

Golem + Lumberjack + 3 Musketeer is an insane combo you can easily face these days in the Challenge mode. Lava Hound + Lumberjack and Giant + Lumberjack another great combo.

Another strategy I really like using these days is Hog Rider + Lumberjack. I usually start the push by placing a splash damage at the back, then, when it is about to cross the bridge, I place this combo down. Witch is ideal for this combo as the Rage gives her Skeletons tons of more DPS. You can also use Fire Spirits to immediate take down any swarm such as Skeleton Army or Minion Horde. If the Hog Rider and LJ make it to the tower, you will take the Tower down in just a few seconds, even without the Witch. Watching the raged Hog Rider hitting the Tower is one of the most satisfying feelings I ever have while playing Clash Royale. If your Witch survives, while being raged, she will attack very fast and deal unbelievable amount of damage with her Skeletons. Her Skeletons are also excellent at distracting defensive Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince, Lumberjack…

Some great Lumberjack Guides on CRA:

LevelHPArena DamageDPS

How to counter him?

Pretty like the Mini P.E.K.K.A, our Lumberjack is excellent at dealing with tanky units.

High damage units such as Mini P.E.K.K.A, Prince, P.E.K.K.A… and tanky units such as Giant, Giant Skeleton, Valyrie… can easily counter the Lumberjack (assuming that Lumberjack is on the opponent’s side). They can either kill or help the Tower kill the Lumberjack before he makes it to the Tower. Also, even LJ attack speed is very fast, swarms can easily take him down (Skeleton Army, Barbarians, Goblins…). Air troops can also kill the LJ before he touches the Tower.

So, If LJ js your main damage dealer, try to couple him with splash damage troops in your push. Don’t hesitate to zap your opponent’s defensive troops If you can 1 hit them (unless your opponent has Sparky). Have your Zap ready, hover it on the opponent’s Arena so you can easily release your finger and use it immediately. As mentioned above, Lumberjack + Fire Spirits is my favorite combo.

Builders are the harder counters to Lumberjack. You will need to use a tanky units in front of the LJ to help him survive. Giant and Hog rider work great at this since they are building targeting units.

Lumberjack on defense

The Lumberjack is not only good on offense but also on defense. Indeed, he is such a beast on defense.

Place him at the middle to lure and kill the Mini P.E.K.K.A. Lumberjack is also pretty good at dealing with Hog Rider but the Hog still can hit the Tower 1-2 times.

You can also use him to deal with Miner although It’s an negative Elixir trade. Or, you can take some hits from the Miner to have a full HP Lumberjack.

At level 1, Lumberjack deals 285 damage per second. I really like using Lumberjack to stop tankers. For example, when the Giant is placed, I drop the Cannon down and use Lumberjack to take it down faster. If your opponent uses Giant Sparky combo, use Cannon to pull the Giant, zap the Sparky then drop your LJ right on top of the Sparky. Defensive LJ can help you launch an epic counterpush right after that.

If you want to deal with the Bowler, drop a tanky unit on one side and drop you LJ on the other side to quickly take out the Bowler.

If there is a Musketeer, drop the LJ right on top of it. LJ will take out the Musketeer before she can hit him the second time.

In conclusion

The Lumberjack is a beast on both offense and defense. With the impressive DPS and movement speed, he can take out so many troops. He can be used to spill the rage everywhere or for his damage. His damage can be used to take out tower or to stop pushes. Although he has a few weakness when it comes to air troops and buildings, he is still a great card.

Since this guide is still being updated, don’t hesitate to comment to share your opinions guys!

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  • Arundeep Singh

    Part 2 may be coming out this week. I’m working on it!

    • Sarthak Peepra


    • Zigge

      Good news! I’m really excited for an in-depth guides to learn how to use him a bit better.

    • Will Potter

      Can’t wait to see it!!

  • Rambo Vorsta

    Is this deck good? It has princess (reallly want to use her, but can be swapped out) + witch + fire spirits + tesla + fireball + giant + lumberjack + zap. I also have the miner and ice wiz if you can maybe help me to put them in, but it’s not necessary, but can you help me tweak this deck if it’s not goo, please. Sorry, asking a lot 😀

    • LIN/(88

      You can use the legendary cycle deck

      • Rambo Vorsta

        What cards are in it? How does the deck look?

        • Lightning King

          basically, it is a deck with lots of small troops…. that u use to chip away/defend with. u will have ur leggies with fire spirit, ice spirit, mini pekka, etc.( u get the point). But it depends on ur play style…. if u like slow pushes the deck is not for u…. go to utube and search up: how to use chip cycle decks Orange Juice

          • Rambo Vorsta

            I have one that I use, it consists of the princess, miner, mini pekka, ice spirit, fire spirits, inferno tower, zap and minions. I thinkmit is that type of deck, but thanks anyway

          • Emilio Mejia

            I have a question. I want to get the lava hound and im in arena 8. Should i drop down to arena4 and gem a super magical chest? I have no problem climbing back up.

          • Springa15

            The best way to spend money is buying the special offer. You can use the gems to buy 2 legendary chests plus you may get a legendary from the magical or super magical.

          • Emilio Mejia

            Ok thanu.

    • Will Potter

      Pretty good. How are you doing with it mate?

      • Rambo Vorsta

        I haven’t tried it yet, I’ve been waiting for a response lol


    How i can use the Ljack in same deck with Ice wiz and Miner?

    • Virgiro

      u sound like a guy in my clan who wants to use every legendary he has in one deck which is like 5 doesnt work out too well for him though

      • CHORUME

        I’m only have 3 legends

        • Zigge

          I got to Legendary Arena without legendaries.

    • Springa15

      Send miner first and lumberjack at the bridge. With miner u want a cheap fast deck. And ice wiz on defense and a building plus poison or fireball for swarms.

      • CHORUME

        I mean the deck list…

        • Zigge


    • Will Potter

      Can you post your deck here?

      • CHORUME

        I have Ljack, Ice wizard and the MIner, and i want a deck with that legends

  • Darnell Calvin

    Just got mine in a legendary chest and it’s decently op

    • Will Potter

      Yea haha, especially his attack speed!

  • Ethan

    The Lumberjack is the only legendary card I have at level 2 but because he doesn’t work to well with mortar decks (which is what I run) I cant really use him effectively 🙁

    • Will Potter

      Then just use… the other deck. Or, don’t use him xD
      Just don’t bother too much about a single card!

  • moose

    I cant believe I have lava hound, log, and lumberjack but none of the ORIGINAL legendaries like ice wiz or princess because those are the ones u can utilize most

    • TRV0R

      Not true. Lava Hound and Log are the most underrated cards in the game. People just don’t want to use them because they think they suck, but they don’t.

      • Springa15

        Log is great. I use log and lumberjack the most out if my 6 legs.

        • MLGMLGMLG

          wow 6 legs, that’s unnatural

          • Springa15

            It is I only got princess from free chest and log from super magical. Then I saved 40k and bought lumberjack. I spent $10 on the special offer with 1200 gems , 100k gold and magical chest. I got hound from that. Then bought ice wiz and miner with the gold. Bought a leg chest with 500 gems got lvl 2 ice wiz and still have gems to buy another leg chest. Best $10 spent and shopping smart. I also got ice wiz and log from silver and crown chest at lvl 5 on my mini account.

          • MLGMLGMLG

            i was making a pun on how a normal human has 2 legs and you have 6 XD

      • SivHawk Gaming

        Lava hound isn’t underrated. Its a beast and people know it.

      • General Draza

        Yeah the trunky dunky (log) is awesome for a 2 elixir card

      • Luis Manuel

        I try so hard but I can’t seem to get the Lavahound decks. I either get Massacred or I 3 crown but barely. I have 2 accounts both with Lavahound and Ice Wiz, The main account has the LJ and then my second account has the Miner… I like the Miner Lavahound combo better but I struggle… Any Advise Guys

    • Anon

      Lava hound is an absolute beast. I’ve gone 12-0 in several challenges with a hound deck and I’ve made it to legendary arena with a hound deck

    • Zigge

      Ice Wizard is the best Legendary IMO due to his splash damage, slowing effect and his air-targeting abilities. I would say that the second best is Lumberjack as he’s very strong and drops a rage that you can make deadly combos with. Third. I’d go with Princess. even though she’s a bit hard to control due to her long range, her range is more of an opportunity than not. Inferno Dragon I would say. The thing is that you can retarget him other than: Push him back with other air units, use a Zap, use an Ice Spirit or use a Freeze Spell. Lava Hound I think. Air decks are very common is Challenges. Miner is strong but that as strong as he was. I literally CAN NOT choose between The Log and Sparky. I don’t like either one of them tbh.

    • Gabriel Yin-Dolvig

      Have lumberjack, lava hound, and princess.

    • Will Potter

      Trust me dude, Lava Hound is rocking at the moment!

  • Cory van Langen

    My first legendary

  • H2 Rothmann

    Lumberjack is op

    • Will Potter

      Not really, in the current mega game xD

  • Anon
    • Zigge

      Nice! How many have you got?

      • Anon

        6. 2 hounds, three ice wizards, and a princess.

        • Zigge

          Nice, which is your favorite out of all legendaries?

    • Will Potter

      Haha nice!

  • Hamish

    What is the best replacement for princess?

    • Zigge

      Bomber or Musketeer. But that depends on the deck.

    • Will Potter

      In what deck?

      • Hamish

        In a giant poison deck.

  • lamepotato

    got him yesterday in a crown chest!!!

    • Will Potter

      Nice one. You are so lucky! Congrats mate!

  • IronWrath

    lol I bought a legendary chest and got a sparky as my first legendary and next got a lumberjack from the legendary chest from a battle!

    • Will Potter

      That’s awesome. Congrats buddy!

  • Incepticon147

    Any good lumberjack decks?

    • Zigge

      Hog Rider, Ice Spirit, Lumberjack, Cannon, Ice Wizard (Can be replaced with Archers, Princess, Bomber, or Musketeer), Valkyrie, Fire Spirits, Zap. Works for me. (Use the push as mentioned above to caught your opponent off-guard. The main push is Hog Rider and Lumberjack with Ice Spirit and Zap or Fire Spirits as support.

    • Will Potter

      Yes, in the main post above 🙂

    • Nightslayer

      giant, LJ, princess, arrows, guards, mega minion, zap, and wizard. (3.5 elixir average)

  • Zigge

    Valkyrie in front, Lumberjack behind (to push her) and Fire Spirits.

    • Will Potter

      Yea nice combo. You can use Mini P.E.K.K.A instead of Valkyrie btw

      • Zigge

        No, you will need that extra splash damage.

        • Nightslayer

          agreed ^

  • SA6

    I want the lumberjack, still have no legendaries

  • Zeus 325

    We all know lumberjack is op and getting needed next update…

  • A Rare Gnome

    Lumberjack=Minipekka+Rage Spell

  • Nightslayer

    the lumberjack is my favorite legendary tbh, next to the princess. even though i have lvl2, i find it still difficult to work with at times. i use lumberjack behind the giant and the wizard behind the LJ.