Knight: The Ultimate Guide

Hello guys, today I am going to do a write-up on a card which is very underrated at the moment, it’s the Knight!


Knight: The Ultimate Guide

Lately, the Knight has been featured in tons of popular decks such as Hog Freeze, X-Bow Decks… but he has never been really popular in the meta. Players always have a choice of better DPS, splash damage or the ability to place anywhere etc. But, the Knight really fits a excellent role that I am going to explain below.

Due to his basic stats, hands down, the Knight is always OKAY. But, every single time you see it in a deck, you would usually ask why wouldn’t play Mini P.E.K.K.A. Basically, he is a mini tank who has Barbarian’s damage. Nothing really interesting but If you play him the correct way, he will be a menace defense, helping you a lot of offense.

Along with Ice Spirit and Mega Minion, I feel like I am able to play him in almost any deck.

General Usage:

As explained before, Knight is not an overwhelming card with amazing stats but he is excellent in so many situations:

  • Killing support units.
  • Pulling troops on defense.
  • Acting as a mini tank.
  • Supporting push.

Video Explanations of Situations

Dealing with Giant Musketeer

This is a very basic example. With Knight’s HP, he can easily take out the opponent’s Musketeer. When coupled with a basic defensive building like the Tombstone, he can take out the Giant pretty fast.

Dealing with Giant + Lightning + Mega Minion

Similar to the example above, the Tombstone is distracting the Mega Minion while the Knight is hitting the Giant, making them unable to touch the Tower. Knight survives the Lightning. Then, Mega Minion is played to deal with the opponent’s Mega Minion.

Dealing with Miner + cheap DPS troop:


In this example, I use Miner + Minions which is a pretty popular combo. Actually you can use this concept to deal with all pushes of this type. Place your Knight down to deal with Miner then use cheap troops like Ice Spirit/Fire Spirits to deal with Minions. Your Knight survives with lots of HP ready for the counterpush.

Against Sparky

Sorry I don’t have Sparky in my hand at the moment so I can’t demonstrate this one. Knight survives one Sparky hit, making him a great defender against her.

Knight Kite:

Although this is not the greatest trade since it’s 3 for 3, but this is how you can kite the Mega Minion with the Knight. This leaves your Knight with good HP for the counterpush after that. Ice Golem is better in this situation but he has less versatility in other situations.

On offense with Lava Hound

I would love to call this poor man’s Miner Hound combo. After finishing the Lava Hound, the Tower will target any other troop nearby immediately. In this case, it’s the Knight. Since the Knight has decent HP, he will soak lots of damage for the Lava Pups.

Knight + Balloon:

After defending against Miner, I launch the counterpush with Balloon following the survived Knight. Although this is a pretty risky play, it would work very well!

Below are some great decks I have been using lately:

  • Lava Hound, Knight, Mega Minion, Lightning, Arrows, Minions, Balloon, Tombstone
  • Mortar, Knight, Miner, Skeletons, Arrows, Lightning, Ice Spirit, Guards
  • Golem, Knight, Arrows, Lightning, Baby Dragon, Mega Minion, Archers, Tombstone
  • Royal Giant, Knight, Mega Minions, Minions, The Log, Lightning, Furnace, Ice Spirit.
  • Giant, Balloon, Minions, Knight, Fireball, Zap, Ice Spirit, Musketeer

Still updating…

Are you using the Knight? Please share your opinions guys!

Shared by ReplEH.

  • MinerMan21

    I dont use knight. Better off using the X-Bow beatdown deck.

  • Dingy

    I use Knight. Just because.

    • TheAsianKid

      That’s definitely enough for me! Lol

    • itz_my_nan

      If i didnt have lumberjack id use knight

  • Ryan Wong

    I think of knight as almost good.
    It has almost enough health to act as a tank
    It does almost enough damage to kill tanks
    It is almost cheap enough to use as a cycle card

    But in the current game meta, almost just doesn’t cut it.
    Also, the knight might be able to take down a single support troop, but if there’s even a bomber with that musketeer, the knight’s as good as dead.

  • OmegaVenomous

    I am not a big fan of the Knight, but he is hands-down one of the best mini-tanks in the game. With his okay health and okay defense, he can take on some overpowered troops and do some actual decent damage on them. So basically, not the best card ever, but good.

  • herro

    Knight is pretty good right now. because of the popularity of giant bowler musketeer, and Lavahound decks, hes good at tanking and killing support troops. Also many people really underestimate him, and he does do a fairly decent amount of damage. As for kiting, i like ice golem better, but knight is pretty good.

  • LIN/(88

    I lost my clash royale account that has 4 legendaries X( #supercellsucks

    • logan

      i hve lava hound level 2 lumberjack ice wizard and the log what did you have

      • Gamewarrior

        graveyard and log

    • TheAsianKid

      Clash Royale Arena has a guide on how to get it back! Good luck buddy!

      • LIN/(88

        I somehow got it back but it has nothing to do with the guide

  • TheAsianKid

    IMO skarmy seems to offer more value

    • Gamewarrior

      Yes it does imo too

  • Gamewarrior

    X-bow decks are like pekka decks. When the x-bow/pekka locks on the oppents tower, the sasfactory level is over 9000.

  • Clash_Guitarist

    Now that i think of of it,matbe he is OVERPOWERED in defence though!Hmmm… think about that guys and reply to me to see how u have been doing

    oh and try this deck out:
    fire spirits
    spear goblins
    inferno tower

  • Lightning King

    Skamy or knight?

    • Will Potter

      Depends on your deck 🙂

      • Lightning King

        in x-bow beatdown. I have 2 decks ( a hog rocket, which i use skarmy) and the x-bow deck, which i have been using skarmy, but am thinking of switching to knight